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DAY 25/05. 23:56.

They've decided to take action, because honestly, the situation is ridiculous. See, Randy Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy in the science department, so he pulled some strings to get the watch schedule and the passcode. Heads are probably gonna roll for this, but in the end it's for the greater good, isn't it? Of the Team, that is.

Having those foreigners coming in, stealing their jobs was one thing, but their promotions? No way, not gonna fly, that Houndour ain't hunting. Besides, this was also good for the world (they told themselves) because, screw the booming economy, were they really supposed to just let these magical vanishing people hold down jobs and own property and stuff? Get real.

It's probably a statement to the effectiveness of Rocket training that their break-in is pretty much effortless. None of them is intimately familiar with the labs, but at this hour it's empty save for the droning hum of electricity, so they see by the glow of computer screens. In cages, sleeping pokemon snore lightly behind covering sheets, and they tiptoe past. The machine is tucked into a corner, stranger and smaller than they'd thought—not small, by any means, but not man-sized—with technology none of them have seen in their lives: maybe Unovan, slightly, but with symbols they can't read. Talia manages to find the little panel, because she's always been good with tech, and opens it wide to reveal a multicoloured grid.

"So, uh," Mike whispers, reaching for it, feeling the wires. "Cut the red one? It's always the red."

"I guess so," Randy answers, and Talia hands him a pair of pliers. "You guys ready?"

They cluster around him to see, watching as his hand slides neatly into place. His expression is one of deep concentration; one wrong move—

Proton clears his throat, and just like that, they've all been sacked.

Worse, Randy's hand slips. The blue wire gives way, and the world goes white.

The fourth wall begins now!
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