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Currently: CLOSED!

Route 29 has closed. If you wish to play at the game's successor, please check out [community profile] victory_road. Thank you!

If you would like to reserve a character, please reply to this post with your username (either your journal or a journal to contact you), the character's name as well as the series the character is from using the text form below. Reserves are held for one week! They expire at 11:59 PM EST of the date listed.

- If you would like an extension, please comment to let us know. Extensions will last for one week, so at the longest, one character may be reserved for two weeks.
- You cannot extend a reserve that has already expired. If your reserve expires, please fill out the form again for a new reserve.
- You may only reserve one character at a time. If you would like to drop or swap an extension, just let a mod know here as well (and your week will start over the day you swap the reserve).
- Please check the FAQ for the list of disallowed characters!
- Please do not spam!

Helpful Links!
→ Taken: [1][2][3]

Hitoka Yachi | [personal profile] akrous | April 3rd

Epsilon | [personal profile] mylittlesniperrifle | April 6th

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