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All Aboard the Pidgey Express!

"...Welcome to the world of Pokémon!"

Hello there! By clicking this link, it means you're at least somewhat interested in Route 29, right? We'll work with that!

First off: Route 29 is a panfandom livejournal roleplay taking place in the world of Pokémon. This doesn't mean you need to already know pokémon upon joining, but you'll definitely learn along the way.

So let's start with the necessary reading.

> Rules
> Frequently Asked Questions

These two are the most important reads for beginners, and a nice refresher for those who have been in the game for a while. It's a bit long, but it helps explain a few more of the game's mechanics. There's a password in the application that you'll need to find in both of those, so please read thoroughly!

Please keep in mind that Route 29 is a medium-to-fast paced game. The Activity Check is lenient enough to allow players to go at their own pace, but it is also easy to fall behind.

> Let's start with the basics: How does my character arrive?
The Introductory posts would be a good start. Introductions are more-or-less similar in the fact that Mom hands the equipment to the trainers and breeders in New Bark Town, and the things will be waiting for a rocket grunt in Goldenrod City.

During Route's early days, we had open logs for New Bark Town [copy] (the starter city) and Mahogany Town [copy] (a more nefarious town where Rockets used to arrive), which serve as good examples of what sort of encounters you may have upon arrival and exploration. Nowadays, as Trainers and Breeders are free to explore from the beginning, starting at New Bark Town (with an option to ferry to Pallet Town if one wishes to start in the Kanto region), Team Rocket members now start at Goldenrod City and are required to undergo two weeks of 'Rocket Training' under the new code of conduct outlined in the FAQ. More information on Rockets can be found at the Rocket HQ

They've all been given a starter pokémon and a backpack of helpful items necessary for their trip. Inside the backpack includes a PokéGear; we even wrote a guide with the functions!

> What about dealing and interacting with pokémon? We've got a list of which pokémon are encountered around the cities and routes. When it comes to random battles, we've got a Guide to those too! Don't feel intimidated; the battling system isn't very difficult, and much of it can be handwaved for convenience.

> For physical locations, check out the Maps. This also explains the distances between cities and how long travel-time would be. Times change depending on the speed of the character or pokémon, bicycles, or even the weather, located on the calendar!

> Don't forget the ever-constant BGM that plays in the background.

If you've got any other questions regarding specific pokémon or the World of Pokémon as a whole, feel free to check out the resources listed in the Navigation. We tend to get many helpful websites from players, and the ones on this list answer many of our questions. If you have any more specific questions, feel free to post to the F.A.Q. or the suggestions and inquiries pages, or PM one of the mods!

Have we enticed you enough to look into joining? The following lists will be helpful for deciding a character:

> Taken Lists: #-H, I-R, and S-Z. (alphabetized by series)
> Reserves page

> Don't know which muse to play? You can always check the Wanted Page (sporadically updated) for characters and casts that other players would love to see in-game.
*Please double-check the reserves page, applications, or the taken lists to make sure the character hasn't been applied for before you.

> Now, for Applications. They don't necessarily have to be long, but they do need to follow the guidelines listed. One very helpful link will be the List of Starter Pokémon available for your character to receive upon joining.

If you're stricken with confusion during the beginning process or just want to find the links, try our shortcut: the tag, !newbie's guide to r29, links to all of the important posts recommended before joining!

Thank you for checking out the game! We hope you come join us on the Route to adventure!

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