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HM/TM Requirements


The modteam is currently looking for new Moderators, both Professors (Head moderators) and Assist TMs (tech moderators) to help keep the game running smoothly! For tech moderators, we're looking not only for people who are good at keeping things updated and are willing to help pitch in and help out with day-to-day activities like badge requests, taken pages and reserves, and even application judging if you're comfortable with it! You're also welcome to contribute to plots and give input; in fact, it's encouraged. For head moderators, there will be a lot more involvement; on top of assisting with the aforementioned maintenance activities when necessary, there will also be application judging, answering questions, plot leading and assisting, and general leading. Most bigger decisions will be made by the head mods, but we very much work as a team and come up with cooperative decisions.

Qualities we're looking for:

- Time/Availability.
The big one. Please check your expected schedule for the next six months or so before you apply, and be realistic with regards to what you can handle. While Assist TMs don't have too much to do, many of the jobs require checking at least a few times a week, and in some cases (such as reserves), a check or so a day. We know life gets busy, but we'd like to make sure you guys can have our backs!

- Good communication skills.
You don't have to know us but you do have to be willing to work with us, as well as the players, on a near-daily basis. (Seriously guys, we don't bite!) While you probably won't have to work with answering player questions as consistently as we do, there are times when we might have to ask you to write something up, or a player may come to ask you a question if we're not around. As a representative of the Route modding team, we hope you'll be able to communicate clearly and professionally as a mod, even if it's only as a technical moderator!

- Creativity.
A hundred characters and a lot of space to do things with, but we need all the help we can get when it comes to plot. Ideas, ideas, ideas! The mods like tossing around ideas and opinions and getting input - but we're sure you're all opinionated, creative, lovely folks! This one isn't required, but we'd really appreciate it!

- Coding Skillz
This is also not a requirement, but it is a good plus! Route has a fair number of pages to keep updated, and as a result techies get hands-on with HTML pretty often. Don't worry if you're not a pro with it, though - we're more than happy to crack a Coding TM over your head and get you up to speed once you're on the team! It's all pretty basic stuff, and you can always ask one of the current mods for help if you need it - like we said, we don't bite!

- Knowledge of Pokemon is not required, but a plus. Some of our plans include getting price lists and inventories updated, so having TMs with ideas (or just plain enthusiasm!) about that would be great. This is a skill you'll learn on the job, and we're hoping you want to.

Mod Apps will be held from April 4th to April 20th.