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Welcome to the World of Pokemon

DAY XX/XX. 10:42

Anticipation lingered in the air that afternoon. Just last night, Ariana and Archer managed to finish their two-year-old project. Trading in business suits for mechanic's jumpsuits, they got their hands dirty. After all, they always said you can't get anything done right unless you do it yourself. Ariana didn't know who 'they' were, but she agreed.

All that hard work had thankfully paid off. She smiled as she walked into the warehouse, heels echoing in the ominous silence. Archer was already waiting, unmoving as he stared at the mechanism before him.

This was it. Five years in the making, and it was time...

Exactly three years ago today, their boss had gone. Run off, disappeared... Ariana wasn't sure. She, along with Archer, and their good pal Petrel, hadn't given it too much thought. Instead, they directed their minds elsewhere. They had gone back to find his office, ignoring the "OFFICE OF GIOVANNI, DO NOT ENTER" plaque on the door as they ransacked his office. Blueprints had been in there, shoved under a few discarded papers and covered in notes.

A trans-dimensional transportation device from Professor Oak. Ariana liked the sound of it; saying it made her feel smart.

Archer grinned. He knew what she was thinking.

"Trans-dimensional... Trans-dimensional transportation..."

"Ariana. You know, with this... we can have any Pokemon we want," he said. "We just have to turn on the program... and it's ours."

"I can't believe he just sat on all of this power," Ariana replied. "When Petrel returns, we'll be the best. We'll have everything! Fame, wealth, rare Pokemon..."

Archer smirked. His arm draped around her shoulders as he pulled her over in an excited half-hug. They were in this together. Ariana, Archer... and Petrel...

"Speaking of Petrel, where is he?" Archer asked. "He's going to miss the Grand Opening."

Ariana shrugged beneath Archer's arm. "Who cares? I want to start this device already!"

Impatient and fussy as always, she was. Well, they couldn't keep waiting for long. Petrel would return eventually. Until then, it was time to start the device.

Around two meters tall and almost twice as wide, the large mechanism was set to summon the pokemon to their base at Mahogany town. From there, they would capture them in their master balls, and begin their collection that way. Training would come, and soon more workers. And then the entire world would quake in their boots.

Archer was excited. "Ready?"


The two reached for the shiny brass handle. Grasping it tightly, they pulled it downwards.

A giant flash of light washed them away.

DAY XX/XX. 10:51

Mom sighed in frustration. Once again, she had forgotten to take everything out of the oven before putting in the cooking tray. Today was her child's first day as a Pokemon trainer, and she just wanted to bake cookies to put in the backpack she packed! She was a good Mom, making sure her child had everything necessary before leaving.

Everything except these cookies. She stared at the oven, unsure how to get the spatula out. The plastic was already on fire and she didn't have a Squirtle to put it out for her. Briefly, she considered calling Elm and asking to borrow the new Totodile, but she thought she could do it on her own.

Turning her back, she went to the sink, filling a glass of water.

The metal cackled strangely. Mom paused, one hand on the faucet, and turned to look at it.

The fire had turned blue.

"Oh dear..." She took a step back, splashing the water desperately at the flames. Her futile attempt at stopping it only caused the flames to flicker in direction; they aimed upwards, spiraling towards the ceiling, and going straight for her child's bedroom.

With a gasp, she abandoned the cup and ran from the room.

That was the last her neighbors had heard of her.

DAY XX/XX. 16:14

Professor Elm paced uneasily. A flash of light had been reported from Mahogany town, and complete darkness over at Ecruteak. Wind had increased everywhere for approximately seven minutes.

His assistant was checking through every book he could find, trying to see if anything could explain this.

Online, there was nothing.

"I just don't know..." he whispered. "It just doesn't make sense! All of the pokemon here are gone."

The assistant turned to him. "It's a new phenomenon, I'm sure, sir. We'll find them, don't worry."

The professor heard a noise from outside. Confused and wary, he hurried to the window, pulling back the curtain to peer outside. Figures roamed around, backpacks in tow. Beckoning his assistant, he told him to stand watch and ran to the phone. Whatever was going on, Oak would be able to help. He pushed dial.

Four rings, and then:

"Hello! You have reached the office of Professor Oak at the Pallet Town PokéCenter. I'm sorry, I'm not here right now..."

"No, this isn't right..." Professor Elm dialed again.

Three rings, and then: "Archer? Archer, it di--[bzzt]--t work! I--[zzzt]--fluke!"

"You're not Professor Oak!"

"You're not Archer! Crap!"

The connection terminated. Professor Elm felt completely and utterly lost.

"Professor Elm, sir!" His assistant ran over, eyes wide behind his round spectacles. "I think they're... trainers!"