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1) Be Respectful
Treat each other as you would like to be treated (also known as: kind and friendly). This is sparkly shiny pokémon guys, let's leave out the hatred and anger and "omg my pokémanz is better then urz" nonsense. Don't spam, harass, or flame each other. If there are any problems of this sort, please take them to the mods; we'll gladly sort it out for you.

2) IC =/= OOC
For clarification: you are not your character. Please do not bring out of character drama into your in character situations, or cause unnecessary dislike because you may not like a mun. You are, as always, allowed to choose who you roleplay with, but please do not judge others based on their characters. In addition, comments and remarks about your character are not necessarily aimed at you, the player. Do not take things said about your character too personally.

3) Be Active.
Please play your character. Even though the requirements are simple, it takes two to have a thread. Your activity will help others stay off of the activity check, and in turn they will help you.
**Activity checks will be held from the 1st to 8th each month unless otherwise stated. There is a check-in system, meaning you will have to link your posts for your activity to be counted.
Activity can be made as a combination of proofs of the following:
- One Post made by your character
- One Thread in which you tagged another character.
- One Log on [community profile] route_1065
- A Conversation via the Inbox/Voicemail posts

Each full proof must be at least ten (10) comments long, five (5) from you and five from another character.
Full Requirements are three complete proofs.
Half Requirements are one complete proof and one incomplete proof.

A full explanation of the Activity Check can be found here.

If you fail to pass the Activity Check for the month, you may ask for a strike. A full explanation of the strikes policy can be found here.

4) No Godmodding / No Metagaming
You play your characters only. This means you cannot automatically have another character do something without that player's permission. Nor can your character do something to another person's character without the player's permission. This also goes for information. Just because you know it OOCly does not mean your character will; your character's knowledge is limited to what they know in canon or find out in game.

Fourth walling is only permitted with the pokémon world up to 150. Because it is such a big-name game, Gameboys and Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow are allowed to be 'known'. For other canons, fourth-walling is ONLY permitted with permission of the player. This means you can't have Wolverine running around going "Pokémon look just like Digimon! I watched that on TV!" unless it is permitted.

5) Age Limit
To clearly fit Dreamwidth's Terms of Service, the minimum age for Route 29 is fifteen (15) years of age. We expect all of our characters to join this game with a good dose of maturity about them. We'll trust you to abide by the DW ToS. We're not asking this in the application, only because we trust you enough to be honest!

6) Mature Content
Because we're not banning this, we've decided to stick with the please friends-lock all yer pr0nz rule. Meaning if there's inappropriate material unsuitable for minors or excessively excessive violence, please put it under a friends-lock and warn accordingly.

7) Character Limit
The character limit is five (5) characters per mun. This is subject to change in the future. You are only allowed to reserve and apply for one character per app cycle as well.

8) Drama and Wank is a No-No!
We're not going to outlaw being seen in the anonymous memes or communities. We just would like to keep the game free of people causing trouble or trying to bully or wank someone out of the game, attempt to bully/wank the game into closing. If you are caught causing severe wank, depending on the severity, you will receive a warning or a suspension up to three months. If you're caught a second time, you will be either given a second suspension up to three months or asked to leave the game permanently. But I know I don't have to worry about this, right? Because we're all mature and can act like adults and have fun, right?
   Needless to say, using these sites in order to 'reach a mod' will be questionable at best. Seeing as they are not part of the game, they will not be treated as viable means of reaching the moderators. If you wish to contact us, please do so directly, through plurk, private messaging, or using the suggestions and concerns page.
   Because our responsibility is primarily to the game and our current players, we reserve the right to decline an applicant on the grounds of prior bad behavior or the demonstrated potential to create a toxic environment in Route. This is a rule we hope to use sparingly, if ever at all, and only in the interest of maintaining a positive and comfortable atmosphere for our players in-game.

9) Linking apps is for spoilers only!
In the interest of clarity and app processing speed, we now ask that potential applicants post their application in comments rather than linking. If the app contains explicit references to 'hard' spoilers (think big reveals, like 'Dumbledore dies', I SEE DEAD PEOPLE, I am your father etc), players should put the application in their own journal or their character's journal and link it, making sure to mention the presence of spoilers within. If you link an app, and don't mention that there are spoilers? We won't process it. Fair warning!

Thanks for reading the rules! This one's most important, because it's the key to roleplaying everywhere. Your first of two passwords is "Peppermint". Go read the F.A.Q. for the second.