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Where: Johto's National Park (North of Goldenrod)
When: starting early July, every Thursday in July and August

What Can You Win:
First: 50,000P and an Evolutionary Stone - they will change with each contest
Second: 20,000P and Everstone
Third: 5,000P and Sitrus Berry

Rules: With the 20 Sport Balls given, your goal is to catch the single best pokémon in the park. This could be by level, if it's a shiny, if it's rare, or it just looks like the most powerful motherfucker in the whole park. You can only use one pokémon; the rest will be held safely with the contest officials until the end of the contest.

You're given 20 minutes to fight. If you use all of your balls or your pokémon faints, you're done and will have to wait until the time is up. You're not disqualified, so whichever pokémon you've caught can still be judged at the end.

Three judges will then look at each choice and choose a winner.

Every person participating will be able to keep the pokémon they enter in the contest.

(There will be fliers all over and mini advertisements on the televisions announcing the contest. And by word of mouth.)

How Do You Play?
If you want your character to participate and have a chance to win, please respond to the comment marked below. On the fifth day (July 3rd for the first one), three characters will be randomly selected for first, second, and third place prizes. If your character doesn't win, they can try again! You can have multiple characters enter, but a player can only win once per contest to keep things fair. (If you list more than one character and you're chosen as a prize winner, you can choose which character wins the prize.)

If a player wins three in a row, they're not allowed to win the following round. (That would be really freaky if RNG picked you three times, wouldn't it?)

For playing it out, there will be one log per month with a sub-thread for each contest. We'll link the thread with the contest results each week. Playing it out is optional but encouraged!

What You Can Catch:
Caterpie - 7-31
Metapod - 9-25
Butterfree - 12-30
Weedle - 7-31
Kakuna - 9-25
Beedrill - 12-30
Paras - 10-17
Venonat - 10-16
Scyther - 13-34
Pinsir - 13-20
Wurmple - 24-36
Silcoon - 24-36
Beautifly - 25-32
Cascoon - 24-36
Dustox - 25-32
Volbeat - 26-36
Illumise - 26-36
Anorith - 16-25
Kricketot - 27-30
Kricketune - 27-30
Skorupi - 7-20
Combee - 7-34
Nincada - 26-36
Sewaddle - 9-25
Swadloon - 12-30
Levanny - 7-31
Venipede - 9-25
Whirlipede - 12-30
Scolipede - 7-31
Burmy - 10-17
Karrablast - 25-32
Escavalier - 24-36
Joltik - 5-30
Shlmet - 12-24
Accelgor - 20-28