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Understand the secrets and have some fun

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Route 29 has closed as of May 30th. For the continuation of the game, please visit [community profile] victory_road!

Applications will be normally checked during the weekend following the first and third Sunday of each month unless otherwise stated, and we will allow one application per person during one application cycle. Remember, the most characters one player can have at a time is currently set at five.

Applications received after 11:59 PM EST on Saturday of the first and third weekend of each month will be checked the following app weekend unless otherwise stated.

We now ask that potential applicants post their application in comments rather than linking. If their application contains explicit references to 'hard' spoilers (character death, unforeseen plot twists, big reveals, he was evil all along etc), players should put the application in their own journal or their character's journal and link it, making sure to mention the presence of spoilers within. For further clarification on our spoilers policy and whether or not your application needs to be linked, please check this page. Thank you for your cooperation!

The comment character limit on dreamwidth is 16,000 characters so apps no longer need to be split into multiple comments; however this is at players' discretion.

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A reminder for those waiting to hear back, please don't be worried if we skip yours while going through them. It only means we needed a little more time to research!

Helpful links!
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Starter Pokémon!
A compiled list of the starter pokémon to choose from offered in Route 29!
Word Count Tool!
Word count! It has other pointless stats too.

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Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill | Animorphs | No reserve (REAPP)

[personal profile] usedwaterpulse 2012-01-14 08:09 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Koree
Livejournal Username: [info]codenamednd
AIM/MSN: godgivenlemonade (email to be added!)
Timezone: CST
Current Characters in Route: Katara, Aya-chan, Alphonse Elric

Name: Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
Series: Animorphs
Timeline: Book #52 (The Sacrifice)
Canon Resource Links:

Personality: Who can really say an alien is normal? Even so, Ax has learned how to more or less get along with the humans just fine whenever he's in his own form, bizarre as it is. He's beyond intelligent, way beyond (Don't worry, though, since things in the anime/manga/game world don't always actually follow "REAL WORLD" logic that shouldn't be a problem here. He's not going to crack the puzzle or find a way home or anything like that. He'd simply be frustrated and puzzled over how such things are even possible when they make NO SENSE by any form of science, mathematics, physics, or-- blah blah blah. :D Such as the technology behind the Pokeballs.), and he has a bit of an ego and a sense of pride behind not only HIS intelligence, sense of honor, and justice but also that of his entire race. He has seen some examples that would indicate that not all members of any given intelligent race uphold the same morals, and it's broken his heart in some ways to see that even his people are more ruthless than he might have given them original due credit for. He is often times conflicted between which side his true alliance would lie if he ever had to chose. In spite of this Ax is very loyal to his friends, especially his prince, but there have been times that he's wondered about what route is best, or if he's doing the right thing. He disapproves of dishonorable behavior but can sometimes be coerced, tricked, or ordered into it by his friends.

When he morphs into a human, though. Oh boy, watch out. Nearly all semblance of the sane, albeit strange, teenage alien fly out the window.

Ax has a tendency to try to put any and everything feasibly possible into his mouth. He's adequately obsessed with this human orifice since he's completely lacking one of his own in his Andalite body. He has a specific weakness for Cinnabons, salt, and grease and no he does not particularly care that you aren't supposed to combine all three. :|

He often plays with sounds and finds humans to be horribly inefficient for the most part, everything from telling time to space travel, really. The only thing that he does feel they have perfected is food, specifically the above mentioned Cinnabon franchise. His love for these sticky treats can, will, and have overridden his self control, though it's unclear if he will react the same way if given a similar treat.

Human behavior and most things about them are a mystery to him, even after all this time. Much of what they do seems illogical and he still sometimes struggles with even the basic things like getting dressed. He has no sense of social etiquette at all, to make matters even better, and has proven himself to be surprisingly popular with the ladies even though he is neither interested or fully understanding of these things. His often times gross behavior just makes this particular talent even more baffling.

Strengths/Weaknesses: In human form Ax has pretty much no strengths to speak of. His Andalite body is basically like that of a Centaur, with a scorpion like tail that's bladed with a scythe type blade at the end for self defense and balance. He also has stalk eyes in addition to his own that allow him full vision at any angle whatsoever, and extra fingers on his hands (by human standards.). Without these he's at a severe disadvantage and usually very uneasy. He feels naked without his tail.

S - Intelligence: Definitely a strength, Ax's brain has gotten him and his friends out of many a situation and no matter what morph or body he's in he always has this on his side. This lends him a hand in battle as well, since this gives him an edge in coming up with strategy.

W - Imbalance: Because he's used to morphing his human form he doesn't struggle with this as much, but he's not fully accustomed to a human body so there may be times when balance is an issue, especially in situations that involve abnormal physical activities. He's also not very strong.

W - Sense of Taste: Yes, this is a weakness. Ax has an URGE to try different things in his mouth, LOTS OF DIFFERENT THINGS. Grass, food, drinks, not so edible things, goodness help him if he ever discovers pop rox. It doesn't necessarily matter that it may be detrimental to his health, either. If you let him near it and do not warn him he will try it, like a child.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Breeder - He would take an extreme interest in studying Pokemon, more emphasis on the science/research side of things.
Starter: Absol
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:

[ First there's a shot of the sky. It's a very lovely shot given the clear weather, but it's also a bit dull after a while unless you're a big fan of nature. No worries, though. An Absol is actually the face that appears on the screen first, not Ax's. Her look is somewhere between resigned, tired, and slightly annoyed. ]

I think my trainer is defective... can I trade for a new one?

[ She disappears and the gear shifts as she retrieves it awkwardly from the grass to show Ax and "Mom" a little ways away at the entrance of the house. His mouth is stained around the outside with what looks like either ketchup... or blood........

I really hope that's ketchup. He has not noticed that the gear is on yet. ]

I must insist that these rations are not enough to last three days. I have done this before, I speak from experience-- ence, ree-yunce.

[ Mom does not look amused or convinced, she just looks scolding and continues trying to get him out the door, fussing about keeping the professor waiting. ]

If you do not provide me with proper rations then I will become malnurished. What type of mother would send her offspring into the wilds without adequate-- aa-DUH-kwet --preparation?


... Well then. He steps back from the door, barely having avoided having his nose smashed in. Turning towards Absol and the gear calmly-- what scene? He didn't make any scene. You're crazy. ]

I had hoped that she might see reason, however I do not think that this "mother" character appreciates honest criticism. We shall have to see about securing food on our own. [ Just as he finishes this statement he finally notices that the gear is on. He approaches, stooping down to take the gear from her-- she hands it over willingly. ]

... I am not certain if you are still here, Marco, Rachel, but I have returned.

[ He hesitates. There's something different about him, he looks the same as he did before, but he seems older somehow. Only time will tell how long this will last, but for now at least...

He hesitates for a moment, as though he were going to say more (The last time he saw Marco was just moments before hitting the final switch on the "Insanity express" as he might have called it.), then he ends the feed to wait for responses. ]

Third Person Sample:
(Old Sample)

(New Sample)

Three seconds. Two seconds. One second.

One moment he had just barely finished morphing to cockroach as the train crashed violently overhead the Yeerk pool, the next the sharp ring of an alarm clock was jolting him from his sleep. Ax sat up in bed, confused and disoriented. His surroundings were completely unfamiliar for the moment. He had been ripped from the end of a very high speed train ride and his mind was reeling a bit from the change in senses.

From near blindness to sudden, full on vision. From being deaf to anything but vibrations, from muted touch to suddenly being aware of the feeling of soft bedding beneath his hands and the sounds of the woman downstairs preparing breakfast. There was someone breathing right next to him as well. He turned his gaze to look at the Pokemon sitting faithfully by his bed. The blade protruding from her head would have caused his own tail blade to twitch, if he still had it.

"I have returned to Johto."

... Absol didn't seem to know or care what this meant, sitting up to place her paws on the bed. He seemed to be coming into awareness at last as the reality of it sank in. Back in that video game world again, how long had he been gone? Were his friends still here? What would become of him back home, and when would he return? If he should happen to die... then perhaps it was better to remain in Johto, maybe if the others were there he could warn them. There were many questions, but at least he had some certainties. He already knew how things worked, what to do and what not to do. Hopefully this advantage would make his second stay easier.

Once again his attention turned to his new starter Pokemon who regarded him curiously.

"That would mean that you are my new starter Poke-EE-mon. I wonder what happened to Hyperbole."

Absol don't care. Absol don't give a bleep. She moved off of the bed again and moved to head down the stairs, dutifully leading the way. They had an adventure to start. Ax silently consented to the initiative that his new starter displayed, shouldering his bag and heading down the steps to greet his "mother".


NOTE: I am actually currently down to four characters at this time. I decided a few days ago not to bring Kate over with the move but only just made the drop post last night.


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Naoto Shirogane | Persona 4 | Reserved / Reapp!

[personal profile] flyingmechanical 2012-01-14 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Kiwi
Personal Journal: [personal profile] flyingmechanical
E-mail: iamaflower [.] hearmyroar [@] gmail [.] com
AIM/MSN: andwinterfell @ AIM
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: None!

Name: Naoto Shirogane
Series: Persona 4
Timeline: Post-True Ending.
Canon Resource Links: Ta da!

Personality: Naoto is a detective. This fact is one that has helped shape many of her other personality traits, although the determination to be a detective is what powers her through it all. The immediate, integral part of her personality is not her intelligence, but her determination. She is the sort of person who believes in moving forward and not giving up. She will find a way to do things; she will solve a case, find the answer. It's a part of who she is. The intelligence, of course, is a vital tool in helping her achieve the goals, but she is ambitious enough to desire them in the first place. Along with her determination and intelligence is an extremely analytical and logical mind: she has the ability to look at things and immediately analyze them for important facts. It's as polished-- perhaps more polished-- than one would normally expect from a sixteen year old, and certainly more than most people would expect from a sixteen year old girl.

The fact that Naoto is a girl is something that she's extremely insecure over. Being both young and female, it's extremely hard for Naoto to feel valued or respected. People have a tendency not to take her seriously, in her eyes, and she responds to the challenge by crossdressing, presenting as a male and using that as a deterrent. Her age, unfortunately, is not so easily hidden, and she projects a calm, almost arrogant face to most people, which only serves to irritate most of them more. She can be almost flippant, at times, and will frequently jump to negative conclusions about people, but she accepts when she's wrong about things and will do her best to fix anything she's presumed erroneously.

She has, through the course of canon, realized that she does not desire to be a boy for the sake of being a boy, but that she desires the respect she perceives as easier to gain and maintain if she was a boy. While she's certainly not feminine by any means, she's less insecure on the entire gender subject, valuing the opinions of friends who care for her as Naoto-- regardless of gender or presentation.

Naoto's parents are deceased, and she was raised largely by her grandfather. She was determined to be a detective, which was a family job, and she strives for that goal quite hard-- she's frequently, some would say, too hard on herself. She doesn't do many things that most teenagers would consider fun, and instead spends quite a bit of her spare time working on detective cases. Of course, this has changed a little since she joined the Investigation Team properly, as she suddenly has quite a few friends and people who care about her and want to spend time with her, something that had never really happened before in her solitary lifestyle.

Outwardly, Naoto does seem to be a fairly calm, level-headed individual. She works carefully to maintain that, but despite all her efforts, she can be easily surprised or thrown for a loop when things work out differently than how she anticipated. She can be embarrassed, perhaps not easily in general, but easily via revealing details about her personal life or poking fun at her gender and insecurities there. She doesn't respond well to most teasing of that nature, and she can have a sharp tongue when challenged, almost instinctively doing her best to verbally assert dominance of a situation even if she's doing so over someone older and with more experience in the situation than she has. This can easily come off as arrogance, and many people respond poorly to it in turn. Despite initial social gaffes that she may make, she is open to mending friendships and relationships, and does try her best.

Inwardly, however, Naoto is anything but calm. She has numerous insecurities and weak points, and they're extremely easy to poke at, if you know where to aim. She desires acceptance and respect above all else, and frequently feels as though she doesn't get them; she can be bitter and quite more upset than she would show. She doesn't deal well with many of her emotions, largely because she relies so heavily off of logic-- what place do emotions have in investigations, in being a detective? She's the one that needs to be objective, but strive as she might to remain objective, it's a goal that very few humans can ever fully maintain. As such, her emotions cause her a decent amount of confusion, and it's only through the help of others that she tends to be capable of working through them.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Naoto's greatest strengths lie in her dedication and intelligence. Once she dedicates herself towards something, she is wholly dedicated towards it and will not let herself falter. Her intelligence, thankfully, tends to allow her ease in achieving a vast majority of her goals. She is analytical and logical, which also help her in a variety of situations in life, from schoolwork to practical applications in what adults like to call the real world.

Her greatest weaknesses, conversely, largely focuses on her logical mindframe. She can have problems understanding emotional problems, particularly when they're her own. She can understand emotional motivation in a more clinical sense, but applying psychology to herself takes more time. She also has insecurity in both the area of her gender, as well as gaining respect from people. She can come across as arrogant when she doesn't mean to, which can offend people.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Breeder.
Starter: Magnemite.
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample: [on screen is Naoto, looking baffled, with a hand to her head and a frown on her face.]

Hello-- Kanji? Rise-chan? Senpai? Are you all still here? I-- [she hesitates, the frown deepening.] I must have left. [she says the words a little slower than usual, as if she's not quite believing each one as she says it.] I don't remember leaving. I was in the Centre when I went to sleep last night.

[She opens her mouth and closes it again; a false start that she's not accustomed to. This situation is one she isn't accustomed to, though.]

Is it really January? [she sounds a little small with the question and a little overwhelmed-- she gets her feet back under her a second later, after a breath. This all just creates more questions she needs to find answers to, doesn't it?]

I've been given a new starter-- has anyone seen Dupin? I'm sorry if he's been causing trouble in my... absence. I'll set out for Goldenrod right away.

If anyone was keeping track of arrivals and departures for their own records, I have no memory of leaving, and I don't believe I returned home at any point. [and with that, she cuts her message short.]

Third Person Sample:

Questions were whirling through Naoto's mind quicker than she could even contemplate them. She didn't know the answers to half of them, anyway-- she knew the basics, and no more than that. Where am I could be answered with 'New Bark Town', but why am I here was eluding her. She was still in Johto, just as she had been before, but now she was back at the beginning. Her belongings were gone, her Pokemon were gone, and in the place of Dupin was a Magnemite floating in lazy circles around her.

"Magne," it informed her, and she eyed it for a second before returning it to its ball. She would talk with it later and make an effort to be a good trainer, if it was really hers now. Now, though, she needed to figure things out.

When she finally pulled out her Gear, she sat down surprise. Jan-- January? It wasn't-- a moment ago, it wasn't. When she went to sleep last night, it was November. She knew it was November. Halloween had been a few weeks ago and Kanji had just left her a voice mail that she was pondering on how to reply to. Had it really been two months, somehow?

She shook her head a little. It was obviously two months later: that fact was not up for dispute. She had left, for all intents and purposes. Not being capable of remembering it didn't mean that it hadn't happened, as was evidenced by very few people remembering their arrival here. She needed to get back to Goldenrod, then, first thing. Magnemite would be a good companion, from what she remembered of the path the first time. With any luck, Kanji would be able to come help her again, but-- well, she'd just left, so unexpectedly. She hadn't been able to say goodbye, or even reply to his message-- he could be dozens of things, from angry to not interested to upset with her, and she didn't know which was the worst, at the moment.

Taking a breath, she opened her Gear again. She could probably have at least a few of her questions answered, and the trepidation and confusion she felt was no reason to put it off.

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Gluttony | FullMetal Alchemist | Reserved

[personal profile] twinstar 2012-01-14 08:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Mei Zhu
Personal Journal: [personal profile] twinstar
AIM/MSN: AIM: planetarn; plurk: kuchren
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: Maes Hughes | FullMetal Alchemist | [profile] derpsaboutfamiy
While Hughes is from the same series, he never interacts with Gluttony at all. My Hughes doesn't even know homunculus exist, and Gluttony has no interest in him, so they shouldn't have any need for interaction.

Name: Gluttony
Series: FullMetal Alchemist
Timeline: ENd of Chapter 47/mid-Episode 23; Immediately after Ling shoves a bomb down Gluttony's throat and he is blown up
Canon Resource Links: Wiki

Gluttony is simple and his thoughts rarely stray from eating. He has a child-like innocence and has never been one to think for himself, preferring mostly to follow the directions of others. Unlike his homunculus siblings, he does not hold a disdain for humans and has even been known to show kindness toward them, like respecting Edward's wish to not eat Ling, or happily taking Alphonse to meet Father. It is entirely possible that he is far too simple-minded to think much of humans at all, as he doesn't even seem to realize that the humans he heats die permanently. (And why would he, when he and his siblings can regenerate after being sliced and diced?)

Generally, Gluttony has a very derpy docile personality. He can be quite friendly and eager to please, especially to Father and his siblings. Usually, Gluttony will ask for permission before eating; he generally asks one of his siblings -- whichever he happens to be paired with -- but he has also been known to ask the person he wishes to eat, as well. When given permission to eat, Gluttony's personality will take a complete 180 turn from calm and agreeable to a coldblooded murderer. He will stop at nothing to eat his pray, and will chase and attack them mercilessly, using his massive body and strong jaws to maul his targets down and rip them apart. His hunts are accompanied with maniacal laughter, glowing red eyes, and a bloodthirsty grin. It can be very amazing how he manages to switch between the two personalities almost instantly; the relentless hunter persona will quickly disappear if Gluttony either finishes eating his pray, been ordered to stop by one of his siblings or Father, or has completely lost sight of his target.

While he can be friendly to just about anyone, Gluttony doesn't form many attachments. His thought processes do not seem to be developed enough for him to care much about most, and he universally views all things as food, anyways. His siblings and Father are the only ones he shows a great degree of love, dedication, and friendliness towards, even when that sentiment is not returned. He especially has a very strong connection to Lust, who -- until her death -- was the homunculus he was most paired with. He doesn't show a whole lot of depth of emotions, and is usually either happy to be eating, disappointed that he isn't allowed to eat, or hunger-crazed when given the permission to eat. On the rare occasion that he is pushed to a breaking point, however, Gluttony can be incredibly unforgiving and vicious. This can be seen when he meets Roy Mustang after finding out that Roy was the one who'd killed Lust. In his rage, he managed to burst out of some incredibly strong binds and open the false Gate of Truth*, swallowing everything in sight. He did not relent until he was told by Envy to stop, so it seems that the words of his siblings and Father are things he would listen to without fail.

Back in Amestris, Gluttony has a heightened sense of smell, strength, strong jaws, and a powerful digestive system. This makes him the perfect person to use for tracking, and also for cleaning up messes. He does prefer to eat humans, but has eaten pretty much everything else as well without thinking too much about it. Due to his naive and simple nature, he usually had to be babysat by one of his siblings.

