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Five Nights at Fantina's

Welcome to your new job at Fantina's Gym! You are the young, eager new Trainer who has taken to the task of keeping watch over Fantina's gym on weeknights, keeping guard in the back office. Fantina has a little sleeping center for her pokemon, but sometimes they tend to escape their balls at nght and enjoy a nightly stroll around the gym. It's easier to find someone to babysit than to let them roam and cover continual damage costs, so there you go. Pay is P450 per hour.

But remember, your power supply is limited. As Fantina is trying to conserve energy, the main electricity generator is shut off, leaving just the remaining power from the back-up systems to power the security cameras. Remember - when you run out of power, your lights run out. And if the pokemon don't stay in their pokeballs, you need to keep watch from them, and protect yourself if needed!

Can you survive five nights at Fantina's?

Your PokeCompanions:
(click the pictures at your own risk)

Florence Barney Vicky Henry Sandy

Do you have what it takes, trainer?

Thanks to:
- Kururu for the lovely cover art,
- Five Nights at Freddy's (and the anon who asked!) for the inspiration,
- PokemonfromHell and drmaniacal @ dA for the nightmare fuel.