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DAY 28/05. 23:58.

"Cynthia," Lance spoke sharply into his Gear. Last week, almost exactly one week ago that day, their odd discovery while searching for ruins. While he had gotten the wonderful chance to ignore anyone and everyone who expected him to be a champion for those few days, he was back to work (sort of; he was still very far from his home even though he was conducting 'business' now), and back to receiving confused questions and remarks from just about everyone with his phone number and those who knew where his hotel room was.

At first, it was easily ignored under the guise of 'Probably just some pokemon' and 'maybe a new tree', and the completely obscure one of 'new evolution of Sudowoodo' (and Lance could have sworn he heard "Aliens" but that was too ridiculous), but by Thursday evening, this was just insane. They were large crystal spires, towering over every town. Reports had gone off around the city about these things growing from people's houses, blocking the entrance to the Safari Zone, and causing an overall nuisance. And even though he was no scientist, he knew who to blame if he ever did see them.

Cynthia, who had finally answered her phone, huffed. "Lance... This is the result of our own mishap," she said softly. "I spoke to Elm yesterday; he said he has no idea what it is."

Lance sighed. This was not the sort of position a champion would ever like to be put in, facing a troublesome predicament without knowing if it could be harmful, but... being a Champion, there was no turning back from a challenge. "We'll just have to find out, then. Alright, meet me at--"

But before Lance could finish deciding on their rendezvous spot, a loud, static-filled buzz blared from his speakers. Glancing to the side, he noticed as the television went off as well, flipping through every channel with a mechanical screech. Holding the Gear away from his head, he continued to glance around the room--a light had begun to flood through the window almost too quickly, and he had to shut his eyes to prevent them from watering.

Then, with a loud crack, everything settled.


Rushing to the window, Lance peered out. It was that time again; this was going to be messy.

"Cynthia, just tell me where you are; we've got a bigger issue on our hands now!"

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