* Gluttony was a failed attempt at bypassing the Gate, and thus he has become a false Gate of Truth himself, which he can open at will. In this state, he has the ability to immediately consume everything within the Gate's line of sight. He will not be able to open the Gate in Johto

+ Heightened sense of smell (power cut in half)
+ Strong; particularly in the jaw (power cut in half)
+ Generally friendly and docile
+ Eager to please
+ Loves and has a strong sense of loyalty to his family

+/- He had the ability to eat pretty much anything before, but he can no longer do that in Johto; he still has a better-than-average digestive system, though
+/- Child-like

- Mentally slow/not very intelligent
- Usually doesn't think of much outside of food
- Always hungry
- Clumsy
- Goes into frenzies when given permission to eat

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Lickitung
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:
[ It's taken quite a while for Gluttony to understand that the 'Gear is not food. If nothing else, he's already gone through two of them.

He hasn't learned how to actually use it yet, though. And so at the moment, it's been dropped onto the ground and is accidentally recording. Gluttony is walking away from the 'Gear, because... well... what use does he have for something that he can't eat?

Right before he's completely gone off-screen, though, a Lickitung rushes back to pick up the 'Gear. With 'Gear in hand, Lickitung runs back to Gluttony's side, and holds it out.

Have a close-up of Gluttony's face, Johto, as he examines the device. ]

What is it?

[ He brings a large finger up to his mouth and sucks on it as he gives the device a curious look. There are strange images inside of it. He isn't sure what to do with them. For a minute, he seriously considers giving this device another try, to see if it will taste any different. But then he is reminded of the last two times he'd tried, and Gluttony shakes his head at Lickitung. ]

We can't eat that.

[ Instead of taking the 'Gear, he simply turns and begins walking away. ]

Lets go find something tasty.

Third Person Sample:
The giant, round blob is sucking on one of his fingers, and staring down at a tiny Metapod on the ground.

"CanIeatit?" The question comes out muffled, and is directed toward the only other thing around, which would be a Lickitung standing next to him. The Lickitung spends a moment staring at the Metapod. And then, it extends its long tongue and gives the cocoon a lick. The Metapod seems to have absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

Gluttony takes this as an affirmation that the green thing -- whatever it was -- would be okay to eat. He's hungry, after all, and he's yet to meet a human, so this will have to do. Excitedly, he grasps both hands around the Metapod and brings the cocoon up to his mouth.

He takes a bite, but immediately, his impression turns sour and he drops the Metapod onto the ground. It his the ground with a rather loud clang, but Gluttony barely notices. He brings a hand up to rub his mouth, and gives his Lickitung a teary-eyed look.

"Ooouch... it's too hard." There's a sense of bewilderment in his voice. This has never happened before, and he is unsure what to do. He is very much used to just shoving anything he's told he can eat into his mouth and not having to think about the logistics of how to eat it.

"What can I eat?"

The Lickitung tilts its head at Gluttony (didn't he want to capture that Metapod? It's obviously been knocked out after being licked and then dropped...) For a minute, Gluttony and Lickitung stare each other down.

And then, Lickitung is waddling off. Gluttony follows, leaving the Metapod behind. They stop in front of a large bush with tiny, red berries growing on it. Lickitung switches his gaze from Gluttony to the bush, obviously trying to tell Gluttony that these berries would be safe to eat.

Gluttony sniffs the bush once, and then, instead of picking the berries off, he opens his mouth and bites down onto the bush, taking a chunk of branches, leaves, and berries into his mouth.

This isn't anything like eating a human, but it will have to do for now...
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Gluttony | FullMetal Alchemist | Reserved

[personal profile] ritornello 2012-01-16 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)
o/ Still me... that journal I used before got deleted a little while after I submitted the app. >: Sorry.

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Ken Ichijouji | Digimon Adventure 02 | Reserved

[personal profile] empireofmymind 2012-01-15 03:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Fetchie
Dreamwidth Username: [personal profile] made_in_wonder
AIM/MSN: fetchie88
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: None

Name: Ken Ichijouji
Series: Digimon Adventure 02
Timeline: Post-series (spring 2003)
Canon Resource Links: Digimon Wiki [[Note: this wiki uses dub terms. I'm pulling Ken from the Japanese, so while the plot's the same, some of the names have changed. Notably - Digimon Kaiser instead of Digimon Emperor, Osamu instead of Sam.]]

Ken has come a long way over the course of his canon. At first a boy crouching in his brother's shadow, hating himself for being "normal" but also for resenting said brother, Ken chooses escapism upon his brother's death. Upon provocation from villains glad to find an easy victim, Ken flees to the Digital World and his persona as the cruel Digimon Kaiser, seeking a world in which he's both chosen and "perfect", has total control, and can act without consequences.

Upon realizing his own delusions, Ken begins trying to live as himself - but first has to figure out exactly who "himself" might be. Because he never spent much time feeling valued or interacting with others, Ken's introspective in a self-absorbed way. He tries to relate every new piece of information or detail back to his own situation, obsessed with discovering his place in the world. Fortunately for him, by this point he's found it: he's a Chosen Child, sworn to protect the Digital World; a friend to his fellow Chosen; a partner and older brother figure to Wormmon; and a loving son who finally knows himself loved and valued in turn.

His sense of identity secure, most of Ken's current troubles are caused by his own skewed perspective. Though he possesses incredible attention to detail, he tends to lose sight of the big picture, or only grasps said big picture once a detail alludes to it. He also has difficulty accepting things happen for no reason: to Ken, every action has a purpose, from which some deeper meaning or interpretation can be extrapolated.

This tendency to extrapolate combines with his obsession about being singled out, stemming from being overlooked all his life: he doesn't ask his puppetmasters so much "Why me?" as "Why did it have to be me?", as if what's occurred is the only possible outcome. He's also equated usefulness and worth for years, and is only just beginning to embrace the tiny things that make life beautiful, which he's never been mentally prepared to appreciate before.

Yet for all his mental baggage, Ken's still able to focus when it matters and get the job done. When given a purpose he's near unstoppable, and works consciously to surmount both his external enemies and his own bad habits - be these habits as major as a desire to avoid what's painful or as simple as inexperience in social situations. (Ken remains a rather stiff, serious boy; he'll loosen up around his friends, but has awkward social skills otherwise. He alternates between brusqueness and not completing unpleasant sentences, walks away abruptly when he considers a conversation over, and spends so much time thinking over everything that occasionally his blunt pronouncements sound like non sequiturs.)

But just because expressing himself isn't easy doesn't mean Ken won't try, focusing on self-improvement but equally concerned about others' well-being. Ken cares deeply about his friends and family, and is conscientious even in the midst of battle - he stresses, for example, that they shouldn't fight Digimon within Mayan ruins, as the ruins are priceless cultural heritage. When he's overwhelmed, he's not ashamed to cry, but alternatively refuses to simply allow other people be hurt or manipulated as he was. He even uses his guilt over being the Kaiser for noble ends: because he’s the one who committed a terrible error, he’s also the one who needs to set things right. Ken simply won’t leave any issue alone until he’s satisfied with the results, and thrives on being able to make a difference.

Most importantly, he’s embraced that he’s only human. Ken can’t get over being the Digimon Kaiser; that’s not something one can ever put behind oneself. But he can live accepting that he made a mistake, cherishing himself in spite of his flaws, and focusing on what he can do in the present instead of the errors he can’t erase in the past. This acceptance of his own weakness and determination to live in the present day drives him now, and he’s focused on keeping his life that way.

+ A really sweet guy at heart; defining trait is "kindness"
+ Good with younger kids (who act their age, at least)
+ Selfless son & friend, will do anything for loved ones
+ Goal-oriented, fearless when given a goal
+ Is working on relaxing/holding normal-sounding conversations
+ Appreciates life's simple pleasures
+ Current hobbies: soccer, jogging. Can speak Spanish. Formerly programmed computers and took judo.

+/- Willing to take one for the team, but also puts himself in unnecessary danger
+/- Has almost a sixth sense about when Supernatural Evil is Afoot. This could come in handy, but he often doesn't trust it - and it sometimes hurts like hell.
+/- Doesn't know when to leave well enough alone.

- Over-interprets everything, broods, esp. when he falls short of his own expectations.
- Freezes up in new/unexpected situations.
- Occasionally avoidant, though he's working on that. Still ends conversations waaay too abruptly.
- Trollable. Know how to push his buttons and you can play him like a video game.
- Cannot see the forest for the trees; focuses too much on his own perspective/involvement in events.
- Pessimistic - though again, he's working on that.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Weedle
Password: raspberry lemonade

First Person Sample:
[The PokéConnect switches on to "voice".]

Good morning, everyone. Did you happen to see the sunrise this morning? Weedle and I found it extraordinary.

I have a question for advanced Pokémon trainers. What happens once one becomes a "Pokémon Master"? Is there something only Masters can do? Is defeating all the Gyms the only qualification?

Thank you for your time.
[And just like that, the transmission ends.]

Third Person Sample:
"You did it, Weedle!" Ken cheered as the wild Rattata, disoriented and woozy, staggered to the ground. While his Pokémon chattered in pride and satisfaction - being young, and fragile at that, victories were few and far between - Ken knelt by their fallen opponent.

"Are you all right?" he asked, digging in his backpack for an Antidote; upon learning of his Pokémon's particular specialty, he'd purchased as many of these items as he could afford once given the chance. "Here, this'll..."

The Rattata's eyes flickered open. Glaring, it bit at Ken's hand and staggered away.

Ken sighed, turning the Antidote over in his palm. Again. Again he tried to do the right thing, but his opponents refused the aid. Why? He'd only capture those who'd come willingly - and wasn't it better to receive assistance than suffer alone...

No. No, he knew the answer to that. Trust didn't come so easily, even without matters of pride. Foolish him, for believing anyone could possibly trust the hand that'd wounded them. Was he only trying to erase his acts by healing them afterwards?

Again, no. The scale wasn't the same. He was just still getting used to this world. And if he didn't trust his own intentions, who would?

Weedle curled up in his lap; Ken looked down to find the Pokémon's movements were sluggish. "Sorry," he murmured, replacing the Antidote and searching for a Potion instead. "I shouldn't leave you hanging like that. Congratulations on your win."

Giving another happy burble, Weedle snuggled up against Ken; a wave of nostalgia hit, but Ken's hands stayed steady and his face stayed thoughtful. Daydreaming about his world wouldn't help. Nor would refusing to follow the path he'd been handed. Someone had chosen him for this journey, just like the others - and Ken'd discover why, no matter what. That way, he'd be satisfied. That way, he could go home.

Weedle's stubby arms gripped Ken's front in what felt like a hug. Ken's shoulders relaxed, and he let himself smile. Yes. He'd do all that and more.

Because people were counting on him here, too.
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Kyoko Sakura | Puella Magi ☆ Magica | Reserved

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Name: Spear
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] sevenspears
AIM/MSN: aim: kittensfromheck8
Timezone: PST
Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Kyoko Sakura
Series: Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica
Timeline: Episode 7, after the Elsa Maria battle
Canon Resource Links: Lots of spoilers in the links!
Character page on Madoka wiki
TV Tropes

On first impression Kyoko seems to be that of a callous girl who cares for nothing but herself and her own gains. She's impersonal and remains detached from others - for her to even call someone by name is an extremely rare occurrence. She is ruthless to an extreme - she is willing to allow people to be killed in order to grow power for her to harvest later in a more efficient manner. Indeed, she is resourceful - almost to a fault. It is most obviously expressed in her mindset towards food. She eats a lot (all the time, actually), but eats it all and goes out of her way to threaten someone when they waste food in her presence. Her need to conserve extends beyond just food: her ruthless, highly efficient strategies are geared to wasting the least amount of energy and time battling. Neither does she bother with staying quiet for the sake of politeness. She doesn't hesitate to point out the flaws in other's actions - at least from her point of view - or give suggestions to what she'd do - all with a confident, sassy air about her. Oh, she doesn't care if you're offended or hurt by what she says. She'll still say it.

But there's more going on than just her than abrasiveness and egoism. In fact, she was previously nothing like this. Kyoko used her wish associated with becoming a Puella Magi on another person - in this case, her father, a priest excommunicated for his radical new ideas. Her family suffered during this time, having little to no food. She used her wish to bring him more followers, and thus brought prosperity and happiness back to her family. While a new Puella Magi, she subscribed to the idea of battling for justice and the good of others. It's not until her father discovered her actions, and killed himself and the entire family, save Kyoko, that she changed. She abandoned the idea of compassion, seeing it as bringing nothing but an equal amount of despair. Better, then, to fight for herself and only herself and curtail all that sorrow. So she became a harsh realist who seemingly exists only to fight another day.

In the end, though, all her cruelly self-centric ideals are just a barrier strung up around her. Despite everything she claims to believe, she desperately tries to aide another Puella Magi, Sayaka, who Kyoko views to be going down he same path as her. She helps her in fights, reveals her backstory - things that, if Kyoko's outer appearance were what she truly felt deep down, would be incredibly unlikely. Once she begins to let someone in, her walls begin to crumble and the truth comes out: her subconsciousness, the true Kyoko, never changed. She's still a girl who wants to fight for ideals and see love and friendship win. She claimed to live for herself but really just wanted to find something worth defending.

So it is that, despite the cruel and delinquent appearance she throws out, Kyoko is still a girl bound by ideals and a need to help others.

+ Extremely confident in herself and her abilities.
+ Determined, and not easily scared off or discouraged.
+ Highly resourceful - she hates to waste time, energy, and especially food
+ Highly independent.

- Selfish, self-centered. Cares for nothing that doesn't benefit her.
- Willing to hurt or allow people to get hurt for said selfish reasons.
- Not very good with connecting to people - or at least not communicating it. Highly abrasive to go along with that

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Cyndaquil
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:
[Even before the video comes through, the sharp crunching sound of someone munching on an apple can be heard. When it does start up? There's a red-haired girl staring into the camera with idle annoyance, eating - you guessed it - an apple.]

Hey. Any of ya know a shortcut through this route?

[Crunch crunch.]

It's not so much the traveling, y'know. I can do that fine, no problem. But having to fight all the low-level wilds and weak trainers? Not worth my time.

[She smirks, and gestures vaguely.] I'm better than that. Besides, I'm running low on ether, so I can't even trounce the idiots that wanna challenge me!

So. Who knows the way to the worthwhile battles?

Third Person Sample:
"Tch." Kyoko stared down at the blue-and-tan pokemon - the poor excuse for her pokemon - and took a sharp, angry bite from the taiyaki, paying no heed to the sweet flavor of the filling. "Just what were you thinking?"

Cyndaquil whimpered to itself softly, shuffling his feet as she stared. He was still battered and bruised, nursing some founds from harsher blows. Kyoko said nothing when he slunk over to sit on her foot and lean on her leg.She narrowed her eyes, and frown, lifting her foot to get him off (but gently, truly; the slight fall would look worse than it really was). And when he squealed in protest? She grimaced and snapped, "Stop that."

The trainer - still new - took a rough swallow. "I told ya. Don't waste your time with the pokemon around here - they're too high level for you. If I'm gonna let you walk around with me, you can't go rushing into fights. What d'ya expect?" She held a glare straight at her pokemon, hard and condescending - then rolled back her eyes and sighed. "So stupid..."

It wasn't until another moment of harsh silence, broken only by the sound of Kyoko chomping on her meal, that she finally reached into her bag and pulled out her potion. In one quick movement, she kneeled down and scooped Cyndaquil up closer. "You gotta listen to me, okay? I'm not gonna let you end up mincemeat." Cyndaquil squealed again - this time, from the sting of a potion. When she stood again, she took the now-healed pokemon with her. Cyndaquil squirmed, surprised, but settled in after a moment. She grinned momentarily down at him, near mockingly.

"I've gotta carry you, you understand? I can't trust ya not to run off and do something else to waste our time. Unfortunately, you're too vital to me to let you get eaten by something."

Her pokemon wriggled happily in her arms. "Quil!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Kyoko sighed, "Don't go attracting more unwanted attention."



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Shiki Misaki | The World Ends With You | Reserved

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Name: Ty
Personal Journal: [personal profile] lensflare
E-mail: cosmic.rockstarr [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN: Malfoyisms on AIM
Timezone: PST
Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Shiki Misaki
Series: The World Ends With You
Timeline: Week 3, Day 6. Right after she wakes up in the Shibuya River.
Canon Resource Links:

Personality: Shiki, as a whole, seems like the absolute "It" girl. She's fashionable, she's perky, she's fun and she knows all of the right things to say at the right times. She's always up-to-date with the latest trends and the latest gossip; actually, Shiki seems to be the only one who actually cares about the trends going on in Shibuya. She's a very friendly girl, believing that everybody deserves a chance to be heard, and she does her best to make sure she can help people in any way that she can. She constantly serves as a driving force not only for Neku (her partner in the Reaper's Game), but also for Beat and Rhyme. She encourages the latter, assuring her that she'll see her brother again soon. As for the former, well, she continually badgers Neku to keep moving and keep talking. She's the one who really gets him to open up toward the end of their week together and teaches him the value of communication and partnership.

On that same note, though, she's not a girl who believes in little white lies. Shiki is rather blunt and she'll say what she feels whether it'll hurt the feelings of those around her or not. (Case in point, she had no problem telling Neku "Just LOOKING at you makes me cringe!") Some people might find her to be a bit nosy, seeing how she asks a lot of questions and demands to get to the bottom of people. She can be invasive, and she doesn't really believe in boundaries. That much is obvious considering how she had no problem stripping Neku in the middle of the street to fix a button on his shorts.

But...for all of the talking she does about being honest and how she wishes Neku would let her in, Shiki has a few secrets of her own. The perky persona, for the most part, was actually an act. The real Shiki is a girl who feels inferior to those around her, feeling like she has to hide who she really is and portray the personality of her best friend, Eri. Eri was always the popular one and the creative one with everything Shiki ever wanted. Despite the amazing talents she possesses, especially her ability to sew, Shiki feels like she doesn't measure up and she's jealous of those around her. She herself claims that "All I wanted was to like myself. To be cute, and smart, and Eri." Her entry fee for the Game grants her her wish, forcing her to give up her own appearance and take on that of Eri.

As the game goes on though, Shiki soon realizes an important lesson; "It was just an act. Inside, nothing changed. I'm still the same person I've always been. Then I realized...I'll never be Eri. Deep down, I never wanted to be. I was just jealous. The Reaper was right. What I value most is ME!" Deep inside, she's really just a scared girl putting on a brave face, but with the encouragement from her friends, she realizes they like her the way she is and give her the confidence to keep moving.


As far as strengths go, Shiki can actually put up a pretty good fight despite looking like she can easily be snapped in half. As a Player in the Reaper's Game, she's got the ability to use a Psych and control her stuffed cat, Mr. Mew, in a form of telekinesis. Outside of her physical strengths, Shiki is a girl who's incredibly persistent and does her best to put on a brave face no matter how scared she actually is. She knows how to talk to people and get them to trust her, and she's considered to be good listener and give good advice. Her drive to want to help everyone just adds to her loyalty to her friends. Shiki is also incredibly passionate about clothes and fashion, and that passion carries over into other things to help others reach their goals.

