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Berries and Apricorns list

As you know from Pokemon Gold and Silver, there are eight types of berries that you can find as well as Apricorns during your journey. While Apricorns aren't edible, the berries are, but only for the Pokemon! Here is a handy list that tells you about the different berries and what they do for your friendly partner.

Name | Effect
Oran Berry | Restores 10 HP
Persim/Bitter Berry | Removes confusion
Rawst/Burnt Berry | Clears FRZ status
Aspear/Ice Berry | Clears BRN status
Chesto/Mint Berry | Clears SLP status
Lum/Miracle Berry | Heals all status conditions
Cheri/PRZCureBerry | Clears PRZ status
Pecha/PSNCureBerry | Clears PSN status
Sitrus/Gold Berry | Restores 30 HP

As stated before, these berries are only for the Pokemon! If a trainer happens to eat one, they will experience different problems depending on the berry. Below is a list of the effects that happen if a human tries to eat one of the above berries.

Oran Berry | Nothing, but it tastes pretty disgusting and waxy.
Persim/Bitter Berry | Tastes bitter. Induces hallucinations and nausea.
Rawst/Burnt Berry | Tastes like charcoal, causes the tongue to swell for up to four hours.
Aspear/Ice Berry | Tastes dry at first. Induces chills and a terrible fever that lasts for one day and one night.
Chesto/Mint Berry | Tastes sweet and minty. Induces slothlike behavior that can relax an individual in very mild doses, otherwise it can make a human pass out.
Lum/Miracle Berry | Tastes very strange, a little waxy and a little sweet. Behaves like any of the other berries and causes the runs.
Cheri/PRZCureBerry | Tastes sour. Causes severe aches and pains similar to Arthritic pain in the knees and knuckles, wears off after two grueling hours of sharp pain.
Pecha/PSNCureBerry | Tastes spicy from mild to very hot. Inflames the throat and causes swelling that makes it very difficult to breathe. Lasts for only a short burst of ten minutes.
Sitrus/Gold Berry | If you thought the Oran berry tasted waxy enough, this is over 9000 times worse. Plus, that taste? Lingers. For a solid week. Have fun trying to taste anything over this.

The other types of items you will find in the same bushes as the berries are Apricorns! They aren't for eating though, for humans or Pokemon; they're for making special pokeballs, and they aren't for everyone. Kurt of Azalea Town is the only one in all of Johto who can make pokeballs out of these Apricorns, and he only picks trainers he thinks are worthy of using them properly.

There will be several opportunities based on mini-events where trainers can compete with each other to impress Kurt and make him allow them the chance to try one of the specialized pokeballs. It will generally be through battle and how well you treat your pokemon.

Apricorn Color | Pokeball Made
Black Apricorn (BLK) | Heavy Ball
Blue Apricorn (BLU) | Lure Ball
Green Apricorn (GRN) | Friend Ball
Pink Apricorn (PNK) | Love Ball
Red Apricorn (RED) | Level Ball
White Apricorn (WHT) | Fast Ball
Yellow Apricorn (YLW) | Moon Ball

Below is the list of what each of the special Pokeballs do:
Heavy is best for extremely large or heavy Pokemon.
- Examples are Onix, Snorlax
Lure is best for water Pokemon that you have fished.
- Examples are Tentacool, Magikarp
Friend is best for making a Pokemon very attached to you, increasing its happiness greatly.
- Examples for friendship evolution are Eevee to Espeon or Umbreon, Chansey to Blissey
Love is best for catching a Pokemon of the opposite gender to yours.
- Examples are if you are trying to catch a Miltank, a Tauros would be helpful.
Level is best for a pokemon that is at a level lower than yours.
- Examples are if you want to catch a level 5 Pidgey, your level 10 Butterfree would be helpful.
Fast is best for Pokemon that escape quickly.
- Examples are Abra, which will use teleport to leave, or Pidgey which will use whirlwind to send you away
Moon is best for catching Pokemon that are related to the Moon stone.
- Examples are Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable.