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Route 29: mods ([personal profile] these_balls) wrote2013-10-24 12:00 am

Nightmare Castle Masterpost

Items in italics are not yet unlocked!

The Informational/Plotting Post
The First Floor Map
The First Floor Room Descriptions
The First Floor Log (Daytime)
The First Floor Log (Nighttime)
The Second Floor Infopost
The Second Floor Map
The Second Floor Room Descriptions
Table of Sigil Colors
Midweek Informational Announcements: ROOM CHANGES
The Bossfight Informational/Plotting Post
The Bossfight Participation Check-In Thread
The Bossfight Log
The Wrap-Up Informational Post

We suggest checking back to this post regularly throughout the plot as your one-stop shop for links to all the relevant modposts about it! We'll also be plurking updates as need be and so on, but we'll do our best to keep this updated for ease of finding things you need to know!

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