Physical weaknesses include the fact that unlike Neku in the Game, she can't control multiple Psychs, and if she's in a physical fight, she can easily be caught off-guard and knocked out. She's also proven to be susceptible to mind-control. However her biggest weakness seems to be her self-doubt and how she can let it eat away at her. Shiki used to be afraid of the future and of getting a second chance, and because of that fear she hid a lot of herself from those who were starting to get close to her. Shiki is the type of girl who clings to things, whether it be people or her stuffed cat, Mr. Mew. Her lack of self-confidence caused her to question people's friendship with her. However, given her canon point she's mostly beyond these hinderances, but she'll probably slip up every now and then. Her other trait that could be considered a weakness is her brutal honesty. Considering the fact that Shiki doesn't have much of a brain-to-mouth filter, she's very likely to accidentally insult someone.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Shiki will be a trainer.
Starter: Vulpix, please.
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample: [Someone has taken the time to actually go through her backpack, causing her to click on her PokéGear. She gives it a brief look before setting it aside, giving her newly acquired Vulpix a chance to sniff at the screen.]

Ugh! You've got to be kidding, I can't wear this! [The clothes are immediately tossed to the side and there's a bit of noise as Shiki tips her backpack upside-down to empty its contents. She starts to sift through them, trying to find anything useful.] Okay...okay, great. Guess I'm roughing it for a while. Wait what...Trainer Handbook...? [And she picks up the book, flipping through it. Oh. Oh, so this...] I've gone from one Game to another....

[She suddenly tunes back in to focus on the PokéGear, gently pushing on Vulpix's head to pull the device away from the Pokémon.] Don't eat that, I think I need it. [And it's then she'll address the PokéConnect network at large.]

Hey, um....hi. So, the music really a necessary thing? Because it's totally not my first choice. Oh least Vulpix seems to be enjoying it. But I guess that's not the point; is there anybody who can answer a few questions for me? I've got a lot suddenly.

Third Person Sample:

Shiki had quickly come to two conclusions in her time sitting on the ground of Route 29. First of all, she seriously needed to reorganize everything in her backpack now that she'd dumped it on the ground.

Okay, so maybe that wasn't her first conclusion. Her first conclusion was something along the lines of 'Omigosh this is definitely not where I should be right now.' Images of her friends flashed through her mind rapidly and she sat up straight, digging through her pockets. Player Pin, Player Pin, where the hell were you when she needed you? She rifled through the discarded items of her new backpack, thinking it had somehow gotten misplaced there, but no such luck. The Pin was gone, and that meant that she was out of the Game.

Now was totally not the time to panic. She had to pull herself together, and the first place she had to start was putting everything back into her bag.

"Okay so...clothes, soap, food, handbook, potions...some other stuff...and four PokéBalls. Didn't I have five?" She sat up on her knees and briefly scanned the area for the missing ball. She was about to get up and see if it had rolled further away when from her left came a small sound as a reddish-brown nose pushed the missing PokéBall toward her.

This only led to her second conclusion, and that was that Vulpix was perhaps the cutest thing she had ever seen in her life.

It was just her luck that the very first Pokémon she encountered seemed to be somewhat friendly and even-tempered. The fox-like creature sat next to her, seemingly proud of itself for assisting its new trainer and awaiting some sort of acknowledgement. The new trainer-in-question smiled widely, taking the PokéBall and swiftly tucking it into the appropriate pocket of her backpack before resting a hand on Vulpix's head.

"Thanks a lot!" She proceeded to pet the Pokémon's head, giggling a bit as it nudged its head further into her hand. "So I guess you're my new partner, aren't you?" Her smile suddenly faltered as another thought occurred to her.

What about her actual partner? If she was here, did that mean that Neku was still in the Game? And if Neku was still in the Game, did that mean...

...even if she couldn't see for herself, she knew she was still in a body that didn't belong to her. Wasn't her prize supposed to be going back to the real world in her own body to get her second chance? This wasn't even close to being fair!

It bothered her, sure, but it didn't seem to bother Vulpix at all. In fact, the creature tilted its head back to stare up at her, waiting for her to make the next move. Shiki shook her head to clear it, zipping up her backpack and slipping it on as she rose to her feet.

The one thing she kept out from the pack was her PokéGear. No stranger to technology, she easily figured out its functions and brought up a map. Looking down toward her feet at Vulpix, she gestured toward the route ahead.

"What do you think? Cherrygrove City?" She received a sound of approval and the Pokémon started to walk along side her.

Okay...okay! Maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as she thought. She could totally handle this. If she could make her way through the streets of Shibuya, she could easily follow a simple map. She focused on the PokéGear, watching the little figure (she assumed it was her, anyway) flash on the screen as she and her newfound friend entered the brush. She was so absorbed in what she was doing that she didn't hear the rustling to their right. Vulpix did, though, and stopped suddenly, causing Shiki to nearly trip over it.

"Vulpix, what are y--" She didn't get to finish her sentence as a Rattata zipped out of the brush, ambushing them. "Ugh, seriously?" She reached into her backpack, fishing out a spare PokéBall. Game or not, Shiki knew she had to be prepared for a battle. There was only one way to settle this.

"Ready to lose? Vulpix, go!"


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Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu | The World Ends With You | Reserved

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Name: Kim
Personal Journal: [personal profile] wallscrolls
E-mail: livejournal[at]anigirl15[dot]com
AIM/MSN: kbb08
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: None!

Name: Yoshiya “Joshua” Kiryu
Series: The World Ends With You
Timeline: Immediately post-Hachiko, post-game
Canon Resource Links:

Massive TWEWY spoilers follow

The Composer: one who has a boundless love for humanity. It is the Composer’s role to run the Reaper’s Game, a harsh, cruel competition which promises a second chance at life to the recently dead... if they’re strong enough to survive it.

It’s a role which suits Joshua perfectly.

Joshua cares for people, but without getting to know him better, one would never think this. He’s snide, snotty, rude, and can be quite the jerk. He often will purposefully annoy people or provoke them, and isn’t one to pull his punches, at least verbally. He constantly makes jabs at Neku, Minamimoto, and whoever is a convenient target, even going so far as to call BJ’s crush a “tramp”. He doesn’t sugarcoat his words, or avoid topics just because they’re upsetting. When another pair of Players talks of cooperating with Joshua and Neku, Joshua outright says, “The other players aren’t your friends. They’re your competition.” He doesn’t coddle anyone, and it’s only when someone has truly earned his respect that he speaks to them like an equal, as shown by how Hanekoma and Kitaniji are the only two that he talks to without his attitude as well as the fact that by the end of their week together, he’s let up on teasing Neku somewhat. Most people, however, he keeps at a distance. Though he does care, it’s a very detached feeling: impersonal unless the person has done something to merit his attention.

However, there’s a method to what he does, and Joshua’s goal is to push at people’s boundaries. He makes people question their beliefs, leave their comfort zones, and discover things about themselves they never knew before. As a Composer, Joshua has created a Game where one must do without that which is most important to them, and they only regain it if they win. This is done so that people are forced to reexamine their values and priorities. While such a thing is impossible to do verbally, Joshua still tries the same when he’s dealing with people in person. At one point he asks Neku what’s waiting for him in the RG, and then follows the question with “You don’t have to answer. I don’t really care.” The answer isn’t important to him; its significance is in the fact that Neku needs to consider it.

Joshua is also a liar. He knows what information he wants to keep secret, and how to let out the information he wants others to know. He lies easily to keep the fact that he’s the Composer a secret, from simple lines like “I’m new at all this” all the way to pretending he was playing the Game while living to explain away the power he has. He feeds Neku information by pursuing the goal of “take down the Composer”, which serves the dual purpose of being another lie to keep the suspicion off of him and to give Neku the information he’ll need to eventually defeat the Conductor for Joshua.

His overall attitude is very carefree and joking, but deep down Joshua has a strong serious side. Most of the time Joshua seems whimsical, joking or teasing with a smile on his face. He doesn’t seem to take things seriously, even when the situation is one that most people would consider serious. However, he does have times when he stops being so capricious. These are few and far between, and usually only occur when something is going directly against his goals or his ideals. Joshua can usually cut off his emotions when he needs to.

At the beginning of TWEWY, Joshua was disheartened with Shibuya, but the change Neku underwent likewise brought about a change in Joshua. The Game is a force meant to change people for the better, and Joshua was convinced that Shibuya had too many problems to continue that. Neku began the Game a cut off, distant person. But as he went through the Game and changed, and as Joshua watched that change, he came to realize that Shibuya was still able to do what it was supposed to. For this reason, he decided not to go ahead and erase Shibuya, but let it go back to the way it was.

At his core, Joshua isn’t a bad person. His priorities are much different from most people’s, and he has a slightly skewed sense of morals, but in the end he does what he believes will cause the greatest benefit to the most people. He’s willing to make tough decisions and takes responsibility for them, despite any resistance he might face from others. As a Composer, everything he does must be for the greater good, even when the greater good means sacrificing everything he’s done. Joshua was willing to erase Shibuya, his entire domain, because he feared it was going to damage the areas around it if he didn’t. While it’s not explained in canon exactly what this would entail, there’s rather strong indication that this would have involved sacrificing hundreds of thousands of lives. Despite that, Joshua was willing to go through with it, and draw the Higher Plane’s scrutiny, because he believed it was what needed to be done in order to make everything be the best it could in the end.

Joshua is very clever and intelligent. He can often pick up on things that others miss, though he won’t necessarily comment. He also knows a decent amount and is wise beyond his years (in the case of his appearance, literally: though his age is unknown, it’s most likely that he’s much older than his teenaged appearance). He also has good control over his emotions. He’s frequently able to look at the humor in a situation (even when there isn’t any) and he can ignore the parts he doesn’t like, as he often brings up things that are more amusing to him in the middle of unfavorable situations. Thanks to his experience as Composer, he is very good at making impartial decisions. Also as a Composer he has a boatload of powers. The only ones that matter in Route are that he is a mind-reader, and he has the ability to suppress his powers to change his apparent age (which is why he looks 15, as opposed to late-20s or so).

However, he is rather weak physically, and doesn’t like exerting himself. He also has the tendency to be very confident, and will underestimate other people’s abilities or potential. He thinks very highly of himself and refuses to admit that he might be wrong or have any sort of weakness. In the cases where he’s proven wrong or contradicts himself, he gets upset. He also has trouble empathizing with people, and his tendency to be a jerk can get him on people’s bad sides, even if he does know how to stop before provoking too far. He can often appear selfish, and sometimes cold or aloof if he’s making an effort to cut himself off. With the overconfidence, Joshua fears little, and that can get him into trouble.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Absol
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:
You know, I was under the impression that Pokemon journeys started out in Pallet Town. This is the same sort of Pokemon from the games back home, correct? I’ll admit I’m only a casual fan, but I don’t quite think I’ve seen one like this before. [ Joshua shifts the camera so that it gets a good view of his newly-acquired Absol. The Absol glances to the camera, back to Joshua, then puts its head down again. Joshua giggles as he moves the camera back to himself. ]

I’d already taken a vacation recently, so here I wasn’t expecting another so soon. This is a different world from my own, I take it? Anyone care to let me in on who is responsible for that little trick? Considering the circumstances, I can’t imagine there are many possible suspects...

Hee hee, but what do I know? At least one of you should be able to give me some information. I can’t imagine everyone here is completely ignorant.

Third Person Sample:
The music, Joshua had decided, was mocking him.

It wasn’t all that unlike being back in Shibuya. The constant sound in his ears that one could never truly be rid of. But back in Shibuya, it was the sound of his city, the sound of hundreds of thousands of people going about their lives, interacting and clashing and always changing. It was a beautiful song.

This was distinctly not that song.

It would have been enough to simply not have the sound of Shibuya around him, a change from what his entire existence has been for more years than he cared to consider. But it had been replaced, replaced with a tune that was unimaginative and repetitive, mocking the sound of progress he had come to love. That was the part that Joshua found truly unforgivable.

He felt the rhythmic up-and-down motion stop, and turned to find his Absol staring at him quizzically. Joshua giggled and tilted his head. “Hmm? If you take a picture, it will last longer.”

The Absol made a sound that was almost like a snort. “You seemed upset.”

“Are you sure you’re not projecting?” He giggled again, and turned to look out over the forest path before them. “I suppose I should hope you’re not displeased. I’m not all that heavy to carry, you know. Besides, the sooner we get through this place, the sooner both of us can get back to civilization.”

How long had it been since he’d last been in a forest? Given the population of the town they’d just left, he suspected that there wasn’t anything he’d consider civilization within any sort of distance. Beyond the music, beyond the loss of his powers, beyond the loss of his city, that was probably what was going to make Joshua homesick the most. The lack of people flowing around him all the time. The lack of energy that a population like that brought to the world around them. Socializing wasn’t his strong suit, but he couldn’t deny that he loved people.

And when he found out who was responsible for this music, he would make sure they paid dearly for it.


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Saber | Fate/Extra | Reserved

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Name: Keiosu
Personal Journal: [personal profile] omniqueen
E-mail: keiosuchaos1230 @ gmail . com
AIM/MSN: AIM - knight of cc
Timezone: US/Pacific
Current Characters in Route: Xion | Kingdom Hearts | [personal profile] ordalias

Name: Saber; true name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Series: Fate/Extra
Timeline: Early Week 7, shortly after defeating the SE.RA.PH Avatar
Canon Resource Links: Type-Moon Wiki

Personality: If her status as being Emperor Nero isn't a first indication as to what she's like, Saber would certainly be more than happy to indulge anyone's curiosity... maybe adding a bit of unnecessary regalia and "oomph" to her tales, of course. Contrary to the counterpart she's physically based on (King Arthur), Saber is emotional, demanding, possessive, bombastic, and so full of arrogance, she'd likely sink a cruiser with the very weight of it. Certainly not lacking in confidence in herself, Saber is quick to take offense if someone's full attention is not laid upon her when she thinks it should, and even quicker to be caught flustered if someone comments on her short stature or physical appearance. She is haughty and prideful of the skills she has mastered over her previous lifetime, that anything she does, Saber will make sure it's perfect, down to the smallest detail.

Saber is aware of how history portrays her; she was a tyrant, someone who certainly knew she hurt others with her actions, but she does not wholly regret how she lived. She lived her life true to herself, and if there's one positive thing about her is that she can be elaborately and bluntly honest. She also puts a lot of emphasis on her status as an artist that "rivals the god Apollo," which displays the huge amount of hubris and arrogance she's infamous for. Indeed, her passion as an artist might very well extend to her obsession with beauty. Saber proclaims her "singular preference is beauty!" Be they beautiful young boys, or even better, beautiful young girls, Saber would only devote herself a person with beautiful aspects, whether they're physical or metaphorical of one's personality. If nothing else, Saber is certainly smart, adaptable, and aware enough of any situation she's placed in, enough to have lived long wading through the murky waters of ancient Roman policies.

Despite the large smear of negativity staining her history, Saber isn't ashamed of it. Again, only she herself knows how she truly lived, but also knows historians fail to gloss over the positive marks she did place in her time. Her passion as an artist is equal to the passion of the love she displayed for her people, especially the lower citizenry. In return for the good deeds she displayed, such as giving away her own money, abolishing taxes, and even making relief efforts to help her people when the Great Fire of Rome roared about, Saber was immensely popular with the people... but her actions, of course, frayed the nerves of the Roman Senate and the upper classes. Though her love should be a positive point, this is still Emperor Nero we're talking about. Her love was the selfish kind: when she gave it, she expected something in return. It's no wonder such an idea brought her own downfall. Despite the people she wholly loved did nothing for her in her time of need, Saber did not resent them. In the end, she knew she loved them in a way that they couldn't understand, and that the consequences of her actions remained solely on her. Saber is an emperor, of course, a ruler who had immense power and control in her life, and certainly how she took the manner of her death in her own hands.

Strengths/Weaknesses: +Was and still is an accomplished swordswoman
+Has enough strength and skill to nearly asphyxiate a lion to death in her previous lifetime
+Adept at administrative and diplomatic affairs
+Can handcraft or improvise weapons
+Is an accomplished charioteer
+As a Servant, can be extremely loyal to the people she's close to, to the point where she bluntly disobeys the powers that summoned her to aid her Master

-Extremely arrogant and prideful
-Can be crippled with migraines
-Has one of the lower Magic Resistances of a Saber class [C]
-Huge attention whore
-Her short stature (4'9"). She believes someone's height shouldn't undermine the actual authority they hold. Doesn't like being called a "princess," either.

+/-Passionate, but can be so to the extreme and unnecessary levels
+/-Compassionate, but still likely to insult you and praise you in the same sentence

Though she does hide behind a wall of pomp and arrogance, it looks to be that one of Saber's fears is that she isn't loved back. She acknowledges the gentle love her people displayed to each other (a selfless love as opposed to her selfish one), and wished to experience the same feeling. It's one of the main reasons she stopped committing suicide in her previous lifetime, thinking she was punishing the people she loved by removing such a "great artist" as she.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer.
Starter: Scyther; "Gladius"
Password: Raspberry Lemonade
First Person Sample:

Mmm! The device comes alive. Though it looks similar to my Master's portable terminal, I must say, this gadget is a lot more colorful than that.

[ The video clicks on to stare straight up at the sky, but the feed soon starts to swerve wildly. There's a large amount of red flashing upon the screen, then green, and what looks to be a... Scyther's arms? ]

Hold it there, Gladius - yes, your name is Gladius. Hold! [ And the feed comes to a still, and you're greeted with this lady in red standing majestically before the camera. Yes, the front of the dress is translucent, but she waves her arm out in front of her to grasp the audience attention as if it wasn't already on her. ]

Good. If one is viewing this, greetings. There must be some form of life to answer my questions: why are we here? Where is this place? This is certainly not the area of the Moon Cell, nor does it seem like this land is the work of SE.RA.PH... More importantly...

Praetor, if you see this, respond post-haste!

Third Person Sample:

"Johto... Pokemon?"

Surely, these were the words she heard before she was so rudely pushed out the front door of her "home" by her "mother." Saber wrinkled her nose at the thought. That shouldn't be possible. The only mother she had, she had executed in public on crime of attempted assassination. Was this a dream? It felt too real to be one, no matter how fanciful even she got.

With a cluck of her tongue, Saber flitted through the rest of pages of the manual, reading quickly and absorbing thoughtfully. Truth be told, she'd been in stranger occurrences, but this?

"Well, only a minor inconvenience," Saber muttered to herself and placing her thumb between the pages of the manual as she closed it. Seeing the first person to catch her eye, Saber immediately walked up and rounded on the person. "You there! I have some questions I need answered, and I will not settle until I get a satisfactory response."

The man could only sputter a bit in surprise as he was advanced upon by a short woman in regal red clothes before she thrust the manual in front of him. Saber pointed to various terminologies, asking for their deeper meanings. At least the man was patient (or perhaps still too startled) enough to answer her barrage of questions before she nodded and allowed him to leave.

This "world" was called Johto, not "Moon Cell." "SE.RA.PH," the man didn't know, despite all NPCs should be aware. Instead of enemy data, there were creatures called Pokemon. Creatures that, if captured, can be used under her own command. That wasn't an unusual trend, and it actually set Saber up to ask how she could acquire one when the man said she should already have one on her person.

