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Got an Idea?

Plot Suggestions!

• Please submit a plot at least four weeks before you wish the plot to start.
• If you can, add as many details about the plot you can think of when submitting it. It's okay if it's more than one part! Just number the parts in the header so we know.
• Contact information for this post is optional, UNLESS it's for player-run plots! Feel free to submit a plot anonymously or logged in if it's an idea you wish for us to run.
• We will respond to every plot, whether we're able to use it or not, just to let you know that it has been received.
• Please remember that we might not be able to take every plot. Not every suggestion will work with the mechanics of the game or the timeline, but we will always give each plot an opportunity and discuss it once we're given a suggestion.
• All posts will be screened.

Please Use this Form: