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Battles 101

Welcome to BATTLES 101! I am your professor this evening, so be sure to take notes!


So, what's the point?
You are training against each other and wild Pokémon to raise your Pokémon's levels! When your opponent is out of Pokémon that can fight, you have won the battle. Your Pokémon take up the win into their EXP counters, and the losing trainer hands over P100 for each Pokémon they used.
So, if the losing trainer had a full party of six Pokémon, they would hand over P600.

How do I battle?
You are allowed to control your Pokémon and play it out. All Pokémon will remember all the moves they are taught instead of being narrowed down to only four, so make those battles rough and rumble and have fun! Please try to keep it realistic though and don't have a level 5 Magikarp know Hyper Beam. It can't even learn that until it evolves!
You will need to research your Pokémon to see when it learns what moves and when it evolves. Trainers have the option of using their PokeDex to cancel the evolution if they don't want their Pokémon to evolve. (They just hit the B button... though they may not know this just yet c:)

How does leveling work here in Route?
Currently, no single Pokemon is allowed to gain more than five levels a week. Other than that, leveling is up to you!

What does that mean? Well, try to keep in mind how the characters themselves would train their Pokémon. If they're interested in winning the badges, really competitive, or the kind of person who trains a lot themselves? They would be hitting five levels a week at the most for each Pokémon. But on the other hand, if the character is laid back and rather fond of this place, but not so much the battling? They might only battle for self defense while they travel around and only gain two or three levels a week per Pokémon. And if they aren't interested in battling at all, their Pokémon won't grow very fast, maybe one level a week at best.

So please keep that mind when making decisions about how to level your character's Pokémon!

Do I have to play out every battle?
Nope! You can if you want to, but if you're also more than welcome to handwave the regular training. In fact, you can even handwave battles with other players with their permission.

Do battles play out like they do in games (however many Pokemon you have vs however many your opponent has) or like they do in the anime (Same number on each team)?
Battles play out as however many Pokemon you have in your party versus however many your opponents have in their current possession, as in the game example!


Some moves cause status effects. What do they do?
The six main statuses that your Pokémon can take on due to battles are:

Burns: The Pokémon is burnt and will now lose a small portion of their health each turn! A Burn can be cured by going to a PokéCenter, or by using either a Burn Heal or a certain berry!

Paralysis: The Pokémon is paralyzed and might not be able to move on its turn! Paralysis can be cured by going to a PokéCenter, or by either using either a Paralyze Heal or a certain berry!

Poisoned: The Pokémon is poisoned and will now lose a small portion of their health both in battle and while walking around! Poison can be cured by going to a PokéCenter, or by either using either an Antidote or a certain berry!

Sleep: The Pokémon is asleep and usually can't do anything until it wakes up! Sleep can be cured by the Pokémon waking up on its own, going to a PokéCenter, using an Awakening, or using a certain berry!

Freeze: The Pokémon is frozen solid, leaving them incapable of moving. The ice can randomly thaw, but it can also be cured by going to a PokéCenter, using an Ice Heal, or a certain berry!

Confusion: The Pokémon is confused and can't tell the difference between itself and its opponent! Confusion can be cured by switching Pokemon in battle, waiting for the Pokemon to snap out of it, or a certain berry! And unlike the other status effects listed, Confusion doesn't stick around after a battle ends.

Knocked Out: The Pokémon's HP dropped to zero and they fainted! KOs can be cured by taking it to the PokéCenter (the most common one) or by using a Revive item which can be bought at the PokéMarts!


What are these berries you keep talking about?
More on the berries can be found here