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Items in italics are not yet unlocked!

The Informational/Plotting Post
An IC Message from Professor Sycamore
The Intro Challenge Infopost
The Intro Challenge Area Map
The Intro Challenge Log
The Intro Challenge Participation Check-In Thread
The Boss Battle Infopost
The Boss Battle Area Map
The Boss Battle Log
The Boss Battle Participation Check-In Thread
The Aftermath Infopost
The Aftermath Area Map
The Aftermath Log
The Wrap-Up Informational Post
The Mod Questions Subthread

We suggest checking back to this post regularly throughout the plot as your one-stop shop for links to all the relevant modposts about it! We'll also be plurking updates as need be and so on, but we'll do our best to keep this updated for ease of finding things you need to know!
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In regards to this plot, here is the submission post for your entries as to keep them screened.

- It can be either written as third-person prose or as a well-detailed summary
- Remember to stay in-character
- Be as creative as you want within logical boundary
- There's no word count and no limit

If your post ends up being multiple comments, please reply to yourself to keep it in one thread, and label your posts with numbers just in case there's an error. Thank you!
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CLICK HERE for your one-stop shop to all the prom logs at once!

Now with a cut to save people's flists! )
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Items in italics are not yet unlocked!

The Informational/Plotting Post
The First Floor Map
The First Floor Room Descriptions
The First Floor Log (Daytime)
The First Floor Log (Nighttime)
The Second Floor Infopost
The Second Floor Map
The Second Floor Room Descriptions
Table of Sigil Colors
Midweek Informational Announcements: ROOM CHANGES
The Bossfight Informational/Plotting Post
The Bossfight Participation Check-In Thread
The Bossfight Log
The Wrap-Up Informational Post

We suggest checking back to this post regularly throughout the plot as your one-stop shop for links to all the relevant modposts about it! We'll also be plurking updates as need be and so on, but we'll do our best to keep this updated for ease of finding things you need to know!
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Activity Check End + Sporadic Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 1789

manage_circle add_read usedvicegrip
manage_circle add_access usedvicegrip

April's Activity Check has officially concluded! Characters who did not respond were placed on this list. If you were removed by accident, or if you would like to reclaim your character, please contact one of the moderators or respond to this post by the end of May 11th.

ETA: Because we've had a lot of adds and drops to process this time around, please take a minute and go double-check that your information is all as it should be on our Taken Pages! If not, let us know here and we'll get you fixed up ASAP.


Jan. 7th, 2013 06:54 pm
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Currently: CLOSED!

Route 29 has closed. If you wish to play at the game's successor, please check out [community profile] victory_road. Thank you!

If you would like to reserve a character, please reply to this post with your username (either your journal or a journal to contact you), the character's name as well as the series the character is from using the text form below. Reserves are held for one week! They expire at 11:59 PM EST of the date listed.

- If you would like an extension, please comment to let us know. Extensions will last for one week, so at the longest, one character may be reserved for two weeks.
- You cannot extend a reserve that has already expired. If your reserve expires, please fill out the form again for a new reserve.
- You may only reserve one character at a time. If you would like to drop or swap an extension, just let a mod know here as well (and your week will start over the day you swap the reserve).
- Please check the FAQ for the list of disallowed characters!
- Please do not spam!

Helpful Links!
→ Taken: [1][2][3]
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DAY 25/05. 23:56.

They've decided to take action, because honestly, the situation is ridiculous. See, Randy Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy in the science department, so he pulled some strings to get the watch schedule and the passcode. Heads are probably gonna roll for this, but in the end it's for the greater good, isn't it? Of the Team, that is.

Having those foreigners coming in, stealing their jobs was one thing, but their promotions? No way, not gonna fly, that Houndour ain't hunting. Besides, this was also good for the world (they told themselves) because, screw the booming economy, were they really supposed to just let these magical vanishing people hold down jobs and own property and stuff? Get real.

It's probably a statement to the effectiveness of Rocket training that their break-in is pretty much effortless. None of them is intimately familiar with the labs, but at this hour it's empty save for the droning hum of electricity, so they see by the glow of computer screens. In cages, sleeping pokemon snore lightly behind covering sheets, and they tiptoe past. The machine is tucked into a corner, stranger and smaller than they'd thought—not small, by any means, but not man-sized—with technology none of them have seen in their lives: maybe Unovan, slightly, but with symbols they can't read. Talia manages to find the little panel, because she's always been good with tech, and opens it wide to reveal a multicoloured grid.

"So, uh," Mike whispers, reaching for it, feeling the wires. "Cut the red one? It's always the red."

"I guess so," Randy answers, and Talia hands him a pair of pliers. "You guys ready?"

They cluster around him to see, watching as his hand slides neatly into place. His expression is one of deep concentration; one wrong move—

Proton clears his throat, and just like that, they've all been sacked.

Worse, Randy's hand slips. The blue wire gives way, and the world goes white.

The fourth wall begins now!
If you've got any questions, consult the mini-FAQ or go ahead and ask in the comments!

We're also using this post to track fourth wall threads!
Please put your character's name and series in the post (preferably in the subject line) with your link!
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Where: Johto's National Park (North of Goldenrod)
When: starting early July, every Thursday in July and August

What Can You Win:
First: 50,000P and an Evolutionary Stone - they will change with each contest
Second: 20,000P and Everstone
Third: 5,000P and Sitrus Berry

Rules: With the 20 Sport Balls given, your goal is to catch the single best pokémon in the park. This could be by level, if it's a shiny, if it's rare, or it just looks like the most powerful motherfucker in the whole park. You can only use one pokémon; the rest will be held safely with the contest officials until the end of the contest.

You're given 20 minutes to fight. If you use all of your balls or your pokémon faints, you're done and will have to wait until the time is up. You're not disqualified, so whichever pokémon you've caught can still be judged at the end.

Three judges will then look at each choice and choose a winner.

Every person participating will be able to keep the pokémon they enter in the contest.

(There will be fliers all over and mini advertisements on the televisions announcing the contest. And by word of mouth.)

How Do You Play?
If you want your character to participate and have a chance to win, please respond to the comment marked below. On the fifth day (July 3rd for the first one), three characters will be randomly selected for first, second, and third place prizes. If your character doesn't win, they can try again! You can have multiple characters enter, but a player can only win once per contest to keep things fair. (If you list more than one character and you're chosen as a prize winner, you can choose which character wins the prize.)

If a player wins three in a row, they're not allowed to win the following round. (That would be really freaky if RNG picked you three times, wouldn't it?)

For playing it out, there will be one log per month with a sub-thread for each contest. We'll link the thread with the contest results each week. Playing it out is optional but encouraged!

What You Can Catch:
Caterpie - 7-31
Metapod - 9-25
Butterfree - 12-30
Weedle - 7-31
Kakuna - 9-25
Beedrill - 12-30
Paras - 10-17
Venonat - 10-16
Scyther - 13-34
Pinsir - 13-20
Wurmple - 24-36
Silcoon - 24-36
Beautifly - 25-32
Cascoon - 24-36
Dustox - 25-32
Volbeat - 26-36
Illumise - 26-36
Anorith - 16-25
Kricketot - 27-30
Kricketune - 27-30
Skorupi - 7-20
Combee - 7-34
Nincada - 26-36
Sewaddle - 9-25
Swadloon - 12-30
Levanny - 7-31
Venipede - 9-25
Whirlipede - 12-30
Scolipede - 7-31
Burmy - 10-17
Karrablast - 25-32
Escavalier - 24-36
Joltik - 5-30
Shlmet - 12-24
Accelgor - 20-28
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Rocket Missions

This is where missions will be allocated to Rocket members. Special and hard missions will only be given upon demand, as they may come with specific instructions. Individual missions (player-determined) can also be requested at any time. Regular and easy missions can be picked up anytime by any team members that meet the requirements, if there are any. Missions that are limited-enrollment will be marked.

your mission, should you choose to accept it: )


Mar. 17th, 2011 11:24 pm
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This page showcases important dates, upcoming plots, and the weather forecast for the latest month. For all our past calendars, go here! You can also use this page to inform mods of your own upcoming, game-wide plots. There's more information on how you can do that at the bottom of the page.

All the things to do and see...! ) Adding your own plots:
We welcome players to get involved and add their own plots to this calendar! To do so, just comment on this entry. But please make sure they follow these guidelines first:
→ These should be plots that are game-wide, that many characters can participate in, should they choose to. Previous examples include festivals, plays, larger-scale Rocket shenanigans etc.
→ Make sure the plot is mod-approved, first. This is not a plot approval post! In fact, when posting all plots here, make sure to include a link to the mod approval or the name of the mod that approved it!
→ Please give at least one week notice! There's no point putting a plot upon the calendar a day before it's about to happen.
→ Announcing it on the OOC community and using that for plotting is still encouraged. This is still your plot, we're just advertising it.

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Copy and paste this HTML and submit it as a comment to this post, using your character journal!

DO NOT BE OFFENSIVE. We trust our players to use good judgment when it comes to the content of their play-trolling, and reserve the right to not post surveys that we feel have crossed the line from funny into offensive.

DO NOT SPAM. While we are not setting a hard limit of how many surveys a single character can submit, please be reasonable about your number of submissions!

→ Please submit only one profile per comment.

→ Please do not alter the profile submission HTML. Copy and paste it from the box below exactly as-is, and fill it out from there; this will save us time on posting the profiles later.

→ You must use the journal of a character currently in Route to submit a profile. Profiles submitted anonymously or with a non-Route journal will not be posted.


→ Need to find the infopost again? Click this link!
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You have reached the Kangaskhan Cross-Region Police Department.
Please leave your message after the beep and we'll get right back to you.
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What does it take? )

Please use this form to request a badge! Post your request as a comment to this post. Please note, because of the new detailed system and possibilities, the response time will be slightly extended. Try to not PM or IM mods about badges (including elite challenges) unless your request has gone unanswered for a week or 7 days.

!!! Please request badges as your character is actually in the general area of the gym!

!!! To preserve the spirit of the game, obtaining badges using Pokémon obtained via drop trades and transfers is discouraged. If this happens, you'll be asked by the badge mod to revise your team.


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