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Map: Kanto

(thank you, [personal profile] ritornello!)

- One ground day is equivalent to about 2 or 3 hours in flight.
- The pokemon's speed depends not only on its size and experience, but also on the weather.
- Remember that most pokemon cannot fly more than 6 hours without at least a 1-hour break.

- Riding a pokemon can cut up to 1/3rd of your travel time!
- Speed depends not only on the pokemon's size, but also on whether or not it is comfortable with the terrain.
- Like with flying, the pokemon may require breaks.
On a Bike?

- Have a bike? You can cut up to 1/6th of your travel time!
- Careful, the bike isn't all-weather or all-terrain.
- Biking up mountains is ill-advised, and the wheels won't turn on sand or ice.
This indicates an optional route, not necessary to reach a town or city.

Pallet Town
A fairly quiet town. It's a small and pretty place. Pallet Town is widely known as the Friendliest Town in Kanto. The inn allows you to work for your room and board at anyplace from the eastern docks, the fish market or the fishing boat to the berry orchard or the inn itself! Visitors can pay a small fee to pick berries at the orchard for an hour, and the fish prepared at the inn's bustling kitchen (always full of fishermen) is fresh-caught and delicious.
Viridian City
A beautiful city that is enveloped in green year-round. Viridian City is positively inundated with gorgeous trees that shade every street and walkway, with benches beckoning around every corner. The focal point of the city is the massive public library, a newly-erected wonder of architecture and knowledge: the largest collection of books in either region. There is also a specialty Poffin bakery, where five-star chefs will take your berries and bake them into class-A Poffins for your Pokémon to enjoy.
Route 2
2 days from Viridian to the Forest
½ day from the Forest to Pewter
5 days from Viridian to Diglett Cave
Diglett Cave
4 days to Route 11; bicycles prohibited
Pewter City
A quiet city nestled between rugged mountains and rocks. Pewter City is proud host to the Museum of Science, which displays fascinating specimens of Pokémon fossils and artifacts recovered from the nearby mountains. On the rise as well is Pewter's reputation for fine cuisine. The surrounding cliffsides are dotted with restaurants that provide not only delicious food, but stunning views of the city.
Route 3
5 days uphill both ways
Mt. Moon
7+ days between Route 3 and Route 4
14+ days to explore thoroughly
1F, B1, B2
Route 4
3 days downhill (happy riding!)
Cerulean City
A beautiful city with flowing water and blooming flowers. Cerulean City takes advantage of its proximity to the water (and augments its reputation) in the form of a massive public aquarium and water park, which is hugely popular. Water shows are performed weekly, and the park is open from late spring through the summer, while the aquarium is open year-round.

Moving on? Try Route 5 to Saffron, Route 9 to Lavender, or Route 24!
Route 25
1 day to the cape
Bill's grandfather runs a B&B there!
Route 5
2 days
No Underground Path access
Saffron City
The biggest city in Kanto, shining with a golden light. Saffron is the business center of Kanto, offering many employment opportunities for secretaries, couriers and paper pushers — and positively teeming with coffee stands. The reputable newspaper, The Saffron Standard, prints from a newsroom here, and a recently-established concert hall is gaining attention as well.
Route 6
2 days
No Underground Path access
Vermilion City
A southern city that is bathed in orange by the setting sun. Vermilion City is host to Lt. Surge's Survival Camp, where visitors and residents alike can sign up for courses of varying length (three days to three weeks) and intensity ('still alive' to 'steel-testicled survival machine'). The camp (run by retired combat veterans) teaches survival skills and self-defense. Also in Vermilion is the office of the Sevii Island Tours, offering daytime ferries to the Sevii Islands for a unique educational experience and all-around great time!
Celadon City
A rich, rainbow colored city where people and Pokémon gather. Celadon, thanks to the Department Store and its gym leader's distinguished perfumes, has become a fashion hotspot, with many boutiques, salons and yogilates establishments designed to pamper the classy people who populate it. The Gym has a greenhouse annexed to it, with a multitude of beautiful plants and Pokémon on display. You can also find the Kanto branch of the Breeding Center and the Training Center here.

Moving on? Try Route 16 to Fuchsia or Route 8 to Lavender.
Route 17, "Cycling Road"
Bicycles ONLY, walking prohibited on the path!
Bikes for rent for P100/day at both ends of the route.
7 days
Lavender Town
A small town covered in a beautiful hue of purple. Once a quiet, sleepy little town, with the new Radio Tower cranking out the hits, Lavender Town is gaining a reputation for fashion (gentler on the budget than Celadon's), trendy cafes and great music. The city hasn't lost its gentle soul, however: volunteering options are many, especially at the Pokémon House, where abused, orphaned and special needs pokémon often require patient hands.

Moving on? Try Route 12 to the south!
Rock Tunnel
Requires adequate lighting to navigate; guides available for P300.
Required to pass through Route 10.
7-10 days
1F, 2F
Route 10
2 days to Lavender
1-hour ferry to the Power Plant (employees and educational tours only)
Route 11
1 day to Vermilion from Diglett's Cave entrance
3 days to Route 12 from Diglett's Cave entrance
Fuchsia City
A historic village that has become new. 'New' is one way to put it--with the Safari Zone shut down, all that gorgeous, varied terrain has been put to better use...shooting movies and television shows! If Ecruteak's theater scene isn't your bag, maybe you'd like a shot at a bigger feature? Besides the studios, there's also the Fuchsia City School of Ninjutsu, sponsored by Koga and overseen by Janine, where skilled martial artists offer lessons in varying levels of skill. Since the dojo in Saffron closed, they've been gathering more business.
Route 19
½ day, Surf required
1 day ferry (+1½ days on Route 20), docks at Seafoam Islands
Route 20
2½ days, Surf required (1 day east of Seafoam; 1½ days west)
1½ day ferry (+1 day on Route 19), docks at Fuchsia
2½ day ferry from Seafoam, docks at Cinnabar
Seafoam Islands
Cinnabar Gym (east island)
Bed & Breakfast (west island)
no layout!
Cinnabar Island
A town used to be here until it was swept away by an eruption. All that stands on Cinnabar Island now is the Pokémon Center — and a busy construction site. Wonder what they're building... ?
Route 21
2 days, Surf required
3½ day ferry, docks at Pallet/Cinnabar