Now she was staring at the red and white ball in her hand. It, supposedly, contained the creature she was to command. Hah. The Servant becomes the Master... But that thought caused a crease to form on her brow. Aside from the woman who threw her out, there was no sign of her own Master in sight. She called out, but no one answered and merely stared. Then she remembered the PokeGear she was, apparently carrying in her bag.

If this didn't work, then...

"Hmph," the mystery of what monster she was given would come later. Saber let the Pokeball drop to the ground while she had a hand rummage through her bag for the PokeGear.


Saber could only allow a slow, wide smirk appear on her face as she found the PokeGear, and gazed upon the beast she can call as her own.


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Roxy Lalonde | Homestuck | Unreserved

[personal profile] ontherox 2012-01-20 03:32 pm (UTC)(link)
App is here!
I'm linking it just in case, since she's relatively new.

Also! I'm not sure if she and her friends are open for application yet, but I figured I'd try. If that ends up being the case, however, I completely understand! But if it would be, uh, possible... I would really appreciate any feedback/advice on what I currently have (in the case of this batch of kids still being on auto-reject, I mean.)

Thank you for your time and consideration!
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Name: Jex
Personal Journal: [personal profile] cyndilauper
AIM/MSN: burnedupthesigns
Timezone: GMT -7
Current Characters in Route: Daisy

Name: Miles
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Timeline: Post-Series
Canon Resource Links: Major Miles to you

Personality: Miles is a strong willed Major, second to Olivier Armstrong. Stationed at Briggs, where the motto is ‘Only The Strong Survive’, seeing as he has, indeed, survived, he’s strong. Despite not looking the part (in fact, he looks on the skinnier side out of everyone in Briggs), he didn’t die out in the cold or by anything else going on. Because of this, and the training he had received, he is able to function on his own if Olivier is ever gone, just like the rest of Briggs. He is also the second in command there, so if permission is needed for something, he is the one to go to if she is not there. He is the one to repeat the ‘Only The Strong Survive’ to anyone who dares question it.

He takes his position very seriously. He’s never really seen smiling (except on a few occasions) and goes in it with the idea that he will kill. He can be extraordinarily cold if he has no reason to talk to someone or has an extreme dislike for someone (especially Kimblee). He doesn’t give off very friendly vibes and hiding his eyes with sunglasses from people just shows how cold he can possibly be. Of course, this is mainly if you don’t know him or are a trouble maker... or your name is Kimblee. If you show you are strong, such as what Edward Elric did when he faced him straight on without pity, he can be shown to loosen up, even smile and laugh.

His Ishvalan blood runs strong, and his pride for that country runs just as strong. He’s only shown hesitation towards one person in the entire series in relation to killing them, and that would be Scar, the Ishvalan. He probably would have eventually done it, had he not been stopped. He was pretty prepared to end Kimblee’s life, and for good reason as the man had murdered more Ishvalans than anyone else in the war.
+ Excellent Military Tactics
+ Very intelligent
+ Strong (can survive in Briggs where only the strong survive), and cold resistant.
+ Good actor

+/- Very serious

- Hot tempered, least when it comes to Kimblee
- Holds grudges

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Spheal
Password: dericious raspberry lemonade

First Person Sample: [It's clear that Major Miles is not use to these warm temperatures. As seen right now, on the network (by accident, thanks Spheal), where he is wiping his brow, looking up into the sun.]

I think I will need a new change of clothing soon. If it's going to stay like this.

[He looks towards Spheal who is standing near the PokeGear, and sighs lightly. Moving over to pet his Pokemon on the head.]

Where would be the best place to get new clothing? I don't think the outfit I've been given here is... appropriate at all.

Third Person Sample: He was still cooking, even after that network post, so he decided that, since he was alone on a route with just him and his new creature, that he could do a bit of makeshift work with his uniform so he didn't die. Looking towards him, he nodded, and moved closer to a tree. The moment he removed his jacket, he felt relief. No more heat bugging him like it had before. He had stopped sweating so much too too. How nice was that.

However, he was still hot, and even his Pokemon noticed the problem. He couldn't do much else about the rest, his pants and his boots had to stay on. Even the jacket was going to be a pain if he decided to carry it around. However, he was a Briggs soilder. He would work it out. Normally, he'd suffer through the heat, but it was getting to the point where he felt like he would have a heat stroke if he continued like that. Just a few minutes of cooling off, and then he'd pull it on before he headed off again. He let out a heavy sigh, holding his coat in his arms, while he stayed in the shade. Whatever he could do to cool off.

Until his Spheal came over and started to squirt him with water gun. He looked pretty surprised when they was happening. Removing his sunglasses so they didn't break, he just... gave Spheal a look. The ball Pokemon stopped spray and looked down at the ground. Sad about the look. "Hey." He moved over and bent down to pet the creature. "Thank you." He smiled a bit to the creature. He was just a thoughtful thing. And he was thankful for him. Making sure the water didn't affect his coat too much, he slipped it back on. "We'll make the next town by nightfall. Stay close." He had already planned the rest of their route out... they should be there almost immediately.


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kagami hiiragi .•° lucky star .•° reapp

[personal profile] kagamin 2012-01-21 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Maru
Personal Journal: [personal profile] marinara
AIM/MSN: AIM: checkthatrhyme
Timezone: PST
Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Kagami Hiiragi
Series: Lucky Star
Timeline: Episode 24
Canon Resource Links:

For the most part, Kagami fits the mold for a model student. She’s studious, hardworking, and through her efforts, she was elected for class president in her first year. Kagami holds herself to a very high standard, and expects that others should too. She constantly berates her best friend, Konata, and her younger twin sister, Tsukasa, because she feels that they do not work as hard as they could. She tries to get them to improve their study habits, often warning them about the consequences for their laziness and trying to keep them from copying homework answers from other sources. However, despite her conviction to get them to improve, she usually ultimately ends up letting them copy her homework, showing that she is not as much of a model student as she likes to try to seem like one.

This isn’t the only example of having an outside façade for Kagami. As an almost prime example of a tsundere, Kagami is generally a rather grumpy person. She seems to enjoy berating people, especially if that person is her best friend, Konata. This is the standard personality Kagami shows people as it is safe. By seeming unhappy and just generally being a major downer, she can distance herself from most people. By distancing herself, she keeps her friends from learning about her secret loneliness. She hides her loneliness because she doesn’t want others to know how much she relies on her friends and that she really is attached to them. The fact that she is always in another class than her friends makes her even lonelier, which is further emphasized considering she specifically chose to take a class in hopes that she would end up in the same class as them.

For someone who is constantly trying to improve herself, Kagami has little to no willpower when it comes to sweets. She’s a weightwatcher who completely flips every time she gains weight. Kagami attempts to lose weight and reach her ideal weight and goes on diets in which she forgoes any snacks or sweet foods. However, at the first sign of success, she loses her motivation and returns back to her old habits, regaining any weight that she had lost before. For someone who loves food so much, Kagami is not the best cook. She’s not a walking disaster in a kitchen, but she’s certainly no Iron Chef. She’s just not very good at household chores.

Kagami is competitive to a fault. When she’s in the heat of the moment, she focuses entirely on victory. Even activities meant to be fun such as video games or volleyball in P.E. class become purely competitions. Girl wouldn't even let her depressed twin sister beat her in a game of volleyball. She realizes that the way she plays games is incorrect, envying her friend, Misao, who even when she’s completely beaten to a pulp by Kagami in a fighting game can still enjoy herself with just playing the game. Kagami can be arrogant. She feels a person’s educational merits tend to determine how much of a contribution that person will be to society. If a person does not do well in school or doesn’t try as hard as she feels they should, she tends to think they’ll amount to nothing until they prove her wrong. She’s stubborn and it takes a lot to change her mind once she’s decided on something. Once she puts her mind to something, she’ll get that done, no matter what she has to do to finish it

+Intelligent- While Kagami isn’t the human Wikipedia that Miyuki is, Kagami regularly gets excellent grades as she studies super hard.
+Hardworker/doesn’t procrastinate- Kagami’s not the type to put things off at the last minute. She’s one of the few people who actually schedules things out like evenly spacing out how much homework she does every day during the break so that she gets it done. Was the class president for a year, yeaaaaah.
+Will step in to help anybody who needs it

-Doesn’t want others to know how much she secretly relies on them-This is where Kagami’s tsundere nature comes into play. Kagami’s secretly a pretty lonely person so when she does get a close friend, she will stick to them for life. However, she doesn’t want her friends to know how attached she can get so she hides her true feelings with her tsuntsun shield.
-No good at resisting temptation when it comes to food- Snacks and sweets will always win.
-Easily agitated by Konata’s slacker and carefree attitude
-Isn’t that great at chores and household work like cooking
-Competitive- When playing games with her friends, she wasn’t at all concerned with having fun, her only focus was being VICTORIOUS.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Charmander
Password: raspberry lemonade

First Person Sample:
[ For Johto’s viewing pleasure, Kagami is on the feed this morning, snacking on a bag of Hello Snorlax chocolate biscuits. Pretty normal stuff, huh? …Wait, no. What th-
What the heck is that on Kagami’s left shoulder? Contently nomming on some purple hair is Kagami’s turtwig… Well, huh. One might assume that might hurt a bit, but Kagami’s happily crunching along? ]

Y’know it’s been pretty quiet lately, huh? I guess I kinda miss the excitement, but for the most part, I’m almost glad in a way? It’s relaxing not having to worry about suddenly getting my soul stolen or something like that. I’ve gotta say it’s been a nice couple of we-[ WHOA THERE SHINY LIGHTS COMING FROM THE LEFT WHAT IS HAPPENING OH EXTREME GOD OH EXTREME MAN ]

Kame?! Are you evolving?! Get off! Right now! Oh cr-[ flailing her limbs about kagami tries to get her turtwig to fly off by trying to become a helicopter. Unfortunately, her helicopter imitation just isn’t good enough. Her turtwig is undergoing an evolution, still firmly clamped to Kagami’s head. That 20 pound is about to become a 210 pound weight and… Well crap, there’s no way anyone could handle that kind of weight.

Kagami drops to the ground with an unpleasant crash.]

Third Person Sample:
Kagami was used to the shrill sound of her alarm waking her from her nightly rest. It was what rudely awakened her every day. Such is the life of a student after all. However, what she wasn’t used to was being woken by the weight of a small creature sleeping on her chest, with its scorching hot breath scorching the edges of her ridiculously colored hair. She blearily blinked several times as she attempted to focus her eyes. “Eh? What’s this?” She whined, grimacing while she brushed the hair out of her eyes. At long last, she finally got to focusing on what this mysterious weight was. Huh, looks like a charmander. Cool. Aweso- Wait. What. She shot out of bed, knocking her Charmander to the floor.

“What? What’s going on here? There’s no way that’s a-!” Kagami yelled as she stared at the creature that was rolling back on to its feet. “…No way. There is no way that, that’s a Charmander! This has to be one of Konata’s stupid jokes.”

Kagami spun around the room, looking for any tell-tale strands of blue hair or the sound of her best friend’s laughter. “This isn’t funny, Konata! Where am I?” Kagami started marching around the room, ready to give the smackdown to her biffle. “Kidnapping is a crime, y’know!”

“Dear, what are you doing?” A voice said from the door. A woman was standing in the doorway, watching Kagami’s search of the room. “I can hear you all the way downstairs.”

Kagami’s rage was suddenly diffused by this sudden mood change and as always, her first impulse was to be respectful of all her elders. “Oh! I’m sorry, ma’am but can you tell me where I am and who you are?”

“Is this another one of your jokes, Kagami? You’re in your room, silly! And I’m your mother!” The woman laughed as she smiled fondly at Kagami.

“…Excuse me? You’re not my mother! You’re one of Konata’s weird gamer friends, aren’t you? Tell her I’m not falling for it!” Kagami started to glare at her so-called “mother” when she felt something lightly clawing at her leg. Looking down, she realized her Charmander was apparently still around. Despite her initial anger, Kagami felt her heart melting at the look of her new Pokemon. “Hey there, little guy.” She said as she bent to pick him up and as she touched her very real Charmander, she realized, “This really isn’t a joke, is it? I’m really in a Pokemon game.” As Kagami looked down at her new companion that was settled in her arms, she muttered “Man, if Konata was here, she’d be thrilled.”

Kagami turned to look at her new mother, with her Charmander in her arms and with newfound determination, she said, “Let me guess, I’m off to go begin my own Pokemon journey, right?”

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Shinomiya Natsuki | Uta no ☆ Prince-sama♪ Maiji Love 1000% | Reserve

[personal profile] imeltwthyou 2012-01-21 03:47 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Rin
Personal Journal: [personal profile] imeltwthyou
E-mail: whisperslowly [@] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN: sutblewind @ aim | plurk
Timezone: Eastern USA
Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Shinomiya Natsuki
Series: Uta no ☆ Prince-sama♪ Maiji Love 1000%
Timeline: Episode 10 just after deciding to join the group
Canon Resource Links: Wikipedia

Personality: This particular character suffers from a split personality, or dubbed in the series by his own song, "Gemini Syndrom".

Natsuki is a humble, albeit somewhat air-headed young man. He is sunshine and brightness with puffy clouds and dazzling smiles. Kind and gentle, he rather laugh and smile with friends, than knowingly hurt them. He also almost never speaks out of turn and instead likes to do things for people to cheer them up if they're feeling down. Usually this involves cooking, which is a disaster in itself since he's a rather horrific cook, despite loving to do so. To Natsuki, a cake consists of Tabasco sauce, eggshells, and natto but to name a few. When the batter is finished, it's all stuffed into tins and cooked using a blow torch. This produces toxic results, often making people faint from the horrible taste. He means well, but it's apparent that he doesn't particularly think things through sometimes or lacks the common sense to put two and two together. Or perhaps, every negative comment about him is stuffed away into the background of his mind, since he rather not deal with it. Therefore, sometimes it's rather dangerous to be around Natsuki. This is because he tends to go to extremes, such as when he tried helping his friend get over his fear of heights. Instead of easing him into being comfortable, he literally pushed Syo-chan over over a ledge (looking all too happy to do it) and tried to make his friend face his fear. "Maybe I shouldn't have done that?" he says and peers over the edge. Natsuki meant well, but only made things worse instead. And we later found out it was his fault for that fear in the first place.

Not only this, but he has... quite a strong love of cute things. This means people, animals, objects. Everything. He will go out of his way to pursue anything cute, if only so he can admire it and take pictures. Unfortunately for people this would mean that he may likely dress them up in cute things for his pictures, as he does with at least one of his friends. Poor Syo-chan.

Satsuki, on the other hand, is the darkness to Natsuki's light. He's a raging storm - the monster within. Uncontrollable, violent, highly perceptive, and brutally honest. At first he may seem perfectly calm, but is rather easily angered. Satsuki has zero patience and is more prone to rampaging and angry outbursts than he is to listening to an explanation or reasoning. It's the fact that he is fiercely protective of his more 'fragile' side, that he feels the need to act aggressively by either taking action or reacting. Honestly, Satsuki has been known to put people into the hospital for even small things. He won't stand for any of it. The only way to quell this particular personality, is by putting Natsuki's glasses back on, bringing him back to his normal form. Unfortunately, he remembers absolutely nothing when Satsuki disappears, and doesn't even know he has a split personality disorder.

Game Spoilers: Highlight to see

[ When Natsuki was very young, he adored his violin teacher enough to compose a song in honor of her, for which he played. She stole the music and took it as her own, leaving Natsuki broken hearted over. It shattered his young little soul and split his personality into the fragile Natsuki, and the violent Satsuki. If he were ever to be betrayed again, by anyone, Satsuki would become the dominant personality. ]

Even when Natsuki is at the forefront, it's sometimes apparent that Satsuki isn't all that dormant. He has quite the evil streak, and rather seems to like torturing some of his more cute friends. Even going far enough to set up traps in order to catch them. Such as when Syo-chan (who bears the brunt of Natsuki's evil deeds) kept trying to hide from him, and only ended up being caught in a net. Or when he thought they were being too kind to Syo-chan, and wanted to tie him to a rocket. This showed he's not just sunshine and rainbows all the time.

+ Satsuki is a genius composer
+ Both can play viola, violin, dance, and sing beautifully
+ Has a caring nature
+ Probably sickeningly nice/sweet
+ Sociable
+ Friendly
+ Polite
+ Helpful
+ Positive

- Dual personality
- Fondness for cute things
- Fragile mind
- Horrible cook
- Satsuki has a bad temper/nolow patience
- Removal of glasses is his trigger
- Very intense (also seen as a strength)
- (seemingly) Airheaded
- Likely to have trust issues

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Breeder
Starter: Torchic (Piyo-chan)
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:

[As the video feed kicks on, you might notice a very tall blond man with glasses and bright green eyes fawning over the cute Torchic in his hand. It's resting in his palm while his other hand holds the phone, snapping pictures of them together.]

Aaah~! Piyo-chan!

[He pulls the tiny thing into his arms and cradles it like a baby, cooing softly as he nuzzles it. Said Torchic actually looks rather happy, too. Probably a mirror of Natsuki's smile and gentle laugh of glee.]

So cute! Aww!

[Unfortunately for Natsuki, what he doesn't realize is that this 'phone' (the pokegear) doesn't take photo like a normal phone. Instead, say hello to him!]

Third Person Sample:
Four walls, a bed, and a nightstand. That's what Natsuki woke up to, though was immediately none the wiser about as he blindly reached out, eyes closed, to grab his glasses from the bedside stand. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before putting his spectacles on. However, as brilliant green eyes slid open, what he saw startled and confused the poor man.

"Ara?" He blinked.

Looking around didn't help much, as he wasn't sure just where he was. Natsuki was used to waking up to a cute blond across the room, who grumped at him just as cutely for smiling and fawning over his miniature size. This was clearly not his room... It held a single bed and few furnishings; none of which reminded him of the room he was much more familiar with than this. There was no Syo-chan or anything of his own personal belongings.

Long legs shifted off the bed and planted onto the floor, where he - as quietly as he could - stood up and made his way to the door. Natsuki tested the knob and found that it was not locked. Relief washed through him briefly. Surely, he wasn't kidnapped right?

"Syo-chan?" Natsuki called as he pushed the door open. There was a hallway that lead to stairs, but no one answered. He pushed on, making his way downward and soon found himself... staring at a woman he didn't know. There was a great feeling of trepidation welling in his chest, but he forced it out of his mind as he donned a smile. "Ano... excuse me? Can you te--"

The woman turned around with a stern expression as she brandished a wooden spoon. "There you are!"

She dropped the spoon into the sink and turned toward the table where a backpack rested. Picking it up, she shoved it into Natsuki's arms where he blinked and grabbed onto it so it wouldn't fall. Unfortunately, he also found that she was quick and scooted behind him, where she started pushing him eagerly. "Professor Oak is waiting, hurry up!"

Soon, Natsuki found himself outside of the small home, blinking in confusion as he was pushed outside. All he was left with was the door slamming on his backside and a "have a safe trip" from the woman.

"...What just happened...?"

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Zidane Tribal | Final Fantasy IX | Was Reserved

[personal profile] skirtchases 2012-01-21 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Shannon
Personal Journal: [personal profile] lyricized
AIM/MSN: allthedango @ AIM
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: none

Name: Zidane Tribal
Series: Final Fantasy IX
Timeline: post original game & post Dissidia.
Canon Resource Links: here!


