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Businesses and Services


Location: Roaming
   ★ Atsuro Kihara ([personal profile] babel_hacker) | player: Doji
Freelancing programmer for hire! From computer programs to PokeGear apps, AT-LOW will create them for a price. Commission rates will be based on the difficulty and the time period to create the programs. Also makes games for the PokeGear.

The Fighting Studio~
Location: Goldenrod City [Johto]
   ★ Killua Zoldyck ([personal profile] killer_sweets) | player: Dawn
A place for citizens to let loose, exercise, practice their fighting/weapon skills, and brawl.

Merlin's Foster Home
Location: Goldenrod City [Johto]
   ★ Aradia Megido ([personal profile] timelymaid) | player: Lucy
An "adoption agency" for Pokemon that are too domesticated to release into the wild. While there are some that remain unadoptable, trainers are free to come visit the Pokemon in Goldenrod City. Further information can be found in [community profile] breedingcentre.

Training Center
Location: Celadon City [Kanto]
   ★ Riku ([personal profile] islandshore) | player: Mega
A place for trainers and Pokémon to hone in their skills. Has a large selection of highly trained Pokémon to work with, large rooms and arenas for Pokémon to improve their fitness (includes a gigantic pool), and other attractions. Also provides private tutoring or other opportunities. Provides free shuttle to people who catch the magnet train, ensuring a fairly short flight.
More information here and here.

Training Center Rental Service
Location: Celadon City [Kanto]
   ★ Riku ([personal profile] islandshore) | player: Mega || Contact
Characters can choose to rent a Pokémon for a period of up to ten days. There is usually a fee to go along with it although newbies may get a discount if they need to travel somewhere fast.

Yu and Yuudai Breeding Centre
Location: Goldenrod City [Johto] / Celadon City [Kanto]
   ★ Aradia Megido ([personal profile] timelymaid) | player: Lucy
A player-run business where trainers can buy and sell eggs through the employees there. There is a points system in place and the obligatory newbie deal where all new individuals to Johto are allowed a free Pokemon. They deliver to traveling trainers as well. All information can be found in [community profile] breedingcentre.


Beginner's Manual
   ★ Norman Jayden ([personal profile] triptoprofiling) | player: Switch
A short and simple guide introducing the very basics on how to make it through the magnificent world of Pokemon. This guide contains tips and step by step information on how to survive the wilderness specifically.

Due to Norman leaving Johto, the manual's still available for download, but no longer being updated.

Training for Dummies
   ★ Riku ([personal profile] islandshore) | player: Mega
This up-to-date guide provides characters with information on the world they're in, Pokémon, and other aspects that may make their lives a bit easier as they travel through Johto/Kanto. It's also available in print form with images to help clarify the contents.

If you have a player-run business or service you'd like to add to the list, please fill out the following form:
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[personal profile] callbacks 2016-03-30 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
Organization's Name: EXCH△NGE
Business or Service: Other
Location: N/A
Character(s) in charge: Agent York ([personal profile] ratherbelocky)
Player(s): Asher
Description: EXCH△NGE is an anonymous, text-based peer-to-peer support network created as a space for those seeking help, but who are unwilling to reveal their identities, to have safe, understanding conversations from likewise anonymous volunteers. The idea is to provide a listening ear and coping tips from other transplants to Kanto and Johto. (Link: