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Map: Johto

(thank you, [ profile] hikari_sukuru!)

- One ground day is equivalent to about 2 or 3 hours in flight.
- The pokemon's speed depends not only on its size and experience, but also on the weather.
- Remember that most pokemon cannot fly more than 6 hours without at least a 1-hour break.

- Riding a pokemon can cut up to 1/3rd of your travel time!
- Speed depends not only on the pokemon's size, but also on whether or not it is comfortable with the terrain.
- Like with flying, the pokemon may require breaks.
On a Bike?

- Have a bike? You can cut up to 1/6th of your travel time!
- Careful, the bike isn't all-weather or all-terrain.
- Biking up mountains is ill-advised, and the wheels won't turn on sand or ice.
This indicates an optional route, not necessary to reach a town or city.

New Bark Town
A town where the wind blows and tells of impending change. Isn't the tiny town you wake in so quaint and lovely? The wind is breezing, the water nearby is sloshing against the edge of town, the Pidgey are chirping in the distance...

Oh, right, you want to leave New Bark Town.
Two options: the road, or the docks.
Cherrygrove City
A city where you can smell small flowers and a sea breeze. Cherrygrove City is a quaint town home to a small, rocky beach and an affordable mud spa annexed to the inn. Guests can retire there after their initial three-day trek to be treated to aromatherapy, mud baths and excellent massages, and can purchase products with which to pamper themselves later on down the road, as well. If you endear yourself to the inn owner, you could even get some massage lessons!
Violet City
This old village is still surrounded by trees and other scenery. Violet City boasts the region's only best official aerial shows at Falkner's mews, right next door to the Gym — every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on weekend afternoons! Found here as well are the city's homegrown "grape juice," which Bellsprout Tower has become known for. The monks are always looking for willing hands, especially when fall hits — harvest time means more work for everyone!

Moving on? Try Route 32 to the south or Route 36 to the west!
Ruins of Alph
½ - 1 day to explore thoroughly and solve all puzzles
See here for details
outside, main chamber, puzzle chamber, item chamber
Union Cave
2+ days
1F, B1, B2
Route 33
1 - 1½ days
Azalea Town
A town where people and Pokémon live together in simple harmony. Azalea is a slow-moving town full of slow-moving folks. Many Johto residents choose to retire here, and the places of interest in the town show it: a small art gallery, a quiet jazz club. It's also home to a specialty Pokéball shop, where trainers can buy rare balls and get Apricorns converted, and the Ilex Forest Treetop Adventure Park, where for a small fee, you can spend the afternoon ziplining and climbing trees, rope ladders and canopy bridges!
Slowpoke Well
B1, B2 (inaccessible)
Goldenrod City
A developing city where people and Pokémon come and go as they like. Goldenrod is the biggest city in Johto, home to the region's bustling department store as well as the Goldenrod Granbulls, four-year running Johto Baseball Champions. The sports stadium is frequented by Whitney, and hosts practices weekly on Fridays (free to watch!) and games biweekly on Sundays, March through October. It's quiet during the offseason, except in December — a Christmas market is set up in the stadium for the whole month, and attracts visitors from all over both regions. It's also the seat of the Breeding Center!
Route 36
2 days west of Sudowoodo Crossing
3½ days through to/from Violet City
Ecruteak City
A city that even now bears the marks of its history. Ecruteak City is a city with a rich history and strong ties to tradition. The Kimono Dance Theater offers a chance to explore some of this in the form of traditional dance classes, ikebana, origami and shamisen/koto courses, as well as the annexed Ecruteak City Museum. Those interested in more modern theater can also find opportunities to participate in community plays and musicals, some of which are advertised in other cities in Johto.

Moving on? Try Route 42 to the east or Route 38 to the west.
MooMoo Farm
Trainers can stay for a night if they help with the cows in the morning!
Olivine City
A city where you can hear the melody of the sea. Olivine City is widely regarded as the best dining spot in Johto: the city is inundated with small indie bars, cafés and restaurants and food festivals, and with MooMoo Farm and '39 Vintage Vineyards to the north, there's no shortage of good cheese and wine! The city is quickly gaining a reputation as 'the most romantic city in Johto.'
Route 40
1 day, Surf required
1½ day ferry (Olivine ↔ Cianwood)
Whirl Islands
Trainers can camp on the islands, but they're dangerous and given to storms.
no layout!
Route 41
1 day, Surf required
1½ day ferry (Olivine ↔ Cianwood)
Cianwood City
A beachside city that has benefitted greatly from the sea. Cianwood really has benefitted from its seaside locale — the surfing competitions they hold in the summer months (both board and Pokémon surfing) attract a sizable crowd of tourists, which has helped their resort business grow. The beaches here, where they aren't fringed by resort villas, are dotted with hidden coves, tidepools and driftwood graveyards perfect for bonfires.
Route 47
2 days, Surf required
Route 48
1 day, Surf required
Route 42
½ day to Mt. Mortar entrance from Ecruteak or Mahogany
2 days between Ecruteak and Mahogany, Surf required
Mt. Mortar
7 days straight through
14+ days to explore thoroughly
entrance, lower cave, upper cave, basement
Mahogany Town
A town with a suspicious air to it. It's a hiding place for ninjas. Whatever else it might be, Mahogany is home to the Mahogany Mamoswines, who play and practice hockey at the Mahogany Ice Rink from September to April. During the offseason and from Christmas Eve to New Year's, as well as the week of Valentine's Day, the ice rink is open to the public for their enjoyment.
Lake of Rage
Wooded resort with log cabins for rent
Fishing competitions spring through fall
Floods frequently during heavy/prolonged rain
normal, flooded
Ice Path
7 days
1F, B1, B2, B3
Blackthorn City
A mysterious mountain village cut into a rock face. Blackthorn may be quiet, but its slopes are busy. The city is known for having the most hardcore ski slopes in Johto or Kanto, and while the locals may not appreciate the attention, tourism has given rise to hot springs establishments up in the mountains. Between skiing, relaxing, and the mines that are in operation from March to October every year, Blackthorn's doing pretty well.
Route 45
5 days; can only be traveled southbound
Dark Cave
3+ days between south entrances
4+ days between north and south entrances
7+ days to explore thoroughly
south end, north end
Eastern Kanto Ferry Service
Ferry through the waterways south of Indigo Plateau on a submersible amphibious vehicle
3 days, costs P2000; food, water and facilities included
Docks in Pallet/New Bark
no layout!