In the beginning, Zidane’s shown as a pretty carefree and relaxed guy. Not much usually gets to him that easily – and when he does get upset, it’s something big. He’s pretty tolerable of other people and situations to an extent, and when they do get to be too much, he won’t hesitate to speak up about them. While he is still a carefree guy in the end to an extent – there’s more determination there than anything.

He’s also pretty outgoing – he’ll talk to most anyone. He’s a friendly and playful person, especially if you’re female. Why, do you ask? Well, he’s got a huge flirty streak in him. He flirts with girls throughout the game, until he’s (slightly) tamed by Dagger. When done under her supervision, she gets angry, so he learned not to do it very quickly. That doesn’t mean to say he still doesn’t do it – it’s just not as often as it was.

But even though there’s all that, he’s very attached to Garnet. He’s overprotective of her, and will go more out of her way to protect her than with most of the others. Zidane’s very attached to her in a way that when she became Queen of Alexandria, he sat himself in a bar and wouldn’t move.

"I had a whole speech ready for her. But it would've been a lie! How could I lie to her!? 'Good luck, Dagger! I'll be watching you from afar.' 'Come find me if you need someone to talk to.' It's a big fat lie! That's not how I feel at all! That's not how I all."

Saying that, he’s a very loyal person as well. He’ll protect his friends at all costs, and he’ll try his best to make sure that nothing will happen to them. Zidane gets upset and angry when things like that get out of control, and people get hurt. Not just his friends – others too. If something happened that he thinks he could have stopped, he practically beats himself up over it. Take Cleyra for instance: he expressed frustration that he couldn’t stop the eidolon from completely destroying the place.

On a lighter note, he finds joy in teasing other people – especially Steiner (fondly nicknamed as Rusty). It was a pastime he had going there, one where it usually ended up with Steiner yelling. It amused Zidane to no end however, and never really gave up on it. He’s also got a sarcastic streak that flares up every now and then along with his teasing, making him quite the insufferable boy sometimes.

Probably from being raised by Baku, it gave Zidane the ability to think on his feet. If he doesn’t have a plan already in his head, it doesn’t take him long to come up with at least something to go on. If not, then hey – go along with it and see what happens, right? He’s resourceful, and can use lots of things to his advantage if he needs to.

Though whether he likes it or not, he depends on his friends more than he knows. As much as they depend on him, he depends on them as well. When he found out about what he really was, he grew depressed - a depression only his friends could talk him out of.


+ Zidane is a people person. He can get along with just about anybody, unless his friends are messed with. He has a big heart and would do anything for his friends, even for people he doesn't know.

+ Also, he's very fast. He can also do simple jumps with ease; he can do multiple flips in the air and still land on his feet.

+ Usually he's very optimistic, and can help others feel the same way.

- He's very dependent on Dagger. If something happens to her, he gets extremely upset.

- He can get distracted by pretty girls, since he does have that tendency to flirt.

- He's got a cocky attitude, and may overdo things and mess up.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer.
Starter: Aipom.
Password: Rasperry Lemonade

First Person Sample:

[The feed turns on to show a…really confused blond. It’s not like being in a weird place is that weird for him – but just unexpected after everything that had happened.]

…So I guess I have a few questions.

One, where am I? [He looks around, as if waiting for things to make sense. But it doesn’t.] Two, what’s this thing? [And the feed points down to a grinning Aipom, the mischievous face taking up most of the screen.]

Three…where did my tail go?

[It was kind of disorienting, moving without a tail.]

I mean, it doesn’t seem that bad. But uh…this isn’t really what I was expecting either. Anyway, If anyone has any answers, I’d be happy to hear them. If I got this communication thing, that means there’s gotta be someone out there, right?

[Zidane shakes his head after a moment, and smiles into the feed.]

Thanks in advance!

Third Person Sample:

Zidane turned the feed off the communicator, and turned to the Aipom, smirking. “So I guess we gotta wait for someone to answer us, right?” He asked, sitting on the ground and placing his hands behind him. Yeah, it still felt very weird to look and feel normal, so he was just going to sit and wait. Hey, he was in the middle of the way in the grass, but…there wasn’t anyone else around that he could see. So it was okay, right?

The Aipom said nothing (he wasn’t surprised – these animals were probably just like everything else), and started investigating the area as well. Zidane watched for a few minutes, then flopped on his back, staring at the communicator before the sky again.

So much for being together with Dagger again, right? No. No, he wasn’t going to think about this. Not until he knew for sure what was going on. Besides, she might be here for all he knew. Right?


His mind continued to wander, and suddenly, he started to feel a little bit of a tug in the hand that held the communicator. He moved his hand slightly, and the tugging stopped, but only for a minute. It got worse, and suddenly—the communicator was gone out of his hands. Zidane bolted up, and got to his feet quickly, to see—

--The Aipom was grinning up at him, communicator in hand. As Zidane reached down to grab it, the Pokémon yanked it away, with what Zidane could’ve sworn was a snicker. “Hey now…” He said, stalking towards the creature. The monkey just kept bouncing, dodging Zidane as he tried and failed to get the stolen item back from him. There was a few minutes of this before the Aipom turned and ran, still making that mischievous noise.

“Oh no you don’t!” Zidane cried, running after it. Great. First showing up here, and now the thing he was stuck with took his only chance at talking to others?

This was just great.


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Neku Sakuraba | The World Ends With You | Reserved

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sob I missed the deadline for this week. I HOPE IT'S OKAY TO POST THIS NOW FOR NEXT ROUND?

Name: Yami
Personal Journal: [personal profile] antiform
E-mail: rendmyheart at gmail dot com
AIM/MSN: turntechs (aim)
Timezone: PST (GMT - 8)
Current Characters in Route: None.

Name: Neku Sakuraba
Series: The World Ends With You
Timeline: Post-ending. (After meeting up at Hachiko and taking off his headphones.)
Canon Resource Links: Neku's article on the TWEWY wikia.

Neku could have easily been considered the worst person in his hometown of Shibuya, Japan at one time. He was cold and distant to everyone around him, completely closing himself off from the world. The headphones he always wore made sure of that. He shunned any kind of friendship, considering people to only be baggage that would slow him down and get in his way. To him, people were a waste of time and only worth their meager value, and he made sure people knew that by giving off a nasty attitude toward everyone. Without friends there would be nothing expected of him and he could do what he wanted, when he wanted. "Do what you want, when you want, where you want" was a motto he followed, inspired by his favorite graffiti artist, CAT. CAT was the only one Neku looked up to and respected, and the graffiti artwork that CAT made was the only thing that made Neku happy.

The antisocial attitude Neku carried with him could have easily been influenced by a past trauma in his life. When Neku was partnered with Beat in week 3, it's implied that he had experienced the loss of someone in the past. This implication is elaborated on by Hanekoma, who mentioned in the Secret Reports some past trauma in Neku's life that has hindered his growth. Neku reflects on how Beat and Rhyme's death (they were both struck by a car) was just "like that one time" and it made him feel like crap. Furthermore, in the Another Day AU chapter, it's learned that Neku had a friend who he would meet everyday in front of the mural done by CAT in Udagawa. That friend was involved in an accident on his way to meet Neku one day and never made it. Neku blamed himself for his friend's death, saying that if it wasn't for them being friends the other boy never would have died. Due to such a traumatic experience and this way of thinking, it's easy to see how these actions affected the way Neku acted and how they contributed to his issues connecting with people and even understanding them.

It wasn't until facing life and death that Neku started to look at the world differently. He was forced into a Game that meant either trusting your partner or being Erased for good. He strongly resisted at first, but as he met new people, interacted with them, got to know them and saw into their own little worlds, he started to open himself up more. He made real friends for the first time ever, friends who pushed at his boundaries and wouldn't take any of his crap. He learned to trust and he learned what it was like to have that trust broken. The Game taught Neku that the world is only as big as you make it, and the world he knew wasn't as suffocating and dull as he once thought. The people that inhabited it weren't as terrible as he thought, either. The people he met, the Players that were lost, they all struck a chord with him. In time, they all became what was most important to him and a reason why he wanted another chance.

After being given another chance, Neku is still learning what it's like to be an average teenage boy, one with friends and a new outlook on life. One who's able to laugh and joke around and enjoy life for once. At the core he's still the same Neku, but he's more toned down with much less attitude and a new ability to trust people. He's able to open up to people more easily, but he's still not exactly a chatterbox. At times he'll still even try to close himself off to protect himself. However, the large difference in his personality from then and now is that he's more willing to ask/accept help from those around him. Prior to the Game, Neku was incredibly stubborn and refused to let anyone help him out, but after the final fight in the Game he realized he needed that support and he's willing to accept help in his everyday life. Even though he's got friends and has learned how to talk to people, he can still be very awkward at times. Neku is not the type to really do small talk, but instead he's more content to listen. Shiki taught him to listen to people, telling him that sometimes people really just need a good listener, and now Neku does what he can to lend an ear, even if there's not much else he can do to help. It's easy to get a rise out of him and it's also easy to make him flustered, causing him to sometimes stutter on his words. He's not overly cocky but there can be a competitiveness to him, especially when it comes to a game of Tin Pin Slammer. What hasn't changed since his time in the Game is his ability to be reasonable and level-headed most of the time, but he can get annoyed at people easily.

Despite how much Neku protested against getting involved with people, it's shown that it's pretty easy to get Neku to do what you want even if he'll still put up a bit of a fight. Shiki was able to strip him down to his underwear in week 1 to fix a button on his shorts. Joshua was able to pretty much drag Neku around Shibuya during week 2 and manipulate him into fulfilling his actions. The Reapers even seemed to be able to talk Neku into doing things for them a few times. For instance, 777 and the others were able to get Neku to help them out a few times, either by fixing a fuse or finding out what happened to a stolen mic . Even if it's not his idea in the first place, if you can talk Neku into doing something for you, he'll still come through and do it. He doesn't half-ass anything, whether it be important missions or silly tasks given by Reapers. This is even more prominent with his friends, the biggest instance being when Beat dropped Rhyme's pendant. Knowing that the object was vitally important to the other boy, Neku went out of his way to make sure the pendant was given back to the skater. If Neku considers you a friend, it's best that you know that you're held in the highest regards and he's even willing to bend backwards to help out, if only because his friends were willing to bend backwards to help him first.

The important thing to remember about Neku is that even though he's changed and he's more willing to give people a chance, he's nothing like some of his friends; he's not nearly as sociable as Shiki or Beat, and it can still be hard for him to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. The difference now though is that he's willing to try, which is really all anyone can ask of him.

One of Neku's biggest strengths is his imagination. In the TWEWY universe, if a person has a strong imagination it's them that shapes and creates the world and influences it for the better. Neku is one of those with enough imagination to do just that. It's his strong imagination that helps him be able to change and grow the way he does over the course of the game.

Neku is determined to win and finish anything, where it's the Reaper's Game or even just a simple match of Tin Pin. He's up for any sort of challenge, even if it's a Reaper making him dress in silly outfits to get past a wall, or going and getting a Reaper some ramen. He's the type to go big or go home. Mentally, Neku is pretty sharp and able to solve problems with relative ease. He seems to have a good memory as well, as in week 2 he was able to come up with the square root of 3 with no problem.

He's not much in the way of physical strength, seeing as how he's a scrawny human teenage boy. But he's still a capable fighter and seems to be in good physical health with enough endurance and stamina to fight. He's also quick on his feet.

He still gets frustrated and annoyed quickly, and can sometimes be very hostile on the inside, even if he's not showing it on the outside. (Though he does show it on the outside as well at times.) Heck, a lot of times in the game he's thinking of some sarcastic comment to himself in response to some people.

Despite all his changes it will take some time to work out all the kinks. He'll still have the bout of antisocial in him, and will probably try to close himself off at times. He does this by ducking his head and hiding behind his bangs. The headphones are gone now, at least. Neku finally removed those at the end of the game, and they're staying off. He can be a little dense at time relating to social situations and may still have a hard time relating to people, but hey, he's a work in progress.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Eevee.
My reasoning is that in TWEWY, Neku's very strong imagination allows him to control almost every Psych there is, which allows him to have control over a very large variety of elements (fire, electricity, water etc.). Eevee being able to evolve into a number of different types goes along with Neku's own versatility. Also, Eevee's personality of being friendly and playful but also loyal is something that would easily win Neku over, despite the very likely reluctance from him about having a Pokémon at first. And the fact that Eevee's personality can adapt and change is also a lot like Neku. So in a lot of ways they're similar but also very different. But I think that's something Neku can benefit from. Neku could probably learn a thing or two from an Eevee, and any extra emotional growth for the boy is a good thing (More friendliness? Yes please. Patience is a plus too, seeing as Neku will probably be needing some to train him).
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:
[When the video feed clicks on, Neku's face appears in the camera and it's very clear he's unimpressed. He really wanted to ask who the hell signed him up for this and figure out just how high were they. But he thinks better of it, and instead the feed picks up an irritated sigh from him as he turns the camera away from his face. His end of the connection remains quiet for a few moments as he relaxes against a tree, trying to figure out what his next move was. But how could he figure it out when he didn't even know where this place was anyway?

'This is a joke. This is some stupid prank and I'm not buying it. How—']

oof. What're...?! [His thought process is suddenly interrupted and the video shakes as an Eevee playfully jumps on his shoulders, only to jump right down again. Neku rubs the back of his neck, trying to compose himself while blatantly staring at the creature. The Eevee only chooses to stare right back, waiting for Neku to play with him. Neku vaguely recognizes what the fox-creature is, sure, but in his bewilderment he lifts the PokéGear back up to address it.]

...r-right. So, any pointers or advice on how to take care of this guy? Or is it basically like taking care of a dog., or a cat. ['Only a mutant cat that sort of looks like a fox and has some kind of freaky powers. I... haven't played Pokémon since I was eleven.'] Get back to me.

Third Person Sample:

In the three days since Neku first woke up dumbfounded in this brand new world, he has come to learn a few things. 1.) This place definitely wasn't Shibuya, and 2.) Despite whatever was going on here, he was really starting to get into this battle thing. The Eevee that was his new partner sure gave him a surprise in their first battle with a wild Pokémon; the little guy was tough. Oh, and that was the other thing he had learned. 3.) His Pokémon was almost way too cute for his tastes. However, since their first day as a team Neku gained a new appreciation for his Eevee after that, despite the wariness Neku first had about having to keep it and take care of it.

Originally, Neku thought that taking care of a Pokémon would be a lot of work, and really, what was the point of that? But then he got a look inside his backpack and came across the trainer handbook.

It's three nights later and Neku's camping on the side of the road between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City, scanning the handbook and absorbing as much information as he can. At first, he was reluctant to believe any of it. He just wanted to yell and curse out whoever had brought him to this world, but he knew that wouldn't get him anywhere. It didn't get him anywhere in the Game, either.

The longer he thought about it, the more he was starting to realize that being here was just like being in the Game again. It was frustrating that he was being forced into something else after winning his second chance at life. He had fought hard to win the Game, but if he had learned anything from it, it was that he needed to play along in order to get back home.

Being here was also bringing out his competitive side, and as much as he didn't want to admit it at first, Pokémon battles really, really pique his interest. It all sounded strange even now, especially when he considered the fact that the Pokémon he were familiar with were nothing more than characters in a video game, but Neku's always been able to adapt into new things really easily.

His Eevee, who Neku had dubbed "Tempo", was also starting to adjust to its new trainer, recognizing that the boy can sometimes be kind of grumpy and quiet. However, Tempo knew that if poked at long enough, Neku would open up to him.

As Neku continues to read his handbook, Tempo approaches. He soon worms his head between the book and Neku's arms, staring up at his trainer patiently.

"All right, all right..." Neku huffs, reaching out to scritch the fox-creature's head before moving it so that he can crawl into his sleeping bag. Tempo wastes no time in curling up on top of him as though he were only there to be a pillow.

As the fire dies down, Neku finds himself thinking about his friends back home, wondering what they were doing right at this moment. Having a new friend isn't bad. Neku enjoys the companion of his partner, actually, but it still isn't the same as being with his real friends. They were probably waiting for him. He finds that he can't keep his eyes open any longer and he gives one more idle scratch to Tempo's head, using his last bit of consciousness to a promise to himself.

He was going to see this journey through, and he was going to make it back home to his friends

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Yuuji Sakamoto • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu • was reserved

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Name: linlin
Personal Journal: [personal profile] incantantes
E-mail: paintedmusician[at]
AIM/MSN: AIM: hangingtomato
Timezone: CST
Current Characters in Route: [personal profile] noodlegoggles, [personal profile] craftingrebel & [personal profile] foreveraclone

Name: Yuuji Sakamoto
Series: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Timeline: episode 13 of the second season
Canon Resource Links: wiki.

Personality: Yuuji's a pretty smart guy. Not only was he a child prodigy, he was also chosen to be the representative for class F. Fumizuki Academy only chooses the the smartest student from each class to represent their designated class as a whole. The unfortunate thing about Yuuji is that he's extremely lazy and prefers sleeping than paying attention, or jotting down notes. He would probably fall under the lazy genius syndrome if he actually put any effort into studying. Yuuji has a strong dislike for tests. He thinks they're a pointless way to show how much the student has learned. In fact he even states that he wants to show the Academy that grades don't really matter outside of school.

Since he has the power to do so, he appoints himself as the class strategist. He understands what his classmates can and cannot do. He also uses whatever information he has to the best of his ability. A great example of this would be his take over of Class E. He knew the overall outcome wouldn't be what the others were wishing for and was really banking in on Himeji's (the smartest student out of class F) score in the end. As the series progresses, his strategies change and start to focusing on the weaknesses each class tends to have. Unlike the other characters Yuuji doesn't really have a set course he's good at. He has a decent understanding in most of the courses offered in the school. His foresight is amazing, and because of this he is able to lead Class F into many victories.

Yuuji, even though he doesn't show it much, cares deeply for his friends. Take Yoshii for example. Yuuji usually uses Yoshii as a scapegoat to inform other classes that Class F would like to engage in a Summons Test War. This normally results in Yoshii coming back looking like he had just gotten out of a fight. Despite the stuff he puts Yoshii thorugh, he's there for him when the boy truly needs him. He agrees to Yoshii's unrealistic plan to get more proper equipment for their class, and he also let's Yoshii stay the night at his house whenever he needs to. Yuuji, for some weird reason, can also understand Yoshii's facial expressions. Even though this was said as a joke he is usually dead on with his guesses.

As for Shouko, despite all the things she puts him through, all the horrible, bone breaking dates she forces him to go on, he still shows that he cares about her when it comes down to it. During episode seven of the first season it is revealed that it was Shouko's biggest dream to be Yuuji's bride. A young couple had mocked her for it and said she was too old to be having silly dreams. Later on, Yuuji runs into the couple and ends up beating (and getting) the shit out of him. He later meets up with Shouko and tells her that he admires her dream of loving one person that deeply, but that he was the wrong choice. Later on in episode 12, he jumps in after Shouko to save her when the school collapses and admits that he was worried over her safety. He does something similar to this during a flashback when he intervenes a bunch of his bullies (sixth graders to be exact, they were sore over him scoring higher then them on a test) and takes a the blow for her.

Yuuji's cool, collected and isn't the type to mince his words together. He can be very blunt when he has to be. He's not the type of person who would freak out when in a new place. He proves how calm he is by not freaking out when he wakes up seeing Shouko in his room in episode seven. In fact he probably wouldn't mind it so long as Shouko didn't pop out of no where. Since he's usually a collected person it takes a lot to push Yuuji off edge. Anything involving his future with Shouko would be one of the things that'd push him off the edge. He's the type to treat everyone the same, no matter who they are or where they come from. He only gets fidgety or nervous when he's around Shouko. As mentioned above he was truly worried over her when she fell in, and he isn't the type to freely admit something like that.

✓ amazing leadership skills
✓ ace strategist
✓ not really afraid of anything
✓ smart (when he applies himself)
✓ protective of his friends
✓ fair and kind
✓ isn't very judgmental of others

✖ extremely lazy
✖ horrible study/work ethics
✖ doesn't apply himself much
✖ cool and cynical
✖ blunt

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: trainer
Starter: Growlithe
Password: raspberry lemonade

First Person Sample: [Up pops on the screen a sleeping boy with red hair. He looks somewhat at peace. That is, until a very angry looking Growlithe headbutts said boy in the stomach.]

GAHHH!! [he shoots up and coughs as he tries to catch a second wind.]

Jeez! This is what happens when a guy tries to catch a few minutes of sleep. That woman was exactly the same, too. She practically shoved me outta the damn door. Tch. [he yawns.] And I was having a really good dream too. With models in bikinis and they we--

[The Growlithe, who had only wanted to play with her trainer seems to be somewhat disturbed by his dream and chomps down on his hand hard. Needless to say it shut the boy up. After rolling around, yelling in pain Yuuji silently wraps his hand as he glares at the pup.]

You remind me of someone from back home. I'll call you Shouko for now. [and really quietly.] Damn, it looks like I can't escape her. Anyways, I wonder how the hell I'm gonna get outta this place. If there's a way in here, there's gotta be a way outta here. [he rubs his chin thoughtfully.]

Third Person Sample: It was a nice day out on Cianwood Island. The waves were rolling in at a steady, yet calm pace and everything was perfect. All he needed were maybe a couple of hot babes in equally sexy bikini's and he could die a happy man. Well it was a nice day. Before that storm hit.

Yuuji looked outside as the banks of sand slowly turned into muddy slopes. Sighing he leaned back in his chair and stretched.

What could he do today? What was there to do other then roam around and check out that hot nurse in the center? He had already defeated Chuck, so challenging him was completely out of the option. Unless Chuck was allowing rematches. But even that seemed less likely. Who would want to get their ass kicked again? Certainly not a guy like Chuck.

Anyways-- training seemed kind of pointless too. The only way he could train would be by venturing out into the sea. But he knew better then that. No moron would venture out when it was raining that hard. Not even Akihi-- well okay he probably would. But he's an idiot. You could easily talk him into going out when the weather's like this by... telling him something worth his interest is out there.

Smiling some he looked out towards the left where that indoor Safari Zone was located. Now that piqued his interest some. Ever since he got to this island he had heard everyone and their mothers go on and on about that place. From the different travelers to even the townspeople.

Kicking his feet up some he got up off the chair and grabbed a jacket. Might as well check it out, he thought as he made sure he had the money one would need to participate and a couple of pokéballs.

As he made his way over to the entrance he quickly began to think of the different ways one would go about capturing a pokémon from the zone. He had heard that it was... a safe haven of sorts, so there would be no battling on the premises. So that would make things kind of tricky.

If he threw rocks at the pokémon that would either make it run away or extremely angry. It depended on the type though. If it were a docile pokémon he could see it flee, but if it were tough then he could see it stay. If it were one of those then he would have to give it a couple of treats before capturing it.

But-- what if it ran away? His eyes narrowed as he ran through the rain.

Well that would be simple, he would throw one more rock just to be safe. Well he would throw it before giving it a treat.

And if it were one of those docile types? He'd probably toss a treat out first, then maybe a rock and then another treat to win it back over. There were so many possible outcomes for a situation like this, but he was confident he would do well.


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River Tam | Firefly

[personal profile] withmymind 2012-01-22 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Kerry
Personal Journal: [personal profile] justsay_goodbye
E-mail: fontcroire @
AIM/MSN: fontcroire
Timezone: GMT
Current Characters in Route: None

Name: River Tam
Series: Firefly
Timeline: Post-Serenity (movie)
Canon Resource Links: River Tam @ wikia

Personality: River's personality from one day to the next, even from one moment, depends on numerous things - including any Alliance presence, danger that she may fear or sense or nightmares which can bring about a psychotic episode. After attending The Academy, which was thought to be a school for the gifted, River's brain was experimented on in order to make her the perfect assassin, unlocking parts of the brain which were unused, creating new neurological pathways and tapping into psychic abilities. These experiments were the cause of River's psychotic episodes - by damaging her amygdala, as well as mentally scaring her in fear, River is capable of feeling everything at once - from herself as well as others. Due to the damage she is incapable of shutting this off and the intense feelings started a descent into insanity.

In a calm moment, River is a pleasant girl, thoughtful, sweet and has a smart sense of humour. From a child River has always been intelligent - whilst her brother was smart she was gifted, making him seem like the idiot child. River's gifts allowed her to do anything that she wanted, her mind being capable of accessing and doing anything which she tried. River is also very athletically skilled and is a talented dancer, capable of picking up a dance just by watching it for seconds. Though River is friendly and found to be pleasant, she's also been described as 'not quite right' due to her psychotic episodes and is a little feared due to her unpredictability.

River has a tendency to make 'odd' or inappropriate comments - the logic in them is sound to River but they don't entirely make sense. As a child River gave intellectual and logical answers to arguments or as solutions, something which she is still doing now though the meaning is a little more confused. These comments go so far as to stretch to her actions as well, making her unpredictable but also violent, an example being when she slashed Jayne's chest as he "looked better in red". River is deeply intuitive and combines both her intelligence with her feelings to allow things to follow in a logical path. River's cryptic speech is very meaningful and though it may not outwardly seem so, on the inside it is much deeper. Her genius, as well as her trained assassin skills, make her even more dangerous - this example being something small, as had she actually wished to cause harm no one would have been able to have stopped her.

When suffering from a mental outbreak, the most common of these being when River wakes up from a nightmare or during the presence of the Alliance, River is often very child like and only her brother, Simon, is capable of calming her. Often after, and very quickly too, River will return to her 'normal' state, casually throwing him a caustic remark. River's love for Simon is very grounding for her, capable of helping her to retain as much normalcy as she can. It is likely that if Simon were not with River that the results of her insanity, or even with River herself, would be more severe. The friendships that River has formed aboard Serenity are also very important for her, allowing her to reclaim some of what she's lost in herself whilst helping to stabilise her, lessening the effects of the trauma that she's sustained.

Along with River's altered mentality, The Academy's experimentation caused other effects in River. As well as being deeply intuitive in herself, River is also capable of sensing the feelings of others, as well as displaying telepathic prowess. There have also been moments where River has been able to see or foretell the future, warning the crew of Serenity of impending danger or events - particularly in the case of Reavers. Though River has no control over these abilities, it is possible that over time she will be capable of refining them. Though she will never be able to control her emotions, possibly not even be able to control sensing the emotions of others, she may be able to develop a better grasp over her forewarning and telepathy. Her abilities are powerful, allowing her to locate her way through unknown buildings and can locate or feel things from a distance. It is possible that River's abilities also stretch further as she remarks to Jayne that, "I can kill you with my brain".

River is also stronger than she appears, also due to The Academy. As The Academy trained her to be an assassin, River possesses a high level of skill in bother Kung-Fu and kickboxing, heightened by her love of dance and athletic ability. She is also capable of taking down multiple targets in great numbers and can come out of these counters unscathed. Her training has made her proficient in hand-to-hand combat as well as in the use of weaponry, particularly knifes or guns (with the aid of her psychic abilities also).

    - river is pleasant, thoughtful, sweet and has a smart sense of humour. She is very caring, particularly towards those that she views as family (originally just Simon but by the end of the series the crew of Serenity had also become her family)
    - river is very intelligent, a child prodigy. When describing River her brother made note that he was intelligent but that she made him look like an idiot child
    - river is very intuitive, although this is due to her psychic abilities. River is known as a reader, capable of 'hearing' what is around her (not only their thoughts but feelings too). I would like her to keep this just for her Pokemon please?
    - river is also very athletically gifted. She is a skilled dancer and was capable of learning a dance just by watching others dance it for several seconds. Due to the Academy she is also experienced and gifted in combat (skilled in kung-fu and kickboxing and was trained (with the use of hidden coded messages) to be an assassin). She was made to be a weapon and she's shown it before - in the series she was able to shoot (and kill) with her eyes shut after examining the positions of the men for a matter of seconds. In the movie Serenity River manages to take down the Reavers and comes out with barely a scratch on her. By using her combat skills along with her psychic abilities she is the perfect weapon - she is deadly and can predict your moves to avoid it and use them against you. (Although in Route she will lack her psychic abilities to aide her with this)

    - river's mind is jumbled and 'broken' due to the experiments done to her by the Academy. Her shifts in her personality are unpredictable and the smallest thing can cause a shift (for example Shepherd Book's hair made her hysterical, although it was not the strongest of her 'episodes'). River also frequently suffers from nightmares due to her experiences at the Academy
    - river's mind and personality shifts also make her incredibly unpredictable, making people fear her
    - despite her intelligence the experiments have made a lot of what River says "odd" or inappropriate - although the logic is still there the way she expresses herself is less straightforward and often a little nonsensical
    - due to River's caring personality, being separated from her family (Simon & the crew of Serenity) will trouble her, particularly as they are not safe

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Breeder
Starter: Ralts ("Simon")
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample: We're not alone.

[ There's no one on the feed the first time that you look but several seconds later? A face. One that is very close to the camera ]

There are others. More.

[ A beat ]

Not here.

[ She also wasn't referring to everyone that was at home, that had been left behind ]

It's not right. Taken and altered. People don't want to be changed.

[ For as calm as she sounds now she was far more panicked earlier ]

Taken. Left aside. Not home. Not anywhere.

[ A beat ]

Not Alliance. Don't have to run but people do, people are.

[ It wasn't quite the same but running was running, and it wasn't the fun exercise kind that she was meaning - she'd seen both ]

Not enough answers. Too many questions all left. And you can't tell.

[ She couldn't tell. 'Reading' may not be natural, or a comfort to her - it was part of something terrible that had happened, but being suddenly without it? It made her feel lost ]

Third Person Sample: Panic. That was her first feeling. The Alliance being her first thought. She wasn't on Serenity. She also wasn't on any planet that River recognised. She reached, not intentionally but her mind couldn't help from doing so. Where was she?

She didn't find anything, though, at least not what she was looking for.

"Quiet. It is different, like space but not. Wrong." River pauses, looking around her. Whilst this place was indeed different it wasn't that that River had been referring to.

"Something changed, altered. They're not there." It wasn't just that she wasn't on Serenity but she couldn't find, couldn't hear anyone from Serenity. Her mind was blank, quiet with only her own thoughts. She wasn't just cut off from Serenity but from everyone. It was quiet.

It was lonely.

After being connected, after hearing everything for as long as she had? It felt natural to her despite how uneasy it made her, how strange it was. And yet having it gone? It felt just as wrong, and not as comforting as you would have thought.

"Not right. Not fixed." River was aware that she was talking to herself but it only seemed to serve her point. She was damaged. Broken. Nothing was right.

"We're meddlesome; easy to break but can't be repaired. Manipulated. Malleable." For anyone that was around, that may have been watching her her next action may have appeared to be a fall, or a collapse, although really? She was fine. As fine as a now non-psychic psychic could be. River had let herself fall, managing to do so without hurting herself. And now laid upon the ground? She was in effect grounding herself, holding onto something that she knew was solid - something that wasn't going to as easily change.

Except it had. This planet was unfamiliar, and Serenity wasn't here - not that she knew.

"It's all gone. Not here, not meant to be. Couldn't stop it." But really, how could she have tried to when she didn't know what had happened?
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Name: Redd
Personal Journal: [personal profile] pokerap
AIM/MSN: AIM: writersblockredd
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: Frank Archer (FullMetal Alchemist) and Sloth (FullMetal Alchemist)

Name: Pietro Maximoff (alias: Quicksilver)
Series: X-Men: Evolution
Timeline: Post-series
Canon Resource Links: There really isn't much on Pietro, but here is a brief overview of his character. If you would like me to elaborate on him, I can certainly provide more information.

Personality: First things first, Pietro is selfish. He cares about himself more than anyone else. He'll use anyone and everyone to get what he ultimately wants. Though his desires change constantly, he'll still continue using those close to him. Pietro's only sixteen, so he's not quite sure what he wants in life and can be very fickle. He changes his opinion on things as often as he changes his mind about what he wants. He's a tough guy to pin down in that respect. He doesn't like being pinned down anyway and will try to worm his way out of questioning.

Pietro enjoys his freedom. That's another vital aspect to his personality. He loathes being constrained in any way - especially when it comes to running. If he can't run, he's not happy. When he gets angry, he's prone to yelling more than taking action, though he can - and will - pick fights if the need arises. He's rather hot-headed and doesn't forgive others very easily.

Pietro's also a coward. He'll run from a fight if given the chance, so he can claim he won. It's not that he's afraid of getting hurt - though there is that aspect to it - he's afraid of losing. Pietro is so used to failing his father's expectations and that has left quite the mark on him. He doesn't want to continue to fail and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure his success in whatever it is he's doing. Speaking of Magneto, Pietro will do anything for his father. It's rare that he will actually ignore his father's orders for any reason. His devotion to his father has caused him to do things he normally wouldn't have.

His fear of failure has defined him in several ways. This fear really only comes into play when it comes to his father - Pietro couldn't care less about failing Mystique, school, or even his friends. Considering what his father did to Wanda (locking her in an insane asylum, supposedly for her own good), Pietro is terrified of the same fate.

Pietro is a sarcastic jerk who doesn't make friends easily. The few friends he does have are actually fairly important to him. Not as important as his father, of course, but he genuinely cares about his fellow Brotherhood members. He tends to tease them relentlessly, but that just means he cares. His sister Wanda is very important to him, especially considering everything his father has done to her. He genuinely does feel bad about not trying to stand up for her or you know, attempting to help her at all. Anyone else is just meant to be used in Pietro's mind. He occasionally makes "friends" for the sole purpose of using them. There are also instances - Evan, for example - of times when he gets so bored he simply decides to stab his friends in the back for no real reason. His friendship with Evan was ruined mostly because of their conflicting personalities - and Pietro was jealous of all the attention Evan was getting.

Jealousy is another large part of Pietro's personality. He always tries to get what he wants, which usually doesn't end well for anyone involved. This aspect of his personality is usually more silly than genuinely devious. Pietro isn't really a bad guy by any means. The Brotherhood in general was never a group devoted to "evil." Overall, Pietro has many negative qualities, but he's really just a kid at heart.

Strengths/Weaknesses: ✔ Pietro is a mutant, which in his world means that he has superpowers. His superpower is speed - Pietro moves much faster than a normal human. While this will certainly be cut here in Johto, he still can move fairly quickly. This doesn't just apply to his body, Pietro's brain moves quickly too. This makes him appear incredibly smart (when he actually bothers thinking, that is); it's really because time seems to move much slower for him. Due to Route's constraints, this will be limited as well.
✔ He's very devoted - albeit he's only devoted to his father. Since Magneto isn't here, chances are he can find something else to devote himself to. Once he's decided he likes someone, he'll do nearly anything for them.
✔ He's very energetic. Part of this comes from his superspeed, but Pietro tends to be a very positive person in general. He's optimistic to the point of being delusional (he still thinks the Brotherhood can defeat the X-Men despite all the new recruits, Storm, and Wolverine aiding the X-Men). He bounces back from anger and sadness easily; most of Pietro's emotions tend to be very shallow.
✔ Pietro is very charming; he's quite the charismatic teenager. He managed to get three girls to go with him to a school dance in canon. Clearly he's a suave little bitch. This is useful when it comes to using others, which Pietro is quite fond of doing.
✔ Despite always taking orders from Magneto, Pietro is actually capable of leading and inspiring others. This is partially due to his charisma as mentioned above, but a lot of it is also due to his confidence. This tends to border on overconfidence. Pietro is very sure of himself and his abilities. While other mutants have powers like super-strength and the ability to create earthquakes, Pietro is confident in his own ability to outrun anything. This might seem like a weaker ability in comparison, but he's found ways around this. His mutation manifested itself earlier than most mutants, which means Pietro has excellent control. Yet another reason to be a smug, overconfident douchebag, right?
✘ One of Pietro's biggest flaws is his selfishness. He looks out for himself first and foremost. He's the sort to shove you under a bus if it'll save his own ass.
✘ Boredom tends to cause Pietro to do stupid things, like stab his friends in the back. It's a good thing he's so charismatic otherwise he'd never have any friends. The Brotherhood members seem to have realized this and tend to let Pietro do his own thing most of the time.
✘ His biggest fear is failing his father. Pietro's done that numerous times, but ultimately he doesn't want Magneto to abandon him. Pietro doesn't tolerate any sort of failure very well, but he's not the sort to actually think before he acts. Unsurprisingly, this results in a lot of failures.
✘ He's very fickle when it comes to what he wants. Pietro is used to following Magneto's orders, so thinking for himself is something that's still a relatively new concept. He tends to chase after one desire, only to drop it for another one in record time. This is partially due to his mutation and how quickly he moves, but ultimately it's just Pietro being fickle.
✘ Pietro is a coward. He's hot-tempered, so he tends to get in fights a lot - but he hates losing and being hurt. Clearly he's also counter-productive. Anyway, his superspeed allows him to escape from any threats without any issue. This is going to be a bit of a problem in Johto since he can't outrun everything.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Team Rocket
Starter: Growlithe ♂
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample: [The Gear turns on, revealing a Growlith sniffing the camera. After a moment of orange fluff, the Growlith will be shoved aside.]

Heyheyhey, move it! C'mon, Growlithe, get outta the way!

[Once the dog has been shoved aside, Pietro grins at the camera. He looks overly pleased with himself today.]

Hey Johto! Guess what!

[You won't have time to guess. He's already pulling out a Pokeball and letting out a Pokemon!]

Look what I found! It's a new Pokemon!

[A terrified-looking Sentret squeaks at the Gear before Pietro scoops it up.]

This one wasn't in the games! It sucks right now, but maybe it'll evolve into something useful! Anyway, I'll keep you notified on it, Johto. See you later!

Third Person Sample: The Brotherhood boys had never been very well-off financially, but it would have been a lie to say Pietro was unfamiliar with Pokemon. He'd played Red and Blue a few times in the past, mostly before he joined the Brotherhood, back when Magneto would actually buy him things to keep him busy. So waking up in Johto was a pleasant surprise, and a nice break from the monotony of being a member of the Brotherhood. Losing to the X-Men and their hordes of new recruits really gets old after awhile, you know.

