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En Route to ADVENTURE!

Welcome to Route 29! You must be confused, trying to figure out how you got here, what's going on...

Here's a helpful guide!

--Rocket Members

If you've chosen to walk down the first path...

You leave the house you woke up in, dazed and confused, wondering just what is going on and when you're going to wake up from this dream. You see other people in the same predicament wandering toward the centre of the small town, where an old man stands -- looking surprised, but composed--

"...Welcome to the world of Pokémon!"

He repeats what the weird device you have said earlier, and it still makes no sense. You want to ask him questions, or pummel him until he tells you how the hell to get back home. You look around, trying to get your bearings, and spot a path leading out of the town.

Route 29?

You debate on whether or not to interact with those around you, or to just leave and figure things out on your own--

And what is that

Your starter pokémon might be standing next to you, or sitting in the pokéball wondering when you'll say hi. Either way, it's yours, and it's not leaving you alone. Have fun figuring that one out.

But if you've been chosen to walk a darker path...

It's a simple room you started out in. Bed in the back, small desk next to it. There's your pokégear sitting on top with a pokéball, a backpack of supplies at your feet. A note is on your pillow.

Welcome, new Team Rocket member,
Once you wake, please change into proper uniform and wait for instructions. Feel free to have a look around, but don't stray too far.

Thank you for being part of our winning team.

- Rocket Boss

Welcome to Goldenrod City, Young Rocket Grunt. There's enough space to go around. Put on your new uniform, scope out your surroundings... you'll be here for a while.