Pietro hasn't bothered to stop and think about why he's here, or how he even got here. To be honest, he doesn't care. It's a vacation! There are no X-Dorks to worry about, no Magneto to report to, and no one to boss him around (outside of Team Rocket, though he hasn't been paying much attention to them). It was nice at first.

He's not homesick - Pietro's never really had a home outside of (maybe) the Brotherhood boarding house. Even that's a stretch, since he had to live with Toad and Blob. Lance was slightly more tolerable but... Well, to be blunt, Pietro misses everyone back home. The Brotherhood, Magneto, Wanda... hell, even Mystique. Not that he's seen her in awhile, but a familiar face would be better than none at all.

"Guess we should start working on the badges or something, huh?"

The Growlithe at his feet barks happily and Pietro playfully pulls on its fur. Collecting the badges will give him something to do, at least. There's a rumor about how you need to collect those to go home, right? Well, maybe he'll see if that rumor's true. Maybe. Unless something else catches his attention first.

After all, the thing he misses most? It's his speed. "Race you to the Pokemon Center!" He doesn't give the Growlithe a chance to react before he's off and running. He always feels better when he's running. In about ten minutes he'll be back to his normally cheery self. Nothing to worry about.

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Hiro Kageyama | Devil Survivor 2 | Not Reserved

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Name: Reina
Personal Journal: [personal profile] asterism
E-mail: luminomancy [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN: rozeluxe or prinny beam
Timezone: PST/GMT-8
Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Hiro Kageyama *
Series: Devil Survivor 2
Timeline: Day 4
* Hiro is the nameable protagonist of the game; this name comes from the manga version currently being serialized in Comic Earthstar. Aside from that, he's based on an interpretation of the game version's protagonist.

Canon Resource Links:
Here's a wiki link.
Full app with history can be found here.

If you ever saw Hiro walking down the street alone, chances are you would peg him as quiet and reserved. And that would not exactly be wrong at all. He is pretty quiet most of the time, and even in conversations, his replies do lean towards the terse side of things because he's limited to picking between options. However, talking to him quickly reveals that he actually is quite cheerful and friendly, more than able to hold up his side of the conversation well. In fact, he is incredibly quick to strike up friendships with anyone and everyone who talks to him (within reason), often stopping to talk to people he's met all of once before just to get to know them better. On top of that, he is able to easily make friends with people he's fought with before if he wanted to. If they're otherwise cool people, then there's no problem with befriending them, right? Hiro certainly had no problems with talking to Ronaldo and listening to what he has to say despite them being technically enemies, and he doesn't necessarily agree with his methods at all.

So yes, Hiro is actually quite social and enjoys being around other people. He can read the atmosphere and has absolutely no problems with joking around to lighten the conversation, often taking jokes or ideas other people have set up and running with it. While this event has not happened yet at the time he will be pulled into Route, one example of this is when someone tells him to wish something smaller temporarily so he can transport it somewhere. How he voices said wish? "Grow smaaaaller! ♪" Hiro then goes on to jokingly say the exact same line again later when, of course, he needs it to return to its original large size. This happens close to frequently with him. He loooooves them jokes. At the same time, however, he is prudent enough to know when he absolutely has to be serious (such as during Septentrion fights) and when it's better to just walk away and leave people be. He recognizes that people do need their time alone and is willing to respect that. Plus, there are times when he will simply walk away from the conversation because he would rather not get caught up in whatever is going on and get dragged into something he would rather avoid.

Even under great pressure, Hiro remains able to stay calm and think fast on his feet, qualities that combine with his social savvy into great leadership skills. He can easily inspire trust and respect in others by virtue of his ability to get things done and listening to what others have to say, despite his predilection towards goofiness. And as long as he has a goal in mind, he will push towards it with all he's got. Nothing stops him for very long, and his determination to not fall into despair keeps him going even in the face of horrible news, which also allows him to encourage others to keep going too. Part of his determination comes from his strong pride though; he hates to lose. Hiro simply doesn't want to let himself and others down if he can help it.

Despite what other people say, however, Hiro doesn't really consider himself a leader-type. He can even sound surprised at being considered one if it's brought up early on. If anything, he considers himself a mediator and confidant when it comes to others. And troll. Can't forget troll. He much prefers to see people getting along, and goes out of his way to try to make friends with everyone and keep relations as smooth as he can. This allows him to stay neutral for now, but he is aware that he will have to start thinking about what and who he really wants to support. And he can't say he's looking forward to that day, since he'll likely have to fight against people who he considers friends (most of them for less than a week, but they're still friends, so there) no matter what he chooses. Unbeknownst to him, due to his tendency to befriend everyone, he literally is the only one who can possibly keep everyone together after relations start breaking apart, and whether or not he succeeds is dependent on whether or not he can get people to trust him enough to join whatever cause he has attached himself to. This will definitely irritate him when the time comes, to say the least.

While Hiro may be a natural leader, he also happens to be a space case with a love for jokes and silliness. The sight of him mercilessly teasing people simply for laughs and giggles is actually pretty common. He seems to enjoy actively getting reactions out of people and getting them to either play the straight man to his antics or join in on the fun. It's as if he actually has to hold himself back from making snarky comments or saying things like "can't be helped" when it isn't entirely appropriate for the situation. People sometimes have to tell him to stop with the jokes, such as when he plays along with Fumi asking what the "love call" from Yamato was about, saying that "[Yamato] said he liked [him]". Hinako plays the straight man here and tells him to be serious and tell the group what Yamato actually said, which he promptly does. Hiro also seems to be fond of running dialogue choices gags. Aside from "can't be helped", whenever Makoto visits him in the morning to give news during the first few days, one of his reoccurring dialogue choices is "Pervert!", since she originally had the tendency to enter his room without much warning. He also likes constantly referring to Airi as his little sister, since she fits the idea of one in his mind. When with Hinako and some other random Osakans, he'll start trying to copy their accent just for the fun of it. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Hiro does draw the line at being a peeping tom though. He wants to survive, not get beat into a pulp.

When it comes to people he's known for a while though (which for now just refers to his childhood friend Daichi), his jokes are far more pointed and sometimes even comes off as surprisingly malicious. It isn't because he dislikes Daichi (the opposite actually), they've just been friends for so long that he knows they can take potshots at the other's expense and neither of them would hold it against each other. He can be snappy towards Daichi when he's frustrated with his behavior or trying to play the part of the straight man, but he does genuinely worry about his well-being, not that he'd outright say it most of the time. He's weirdly tsundere like that, even to the extent that he'd tell him to shut up (a later event) after a certain incident with Io, basically saying that Daichi shouldn't have been so worried since it's obviously a given that Io would have been okay. A harsh yet silly way to put it, especially since he himself was incredibly worried about Io too.

Not all of his goofiness is forced though. Quite a bit of it is Hiro being a natural airhead who approaches everything at his own pace. Example? He has willingly met people alone at night when asked to (with demons to summon, but still). While none of the people he met up with are antagonistic towards him, it's not rare for demons to suddenly appear and attack others, a possibility he does not seem to mind at all. Probably because he's confident enough in himself to think that he'll be okay and survive any fights that come his way thanks to his ability to adapt quickly in battle and his surprisingly sharp intuition as a tamer, especially considering he only became got his Devil Summoner App at the beginning of the week. Even so, the decision to meet someone alone at night isn't exactly the most down-to-earth one he's ever made.

Speaking of decisions, rather than make plans from scratch himself, Hiro tends to be more comfortable with taking information from others and helping those plans bear fruit. He can act competently on his own and find ways to resolve the situation as necessary, but when it comes to ideas and plans, he usually ends up leaving it to others. But nevertheless, people seem to think he's suited for a leadership role, so he does try to live up to their expectations in his own way. In the end, however, he's really just going through things mostly at the beat of his own drum and it just so happens he's acting as a field leader along the way.

As a side note, Hiro's fond of rabbits. He totally chose female Tico because of her bunny motif.

✔ Can keep his cool in any situation.
✔ Quick-thinking even under great pressure.
✔ Charismatic to the point where he can easily inspire trust and respect.
✔ Has incredible leadership skills.
✔ Willing to fight tooth and nail for people he has only known for a week.
✔ Confident in himself and his abilities.
✔ Gets along with others well and acts as a good mediator between parties.
✔ Has a sense of humor.
✔ Very quick on his feet and can cast many strong magic spells (which he can't do here, whoops).
✖ Can be blunt to the point of insensitivity.
✖ A space case who sometimes really doesn't recognize what he does is weird.
✖ Marches to the beat of his own drum.
✖ Likes teasing other people too much.
✖ Rather competitive and takes up challenges at a drop of a hat.
✖ Hates to lose.
✖ Finds it troublesome to act serious when it isn't strictly necessary.
✖ Tends to look to others for plans.
✖ Has little strength behind his physical blows and can't take many hits.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Ditto
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:
[ When the feed suddenly opens, a dark-haired kid with bright blue eyes can be seen staring intently at the screen before it suddenly becomes saturated with bright pink and a smiley face. One adjustment of the camera later, it becomes clearer that the bright pink thing is in fact a bright pink blob otherwise known as a Ditto. Then the kid's head shows up again above the blob. ]

I have a question.

[ Suddenly he pauses, thinking about what little he said just now. That shouldn't be the only thing he asks, so a little verbal backspacing is in order. ]

"Questions", actually. But for now...

[ He starts poking the top of the jelly blob, watching it jiggle slightly in response before returning his attention to the feed. ]

Can this dem-- Pokémon blink? Just wanna know if staring contests would be fair or not.

[ At that, the Ditto's smile turns upside down. The kid spares a glance downwards. ]

It's a perfectly normal question when your eyes are stuck like that.

[ Leaving the glob of cotton candy gel to pout, he looks back at the screen, poker face still in place. ]

But if you can't answer, that's fine. I'd settle for someone helping me figure out where I am instead, because I'm totally lost. Aaand that's all for now. Bye-bye! ♪

[ He then starts smiling and waving at the camera, his Pokémon half-heartedly joining in a few seconds later before the screen fades ]

...Ah, I don't think that's how we turn this off.

Third Person Sample:
Fighting the urge to let even a facial muscle twitch, Hiro slowly leaned forward, making sure to keep his breathing controlled and rhythmic. His blue eyes never strayed from one small spot he designated as the "stare zone". Which would be fine if said zone happened to actually be interesting to look at, but the novelty of it wore off minutes ago. And after that ebbing of interest, something in his mind starting sending him urges to fidget. He pointedly ignored each and every one of them. Still, it would not do to sit so still for any longer, so he decided to move a little. Just a little. To give himself something else to focus on besides his quiet breathing, odd surroundings and traitorous mind, his hands lightly squeezed the area of his leg they rested on, below the calf and just above the ankle.

Even with these distractions, however, he felt his eyes narrow slightly and start watering, much to his mild displeasure. But there would be no giving in here, not from him. He redoubled his efforts by widening his eyes a bit and tightening his grip even more, all as discreetly as possible. Thank goodness for his well-practiced (on a certain childhood friend) poker face.

A few feet away, black beady eyes stared back at him, glassy and unyielding. He could almost feel the mocking in that gaze. But he ignored it, opting to size up his opponent again. Not much had changed from the last time he checked though. Whatever his opponent is, it (note to self: ask which pronoun to use later) continued to be cotton candy pink and gooey-looking with two dots and a line for a face. Sort of like moving jelly (oh, that's a good name there). Perhaps Jelly here's a demon? After he wins this challenge, he'll have to check his phone's app out and see what it has to say.

Speaking of checking things out, he really should figure out the deal with this room, its background music, and why he just so happened to be here. Last he remembered, he just started walking down the streets of Tokyo after the Septentrion attack earlier that morning. Whatever this room was, it certainly could not be mistaken for a city street. Jelly distracted him from immediately investigating the reasons for his sudden relocation with that odd face and appearance, so it temporarily slipped his mind. But once he proves his superiority in staring contests to whatever Jelly is supposed to be, he'll get himself back on track. Definitely.

And then suddenly a loud metallic clatter resounded from somewhere outside the room he woke up in. Startled, Hiro instinctively looked towards the door...and away from Jelly.

If someone dropped a pin in that room, the ensuing silence insured that the sound would be as noticeably as a brick falling.

Moments passed before Hiro broke the silence with a sigh and held out his arm towards the pink glob of gel a few feet away before saying, "Congratulations, you won this round". At that, the line that is mostly likely Jelly's mouth seemed to go up at the edges. Then Jelly glided (slithered?) towards him before holding out a glob that quickly took a paw-like shape.

Mentally raising an eyebrow, Hiro stared at the glob-paw for a while before shaking hands (more like hand and paw). Once he let go, Jelly started to transform its body again. Seconds later, Jelly looked remarkably like a certain emoticon Hiro had seen before (\(・ω・)/). Once again, Hiro stared at the transformation for a while. Slowly, he then held up an arm and gave it a thumbs up. Jelly's smile seemed to grow wider.

Maybe this would be the start of a beautiful friendship.
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Hiro Kageyama | Devil Survivor 2 | Not Reserved

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Updated the app's stupidly long canon resource link section with the localized terms as seen at Atlus' official English website. The link to the history is here. As always, spoilers abound!

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Link | Twilight Princess | Reserved

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Name: Ren
Personal Journal: [personal profile] valor
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Timezone: MST*
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Name: Link
Series: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Timeline: Endgame
Canon Resource Links: Zelda wiki!

Link is, in the simplest of terms, the consummate hero. He’s someone who is always willing to risk himself on behalf of others and has done so numerous times, to a point of near self-sacrifice. Many times over he’s demonstrated himself to be happy to help others with any task however mundane or demanding it might happen to be, with no real expectation of reward or remuneration. If anything he seems pleasantly surprised if others give him something in return, and accepts such good graces with a smile.

In this he proves himself to be an honestly helpful young man, happy with the simple fact that he’s assisted someone else with their problems. He proves to be quite generous not only with his time but his resources, more than once giving away his savings of rupees or items he’s picked up or even fought for in his travels. Link shows a sincere concern for the plights of others and is willing to go to extremes for them, though this means that without Midna’s shrewd eye to dissuade him he can be taken advantage of. His strong sense of justice at least prevents anyone from tricking him into any major wrongdoing.

As has been the case with his ancestor, Link is also known for being especially courageous. The mark on his hand is representative of this, and throughout his quest Link delves into extremely dangerous situations and faces insurmountable odds in order to help the people of Hyrule (and later, the Twilight Realm). He faces off against a variety of dark forces with a stalwart determination that isn’t necessarily common, while quite aware that his life is imperiled in the process.

Even though he’s a fated savior of the realm, Link maintains a humble attitude. He grew up in a small town and that reflects in his demeanor, carrying himself without any air of importance but rather as a young man who views himself as no better than anybody else. Link isn’t very good at lying and doesn’t seem to have an inclination to it, often delivering the truth even when it ends up making more trouble for him than anything else. At times he’s had to exercise a subtlety that isn’t quite in tune with his straightforward nature, and in such instances he often had Midna’s guidance…if not after being scolded by her.

Although Link has proven himself to be a quick and able learner when it comes to things like puzzles, battles, and even games that are rigged against him, the same cannot be said for his social graces. While Link is an affable individual that even animals seem to flock to, he unfortunately misses certain subtleties of interaction by a mile. Finer points like flirting seem to be a particular weakness, something that a person really has to lay on thick for the young man to notice, and even then he’s left quite lost for how to respond.

Likewise Link is not an academic and rather the man for the job when there’s a task to be done. Action is more of his forte despite his high aptitude for puzzles, and he can get restless when there isn’t enough for him to do. He’s someone who likes to have tasks at hand and enjoys travel, and this is something that’s reinforced by how he always kept busy even before becoming a hero. Lastly he has quite a soft spot for both animals and children.
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Link | Twilight Princess | Reserved

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As with many a Link throughout time, he is both a courageous and kind soul, with a gift for problem-solving and combat tactics. What sets this Link apart, however, is a noted ferocity in battle likened to the beast he transforms into. He is likely the first to leap into action, and readily engages enemies in combat despite the risk to himself. He’s also experienced in handling livestock, able to both herd goats and halt a stray from charging out of town with his bare hands.

He is not the first Link who is socially dense, unable to take certain hints or cues that others might sooner pick up on. And while decisive, his propensity to leap into battle can turn against him. More than once, Midna has chided him for barreling into a situation without first coming up with a strategy. Rounding off these traits, he has a tendency to get taken advantage of, unable to say no to someone in need.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer

Starter: Eevee. This is because Eevees start off the same but can evolve into a variety of things, which parallels how there are many Links but each is unique beyond their surface qualities. How this Link’s starter will evolve and develop will, for example, serve as a contrast to Skyward Sword Link.

Password: Raspberry Lemonade.

First Person Sample:
[This would be Link, watching the screen dubiously. He pokes at it once, then again, turning it sideways, brow quirked curiously]

Is it working..?

[He can only wonder, what with the lack of anyone to verbally abuse explain this odd contraption to him.

He’ll just have to hope for the best]

I…promised I’d return home. Whatever I need to do to make it happen, I’ll do it. If I need to slay monsters, or go through some dungeon, find some relic no one’s seen in decades…then I will. Obstacles aren’t going to get in my way.

[This is said with the fierce determination that’s brought him through all his hardships. But his resolve for all its worth seems to drain from his expression as he looks off to the distance, voice dropping to only a murmur]

They’re waiting for me in Ordon.

Third Person Sample:
Upon waking in a foreign place, Link’s first course of action is of course to investigate. He inspects every corner of the room, from the bed he awoke in to the windows to the door. A part of him is almost disappointed when the door simply opens. No bells, no whistles, no traps…as far as he can tell. He swings it open and shut a few times over before he finally steps outside.

The house, likewise, presents no obstacles. Only a woman calling herself mom and offering him a backpack, pointedly ignoring the dubious stares Link directs at her. As he’s nudged out the door to begin his “adventure,” he can’t help looking around in puzzlement, backpack hanging from one hand.

This place is as foreign as it looked from the windows of that room, which means only one thing to him right now. He’s not going to get home as soon as he’d planned. The thought prompts a sigh and he kneels to see what’s in this bag he was given. A book, towels, something he presumes is food…

Link frowns when he finishes emptying the pack, taking a seat where he is. Perhaps the book will yield more information, so he picks it up and starts leafing through pages, expression turning contemplative as he skims over the contents.

At last he comes across a map and he pauses, leaning closer to the pages with intense interest. Maps, he can certainly use. If he knows where he is, he can figure out exactly where he needs to head to get home. “Joh-to…” He mumbles as his eyes trace over each route and town, trying to find something familiar along the way.

When he finds no mention of any town or landmark with which he’s familiar he turns the page over, puzzled when there is nothing more. How could it possibly be that this land has no maps that include Hyrule? It’s downright confounding and Link flips the pages several times more before he determined that, indeed, there is nothing more to this map.

He starts replacing the supplies in the pack, but pauses as a pair of long, brown ears poke into view. Lifting his arm enough to see the creature, he’s surprised to see a fox-like animal sitting at his side, fluffy tail wagging. It lets out a strange sound he’s unfamiliar with, watching him with wide, expectant eyes and at first Link can only blink at it in turn.

The animal makes the same noise once more and slowly, almost as though he’s unsure of his action, he gently pats it on the head. This earns a happier sound and Link can’t help a small, warm smile despite his situation.

He’s lost, and he’s not sure yet how he’ll find his way home, but at least animals still seem drawn to him. They may look different, but that small bit of familiarity’s still comforting.
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Link | Skyward Sword | Reserved

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Name: Okami
Personal Journal: [personal profile] dragonforce
E-mail: ouuuuka [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN: ouuuuka
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Current Characters in Route: Vanitas [personal profile] shadowdive

Name: Link
Series: The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword
Timeline: Post-Earth Temple.
Canon Resource Links: wham and bam


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Kind, clever, determined and heroic; I would use these four terms to best describe Link. Sure, every Link fits those four, right? It just comes in different forms, along with each Link that is born. This Link is shown as being part of the Skyloft Knights, a group that has the goal of keeping the citizens safe, and that right there should tell you a few key things about him.

He wants to protect, and not because it pays well (though it does). Link wants to be sure that everyone he has grown up with and lived with all his life is safe from harm, whether it is from the keese at night or someone falling off the island in the sky. His kindness even extends to what leads into the Gratuity Crystals sidequests. There is a point in game where he is told one of the towns children went missing, and that a monster kidnapped her. Following several leads until he encounters the actual monster, the creature pleads for his life and says the girl was his friend; Bateaux just wanted to befriend the citizens of Skyloft, but because he is a demon (and a rather ferocious looking one at that), they would scream in terror and run. What is a Link to do? Gather the towns gratitude and use its energy to turn the demon into a human, so he can befriend the people. Link's kindness knows almost no bounds; truly bad people who have no regret for their actions... yeah. He won't take their behavior lying down, that's for sure. Link is kind, but not so utterly naive to get walked all over.

Link is more than just courageous. He may be lacking a little in book-smarts, but he more than makes up for it with ingenuity and a general cleverness that leaves other people scratching their head. Since the two temples were full of traps he needed to disarm to get through, they had specific keys, ways to get past them safely; and he had to figure it all out without being caught in them and hurt past what a potion could help with. Whether it was from trial and error to seeing a vine hanging in plain sight, it certainly wasn't easy. Two of the main keys he had to find were 3D puzzles on their own. Which way does it turn to fit in the lock correctly? Just shoving it in would damage the key and render it useless, and leave him unable to go any further; unable to help anyone.

His determination counters what one would call laziness in the form of his love of sleep. Link certainly can sleep like a log, but when he has a task he needs to accomplish, he doesn't sleep as well as he should. Worried for Zelda and always trying to catch up to her, it's likely he only sleeps when he can't keep his eyes open any longer. This, coupled with the fact that he knows that almost every day he is on the surface, his life is at risk? Link is more concerned with his friend than his own life. Being reckless with it is a no go, because he truly wants to bring her home; not because he is the 'chosen hero of the Goddess', but because Zelda is an important person to him. He will walk into active volcanos, unyielding deserts, lost forests, even take on tests from the creation Goddesses to prove that he will do anything to protect her and bring her home.

Not because she is Hylia reincarnated, but because she is Zelda; his friend. Perhaps even someone he loves, since he eventually decides to stay on the surface with her.

Str/wks + poke info

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Hope Estheim [Reserved] - Start

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Name: Nemo! If that's taken, Cam or Sharkbait :3
Personal Journal: [personal profile] nemoded
AIM/MSN: Nemoded
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Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Hope Estheim
Series: Final Fantasy 13
Timeline: Endgame
Canon Resource Links:

Hope is a typical teenage boy. He starts the game as a boy who is trapped in the world of puberty, confused on where he stands with his father. He claims sometime before the purge that he doesn't need his father and that he and his mother can get along without him. He has a fierce want for independence, but at the beginning of the game, not an understanding as to what it means to be independent.

Hope can be swayed quite easily, as shown by when his actions become very much like Lightnings after she accepts him. Fuelled by the anger he felt for Snow when he 'killed' his mother (It didn't actually happen that way, but Hope holds him responsible) be becomes incredibly focused on becoming a better fighter, partly to be able to avenge his mothers death, but in some ways, a reaction to Lightnings tutelage and subtle care for the boy. During the story, Hope and Lightning escape to Hope's home town. It is here that Lightning has her revelation that she has been fighting for the wrong reasons. Hope is devastated as she tells him that his mission for revenge is over. Despite her better judgement of the situation, Hope decides to continue with is plan even after being warned. This stubborn streak, while being a negative thing in this situation, quickly turns to an aid throughout the story as he refuses to give up on his destiny, claiming that he'll decide his own fate, not the Fal'Cie.

However, Hope is not unreasonable. Hope and Snow are forced into conversation after they are repeatedly attacked by the army and Hope soon realises that Lightning is right. It isn't Snow's fault and that his anger was misdirected. He learns from this mistake, creating peace between him and his new older brother Snow.

Over time, Hope's confidence grows. It was difficult for him to tell his father what had happened to his mother. It's here he learns that his judgements of people lead him astray as he learns rather quickly that his father does indeed love him. His father tells him that he should make his own decisions and stand by them no matter what. This creates a deep change in Hope, who decides from that point onwards he will do exactly that, showing a great level of maturity.

However, Hopes confidence is not faultless. He has a tendency to doubt himself when he has the time to think about it. He tells the party to leave him behind, which summons his Eidolon Alexander. (An Eidolon is a summon in Final Fantasy XIII, it is called when a L'Cie gives up on him/herself and will steer them back to the right path. Alexander was summoned because Hope lost his faith in his ability.) With the team congratulating him on summoning such a giant L'Cie, Hope moved on with the group, his confidence in his ability restored.

The party realises that they can change their destiny, but this shaky belief is tested when the Fal'Cie Barthandelus turns innocent people into Ceith, a horrible monster caused by a L'Cie not completing their assigned Focus. Hope sees through Barthandelus's cruelty, saying that he's doing this to deter them, and stop them from attempting their plan to rid themselves of their brands. This clarity is something that Hope obviously treasures, and it shows that his judgement has become less flawed over time, especially when compared to his early judgements of Snow and his father.

Despite his growing maturity, Hope is not incapable of having a joke with a friend. Though his maturity and the situation doesn't allow him much time to joke, he does have one doozy that he performs on Vanille. Vanille teases him about something that is vaguely romantic. But Hope delivers it right back, commenting on how Vanilles smile makes him happy. Just as she falls for it, Hope laughs and runs away, Vanille chasing after him.
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Re: Hope Estheim [Reserved] - 2

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Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths
Loyal to his friends and allies: Hope is fiercely loyal to his friends. The option of leaving someone behind very quickly doesn't become an option to him.
Makes friends easily: Hope was able to react very well for a young boy and eventually became very close friends with the people he was thrown into the flurry with. He is very quick to suss people out and has an impressive depth to his character judgement at such a bitty age.
He's awesome at falling over: … If there is something to trip on? He's the one in canon that's going to do it.
Good at Team speeches: He can rally the team!
Stubbornness: He's stubborn enough to set out to do a goal and keep at it.
Hopes darkest fear: Hope's darkest fear is being left on his own. He doesn't like being left on his own because it gives him time to dwell on his mothers death, which was the tragedy at the beginning of Final Fantasy XIII.
Hope is also a grudge holder. RE: Snow and his mother, Daddy dearest.
He can be quick to anger, especially if you mention his mother.
He's stubborn: He also wont give up a goal until he's slapped in the face with the realisation that his goal is bad or unattainable.
He's got a knack for saying the wrong thing: Once or twice in canon he has the ability to make people laugh at him for trying to rally the group.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Absol.
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:

Hello? … Um. Hello.

[Poking of a button or two can be heard.]

My name is... Hope. Hope Estheim. I... don't really know what's going on.

Everyone has been nice, but no-one's explained what happened. I was on Pulse with everyone and now... Now I'm here. With this thing. A... pokéball I guess it's called.

Can someone help me? I'm not sure what to do. I don't think I'm supposed to be here.

[He looks down for a moment.]

Has anyone worked out why we're here? Was it the Fal'cie? No... it couldn't be. Could it?

Third Person Sample:

Hope walked along the dusty road. It was... odd to say the least. He knew of course that world travelling was possible, having fallen out of an airship, but he had no idea that this scale of world travel was possible. It'd been quite hard to take in all at once. He sighed and looked down at the red and white ball in his hand.

“So... you're a pokéball huh?” he asked the sphere. He took a look at it before throwing it out like the man had explained.

He watched as the colourless light formed into the shape of what looked like a hound from Pulse. The pokéball popped back into his hands and he stared at the grey-white creature before him. The Absol let out a long “Aaaaabsooool.” stretching slightly before turning to look at Hope. He wasn't quite sure what to do under the intense stare of the pokémon. He nodded to it, as a way of acknowledging it's existence. The Absol seemed to smirk before giving a slight nod back. Hope steeled himself, still unconvinced that these creatures could be completely friendly. He held out his hand and walked cautiously towards the unblinking creature. Hope patted it's head gently, avoiding what looked like a curved blade ontop of it's head. “It's... nice to meet you.” He said, wondering if talking to a pokémon was at all the right thing to do. The Absol smirked and bowed it's head. Turning towards the direction Hope had to go. Hope nodded and walked along side it. They were starting their journey together, the only company that either one had.

After a mile or so of walking, Absol turned and nudged Hope gently. Hope didn't really understand until he made a guess that the pokémon wanted Hope to put him away. Hope held out it's pokéball, the red beam pulling it close and back into it's pokéball. For now, the Absol was to be his only company, as he headed out to start his adventure into the world of Pokémon.
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Lisa Garland | Silent Hill | Reserved | 1/3

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Name: Otis.
Personal Journal: n/a.
AIM/MSN: humbugger.otis/
Timezone: GMT -6/Central.
Current Characters in Route: Hiccup Haddock (HtTYD) and Pinkie Pie (MLP:FiM).

Name: Lisa Garland.
Series: Silent Hill.
Timeline: Post-game.
Canon Resource Links:
Lisa's Wiki.
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Lisa Garland | Silent Hill | Reserved | 2/3

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With her introduction in the first Silent Hill game, we are only given a glimpse into Lisa Garland's life. She is a frightened nurse who has confined herself to a room for safekeeping, and acts as a source of information for the protagonist. Lisa is relieved to discover another 'normal' human, and so acts rather openly for someone in a survival situation. Even scared out of her wits, she manages a few smiles and freely gives up whatever knowledge Harry needs--even when she doesn't know the reasons behind his questions or doesn't necessarily think it will be useful. Perhaps to put herself at ease, Lisa even allows herself to ramble a bit, though she stops and assures Harry that she will shut up once she realizes it.

The interaction with Lisa becomes progressively weirder, until she eventually comes to the conclusion that she is not a normal person, as she had believing, and just hadn't realized that she was dead yet. Once she admits these thoughts, Lisa's fear and anxiety increase, and she desperately seeks comfort. After being denied this, blood appears and drenches her skin and clothes. Her cries quiet and she disappears until the final moments of Harry's stay in Silent Hill, when she exacts her revenge on Dr. Kaufmann. Whether this is simply because of her now-feral state as a monster or specifically because she harbored resentment for the doctor in her life isn't clear, though her target was.

Through certain documents and a video, a different view of the nurse is provided. While she is certainly helpful and kind-hearted, Lisa isn't quite as innocent as she seems. She was the nurse in charge of caring for the burned and fragile Alessa, but she holds no affection for the girl. Quite frankly, Alessa's powers, though unknown to her, and the combination of the girl's never-healing wounds and lack of death terrified her. She had sympathy, naturally, as anyone would for someone in Alessa's situation, but her heart simply wasn't in the job. Lisa was disgusted and eventually driven mad simply by nursing her charge, and her mental condition deteriorated further when her request to quit was met with the threat of getting cut off from her supply of drugs--more evidence that Lisa is more than she appears to be on the surface. It's unclear how she came to be an addict of PTV, but working with Dr. Kaufmann was her connection to the drug world. It's also assumed that, at least for a time, Lisa had a sexual relationship with the doctor.

With Travis, protagonist of the prequel, Silent Hill: Origins, Lisa is much less the person we see in the first Silent Hill game. She still works as an informative nurse, but she relies on the player less, and doesn't seem quite as endearing. However, it is at this time that we learn something new about the nurse--her dream was to become an actress. Nursing is a bit of a family tradition, and she follows the path with a quiet yearning for her discarded dreams. The change might possibly be due to the fact that the Lisa we are initially introduced to only keeps her humanity because Alessa misinterprets her care as genuine affection. However, it could also be that Lisa simply grew to who she became because of her experiences.

+ Kind.
+ Helpful.
+ First aid skills.
+ Aware/good listening skills.

? Dreamer.
? Curious.
? Represses some memories.

- Fidgety.
- Prone to bad decisions/situations.
- Allows fear to get the best of her.
- Dependent on others.
- Easily influenced.


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claire folly | professor layton and the unwound future | not reserved

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Here! Also worth mentioning here, even though I say it in the application, that this has maaaaaajor spoilers! Thanks!


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Isaac McDougal | FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Reserved

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ouka sakaki | weiss kreuz | not reserved

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Name: Mei Zhu
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] ritornello
AIM/MSN: planetarn (AIM), kuchren (plurk)
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route:
Maes Hughes | FullMetal Alchemist | [personal profile] derpsaboutfamily
Gluttony | FullMetal Alchemist | [personal profile] mayieatthat

Name: Ouka Sakaki
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Timeline: Mid Episode 11; at the party, she's gone off to look for Omi
Canon Resource Links: I've looked, and this tiny paragraph is all I can really find about her, since Ouka isn't a main character and Weiss isn't that popular of a show. So I've written up a short history for her.

Ouka is the illegitimate daughter of Takatori Reiji and Sakaki Shizuka. Because Shizuka and Reiji never married, Ouka didn't learn the identity of her father until later in her life. She lives with her mother -- a restaurant owner -- and takes her mother's last name, but still remains the apple of her father's eye. He spoils her and gives her everything that she asks for without hesitation. This was not, however, always the case.

She has three half brothers -- Hirofumi, Masafumi, and Mamoru -- two of which are dead and one has been missing for years. However, while she is very close to her father, she does not actually know anyone else in her family. In fact, when holding a picture of her, Hirofumi did not even recognize her. And Ouka had no idea Mamoru existed until quite recently.

Since finding out who her father was, Ouka has had to work very hard to obtain the level of affection he has for her now. He is, after all, a politician, and also was never really close to any of his sons or even his own brother. This is evident by the fact that Reiji was perfectly okay with sacrificing Masafumi, but was enraged when he found out that Ouka had been accidentally killed.

She is blissfully unaware of the atrocities the Takatori's have done onto others, and thinks the world of her father.

At first glance, Ouka is nothing but a spoiled brat. She's so used to being given everything she's ever asked for, that she rarely ever asks, anymore. She simply demands. And things always seem to end up going her way (occasionally, a little persuasion is needed. But she's Ouka, that should be persuasion enough, really.) She's not particularly vain, but she is quite aware of the fact that she is beautiful. Ouka does take care of the way she looks, and knows how to "dress to impress," so to speak.

The casual observer might think that Ouka cares only for herself. After all, with all that demanding, it generally gives off the air that she's a selfish little girl. However, -- and it may be a little surprising -- she actually has a very strong set of morals. She may be all about caring only about getting everything she wants on the surface, but when things get rough, Ouka is not afraid to throw herself out there to save the lives of others. She does care deeply for her friends, and often worries a little too much over them. She wants the best for those that are important to her, but this occasionally can turn into her being just a little too nosy.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that nobody has ever really said no to her before, but Ouka is completely without fear. She knows she is important, and thus, is not afraid to speak her mind or push past those who are less important. However, in this way, she is very sheltered. She hasn't seen enough of the outside world and the cruelty that human beings can exhibit. Ouka has a very naive and childish way of looking at the world in simple black-and-white. This causes her to sometimes make some poor judgement choices without even a blink. In fact, there are times when she simply does not understand the situation at hand, and ends up taking a dangerous situation way too easily; there's always an almost-childish mentality of, "everything will end up alright, and someone will come and save me." Even when faced with undeniable danger, she still manages to remain fierce. (Though, a little damsel-in-distress when Omi is around never hurt anyone

+ Fashionable and has very good taste
+ Brave
+ Cares for her friends, and would be willing to do anything for them

+/- Confident; sometimes stupidly so

- Immature, naive, and very sheltered
- Spoiled/used to getting her way
- Looks down on 'commoners'
- Has a hard time making friends

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Breeder
Starter: Oddish
Password: Raspberry Lemonade

First Person Sample:
[ The feed opens with a very upset looking young girl. She's all dressed up in a pretty red dress, and it's obviously that she's ready for a very fancy party of some sort.

Except, she's not at a party. She's standing outside in New Bark Town. ]

What is the meaning of this? I demand that someone return me to the party at once! Father will be very upset, and he will catch whoever has kidnapped me!

Furthermore, there is a woman here who is claiming to be my mother. Someone explain to me why I am here immediately!

[ She stops, obviously waiting for some sort of response. In the background, a small Oddish is hopping about. ]

Oddish~ Odd~

[ Her anger falters for a moment as she looks down at the small Pokemon. Her head is turned away from the 'Gear, but it's obvious that she is smiling. She looks as though she's about to say something, but instead, the feed cuts off. ]

Third Person Sample:
Ouka lays aside her 'Gear and kneels down in front of the Oddish. She extends a hand, and the little Pokemon takes a second to examine it before happily scooting its face up against her hand.

This brings a smile to her face, and she gently strokes the little creature's grassy hair.

"Where did you come from...?"


She's not stupid; she knows what it looks like. She knows what Pokemon are. But... this is... it's one thing to know a popular game and manga series, it's a whole other thing to be kneeling in front of it. She's never played the games herself, or read the manga, but there is no mistake that this thing in front of her is a Pokemon.

"Are you... a Pokemon?" Ouka has to ask, just to make sure. It seems silly to be talking to it. Does it even understand her?

The Oddish looks up and nods enthusiastically. Apparently it does.

"Am I dreaming?" She mumbles absentmindedly as she pets the creature in front of her. It stares up at her, and slowly shakes its head.

She can't help but laugh at this. One minute, she had been at a party, searching for Omi so that she could introduce her father to the boy that she has fallen for. And the next minute, she's here. In this tiny little town, being pushed out of a house by a woman claiming to be her mother... and talking to a moving plant, no less.

None of this made sense.

And it is cold. She shivers in her red dress, trying to fight back tears. The Oddish seems to have noticed her distress, because it is making concerned noises, and hopping up and down in front of her.

"How do I get home?"

At this, the Oddish stops.


She picks up the small Pokemon and gathers it into her arms. It's warm. Ouka buries her face into its leafy hair and takes a deep breath.

I'll figure this out, she tells herself. I'll figure out a way to get home. To Omi.


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